McElroy: storybook ending to my junior year

From the Boston Globe: “It’s kind of a storybook ending to my junior year of college football,” said McElroy. “I was born in LA, lived here until I was 10, moved to Texas, grew up rooting for Texas Tech, really loved them.

“I think I’ve always had a really great respect for the Texas Longhorns. It’s really neat to go and play these guys and it’s a dream come true to play my home-state school in the place where I was born and raised, so it should be a nice experience.

“As a kid that has really accepted Alabama as his home, I’d really love to knock off the Texas jinx and get our first win. It would be a great opportunity. I’d love to make our name in history. But we’re going to have to go out there and play a real good ballgame in order to do that.” (read more about the Alabama Crimson Tide quarterback embedded below:)


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    I love the quiet confidence and humility.this team has. Unlike the immaturity of UCheat and the ignorance of Abarn.

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