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    Siddall stated that she’s an Aubie Fan. It will bear watching the Sports Department to see if this will embolden more slanted coverage of Aubie.
    She made it clear that it is going to be an “leaner” organization – so more layoffs are coming.
    I am encouraged that she embraced the Net to a certain degree. More outdated content will come now to the Clustered Al.com. I hate the Site with a Passion.
    It would had been nice for her to state that she is going to revive the moribund News Web Site and set it up for Net -Subscription . Hah !
    The good news is that Victor the 13th is gone and hopefully now we can get more content than pictures and flashy graphics. Victor the 13th read a lot of Comic Books in the Day and when Victor the 12th threw him the car keys…..
    I’m just dreaming again……

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    Cap, I don’t know if you saw this, but she was quoted as saying “I’m an Auburn fan, War Eagle!” She went on to say “but I’m also an SEC fan, so I’ll be pulling for Alabama to roll over Texas.” Yeah right, no one’s believing that. Look for the already slanted coverage of Auburn football to get even worse. Typical of the Bham News to hire an Aubie, they’re logo is on the scoreboard at Jordan-Hare Stadium after all.

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    Yeah — I think the REAL reason is according to the Wichita paper her parents are sick in Columbus, GA and that was the reason she took the job here in Alabama. That was NOT in The Birmingham News article today.

    Great — an Auburn lady who will be running the largest newspaper in the state. No telling what kind of bullshit they are going to spew in the sports department let alone Scarbutsky punk ass. I will NEVER forget how he wasted that Heisman vote in the closest race ever. Anyways — I hope they do get an online format that rivals The New York Times or the Atlanta Journal Constitution — the al.com is an utter disgrace to the states largest newspaper. Oh well, to be continued…

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    That Other Dave

    I grew up in Macon, GA and my parents still live there. That newspaper was/is horrendous. They have to put it under a brick when they deliver it, so it’s doesn’t float away, it’s so light.

    I cannot see the paper getting better here in B’ham.

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    Yeah they wont have the type of well balanced fact driven news you guys spew out of your mudhole (sarcasm and yawn).

    The difference will be you will still be blogging your rhetoric and fighting Ballplay, Julio, etc.


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    Well hell Bama Hate. Here’s your chance to contribute something. What Newspaper or Media would you recommend ?
    Go on . Tell me something I can use.
    I know that you’re not chickenshit to offer some good advise -are you ? Go on .

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