Vols get serious about guns & drugs. Sort of.

The University of Tennessee Volunteers will get serious about guns and drugs.

Next time.

No the Vols are serious.

They are against armed robbery. (That is if you aren’t a star defensive back.)

The Vols are against having illegal guns and drugs. (That is if you aren’t going to contribute lots of points and rebounds.)

“Our tolerance for these type(s) of activities has gone to zero,” University of Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said in a quote from the Knoxville News Sentinel’s website.

Gone to zero?

Shouldn’t it have been at zero to begin with? Or is it only an issue because your lawless athletic department that flouts NCAA recruiting regulations is now flaunting America’s gun and drug laws?

Hamilton has presided over the most embarrassing and disgraceful period in the history of Volunteer athletics. He fired the classy and positive role model Phil Fulmer. He replaced this proven winner with a loser and loudmouth named Lane Kiffin. You know him. He is the guy that never met a rule he didn’t break. And break it while accusing the other guy of breaking rules.

And now a thug culture has engulfed the entire Tennessee athletic department, and there is only Hamilton to blame. If the Kiffin experiment fails, and chances remain good that it will fail, what will Hamilton do?

Look for a job would be a good guess.

And if that happens, perhaps the University of Tennessee would do the smart thing and the right thing by hiring Phil Fulmer to run the athletic department. He would be a stickler for rules compliance, and would return Tennessee to the lofty status it once held—and deserved. Fulmer was treated poorly by the University he loved. Hiring him to replace Hamilton would be a positive step in healing this division in the Volunteer family.