Capstone Saturdays: Auburn In Championships

Editorial Cartoon: How Auburn Participates In Championship Games

Tonight, Alabama goes for its 13th National Championship, just three years removed from being laid to waste on the college football landscape.

If you’re an Aubie, there is a way you can participate too.  But sadly, it’s the only way.

Auburn will never stand on the platform Alabama will enjoy tonight.  Win or lose, Alabama is on turf little orange and blue footies will never tread upon.

The part-time clown, part-time Dye puppet hired to lead the tiggers is incapable of much more than what he achieved in 2009…Furman and Ball State wins separating 7-5 from 5-7…and a narrow and somewhat embarrassing bowl win over the purple Vandy.

Can we please trade Valdosta State for Abarn’s spot in the conference?

I know a group of Aubies having a Texas party tonight.  Hoping to have a big time.  They’ve bought shirts and are going all out.  But the sad thing is, these aren’t kids or young men; these are grown men with kids in school at Auburn.

How sad to live a lifetime following mediocrity, praying for external factors you can’t control to knock your biggest rival to its knees.

And how sad to awaken every day realizing that when the playing field is level, Bama plays for championships…of multiple varieties…and Abarn plays for fifth in the West.

So Abarn fans, wear your Texas shirts proudly tonight.  Tell the horns to “hook’em”.  But if you get the chance, take a long, hard look at yourself in the mirror and realize that that’s the only way you’ll take part in a championship.

And ask any pundit around the country…don’t take my word for it:  It’s going to be that way for a long, long time.