Alabama’s Rolando McClain sick

According to ESPN’s Joe Schad via twitter: “Rolando McClain (stomach) sick and not at media day.” MORE from twitter: “Dont’a Hightower, McClain’s best friend: ‘Rolando wasn’t in my room this morning. If it’s up to him he’ll play, stomach virus or not.'”

UPDATE 2: McClain sickness due to something he ate; expected to be fine


AP: Alabama’s All-America linebacker Rolando McClain and backup defensive back Rod Woodson missed media day for the BCS championship game Tuesday morning because of a stomach virus.

Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban described the pair as being “under the weather.”

Saban says the team’s medical staff would decide whether the players would practice Tuesday afternoon. He said they have been given medicine.

He’s hoping the bug will pass within 24 hours and both players will be available when No. 1 Alabama plays second-ranked Texas for the championship on Thursday night.


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Now that would be as bad as losing McElroy. Shit, tell me it aint so!

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    here’s a link yo the bcs program for the game. It’s in a PDF format. I thought my friends here would enjoy this. Copy and past in your browser. The adobe PDF would not open on me iPhone.

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    He’ll pull it together. It’s a stomach bug ( to not be politically correct — taking massive dumps) — Ro is a pipe hitter. There is no way he’s going to let his team down. RTR!!!

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    Ponder the prophet’s link to work for the iPod??? Folks like me don’t want horrible signals from the 3G network (and no…let’s not start a cell phone argument).

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    Also — PROPHET.

    Dunnaway and Clown are doing the Roundtable with LT and Brian Straw. Ponder a conversion???

    As always I and many others await the Prophet’s prophecies that reveal the disgust @ WJOX. Remember — LT was caught with Ghetto Boys and Scarface tapes! 🙂

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