Capstone Saturdays: Auburn In Championships

Editorial Cartoon: How Auburn Participates In Championship Games

Tonight, Alabama goes for its 13th National Championship, just three years removed from being laid to waste on the college football landscape.

If you’re an Aubie, there is a way you can participate too.  But sadly, it’s the only way.

Auburn will never stand on the platform Alabama will enjoy tonight.  Win or lose, Alabama is on turf little orange and blue footies will never tread upon.

The part-time clown, part-time Dye puppet hired to lead the tiggers is incapable of much more than what he achieved in 2009…Furman and Ball State wins separating 7-5 from 5-7…and a narrow and somewhat embarrassing bowl win over the purple Vandy.

Can we please trade Valdosta State for Abarn’s spot in the conference?

I know a group of Aubies having a Texas party tonight.  Hoping to have a big time.  They’ve bought shirts and are going all out.  But the sad thing is, these aren’t kids or young men; these are grown men with kids in school at Auburn.

How sad to live a lifetime following mediocrity, praying for external factors you can’t control to knock your biggest rival to its knees.

And how sad to awaken every day realizing that when the playing field is level, Bama plays for championships…of multiple varieties…and Abarn plays for fifth in the West.

So Abarn fans, wear your Texas shirts proudly tonight.  Tell the horns to “hook’em”.  But if you get the chance, take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and realize that that’s the only way you’ll take part in a championship.

And ask any pundit around the country…don’t take my word for it:  It’s going to be that way for a long, long time.


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  1. 3

    Capstone, You hit a homerun with this cartoon about the aubies!! I still have a smile on my face watching the hokies blitch slap UcheaT last week!! ROLL CRIMSON TIDE ROLL!!!

  2. 6
    Horn from the South

    “Auburn will never stand on the platform Alabama will enjoy tonight. Win or lose, Alabama is on turf little orange and blue footies will never tread upon.”

    Bama has not won a BCS game, yet. Auburn has.

    May BEVO crap all over your houndstooth tonight.

  3. 9

    Okay, first off for the record I’m a huge Auburn fan, but I bought an alabama hat for this game. Truthfully, most of the Auburn fans I know are pulling for alabama, not texas. Secondly, let’s compare Chizik and the almighty Saban’s first year. Chizik: 8-5, Saban: 7-6. Chizik lost to a good arkansas team, an okay Kentucky, a good lsu team, an okay georgia team, and came within 1:30 of beating bama. Saban lost to a pretty bad florida state team, a pretty good gerogia team, a very good lsu team, a horrible mississippi state team, lousiana monroe which words cannot describe how hoorrible they are, and lost by a td to auburn. Plus saban had a lot more talent than auburn did. So if you wanna trash auburn like this, at least open your eyes. Auburn will be a huge contender not only for the sec championship, but also for the national. Enjoy tonight, even though i will be rooting for you, it’ll be the last one you get for a while.

  4. 11

    Yes, without a doubt, cheezit should have the barn @ 12-0 goin into the championship game next year. Delusional aubs are so cute!

  5. 13

    You are delusional if you think Bama’s talent was better than the barn’s in CNS’s first year. Lack of depth due to scholarship limitations and a slew of injuries. Losing to LaMonroe was unacceptable but for you to say that Bama had more talent than the barn did this year is absurd. Face the facts. The ONLY way the barn will ever play for the MNC is to start the year at #1 or 2 and win out. The barn won’t be ranked that high in the near future nor the long term, so enjoy watching the true competitive University in this state play for the MNC tonight.

  6. 15

    Alabama clearly had better talent. At the very least look at defense where auburn had no depth whatsoever. And i also don’t think auburn will be 12-0 this year but give us a couple of years and we’ll be back in the race. We were at the beginning of the decade, we will be again

  7. 16

    Won’t happen blkmkustang. As long as Bama is on top and continues to recruit like they have then the barn is a mid tier SEC team at best. No sanctions or scholly limits means you reside in your usual pecking order in the Conference. Look at history. The barn has won 5-6 SEC championships since it has been in the conference and has NEVER won a MNC. Get used to being 2nd fiddle in the state for a long time my friend. RTR!!!

  8. 17

    Wow, another Auburn post from ITK even on the morning of Bama playing for the BCS championship. You’re right ITK, it’s only the AU fans who are obsessed.

    P.S. Andre Smith, JP Wilson, Roy Upchurch, Simeon Castille, DJ Hall, Antoine Caldwell, Prince Hall, Wallace Gilberry, Rashad Johnson, Keith Brown, Javier Arenas, Rolando McClain…yep, no talent on Saban’s first Bama team at all.

  9. 18

    Are you morons really trying to compare what Saban did in his first year at Bama to what Cheezebutt did this year at the Barn??? By doing so you are essentially trying to say that by having a more successful season in his first year than Saban, that Cheezebutt is better than Saban and that he will lead the Barn to domination of Bama and Saban!!!! Do you tit turds realize just how fucking retarded, demented and outright full of shit that assessment is??? Yeah, I guess that next year Cheezebutt will win 12 games, Be on the cover of Forbes and win National Coach of the Year!!! Uhh Huh! Right! Find something else to rant about that gives you a better chance of not looking completely stupid. RTR!

  10. 20

    Wow, another day and another post from Julia on a Bama website, complete with a comprehensive command of Alabama players and history. Can you say…Aubsessed? I couldn’t name 10 players on that Division 2 team from Lee County.

  11. 21

    I thought they were NAIA. LOL. I’m sure they’re having NC parties tonight with Texas party favors everywhere.

  12. 24
    Indiana Vol

    “Hey Indy how about the hokies beating the shit out of ole smokey!! Fuck you and the rest of your klan!! RTR”

    Once again, bammerdonkeyDICK shows his Crison TURD intelligence!

    HOOK’EM HORNS; ram the rammer-jammer hammer up Nicky Satan’s ASS!

  13. 26

    EG, what was your honest prediction for Bama’s final record for the 2008 season on the day before the Clemson game??

  14. 28

    IndianaVol: I’m honestly at a loss as to how to communicate with you.

    Julia: I said we’d go 12-2. But I honestly feel Chiznik is just as good as Saban and will do the same in 2010. Once the NCAA lets you drop down to your rightful place in Division 1-AA. Youngstown State will bounce you in the 2nd round.

    Leaving to watch Bama in the National Championship game. Roll Tide ladies.

  15. 29

    Uranus, do you still believe that employees of small businesses are not required to follow the instructions of their supervisors??

  16. 30

    errr, ITK…first of all the question was posed to EG, not you. Second, you are full of crimson colored crap. As I’ve previously pointed out to you, here’s what you stated immediately following the blowout loss to the mighty Utes last year: “Still, with what we had in place for ‘08, 12-2 far surpassed what the most optimistic fan (beside’s Shane from Centerpoint) could have hoped for. I’ll take it…for now.” So if you say that 12-2 “far surpassed” what you could have hoped for, exactly how could you have predicted that Bama would go 12-2??

  17. 31

    Could not resist Julio. I honestly don’t want to hash that one out again.
    There is going to be an CRIMSON ECLIPSE tonight and all this will not matter……..
    Be sure to wipe your pee up with your Texas Tee-Shirts Aubies.

  18. 32

    I understand if Aubarn is rooting for Texas. If Aubarn were to be playing in a National Championship (LMFAO at that!!!) — I would be rooting for the other team. There is no “SEC Love” in this conference anymore. The barner’s left their “support” from the 95% rest of the state/nation when they proclaimed their “glory”. Fuck you Auburn and ROLL TIDE ROLL — less than 2 hours ’til kickoff motherfuckers!

    p.s. – “class” is out of session BTW

  19. 34
    Alex Hamilton

    After hearing The Barn’s version of the Rammer Jammer in 2004 and 2006, I hope that bunch of classless jerks never win a game. They are the armpit of the SEC.

    And I sure enjoyed my steak Friday night in Long Beach. Looks like Bevo was good for something after all. And, the only #2 Horn From the South is your overrated Big 12 Champs.

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