Vols get serious about guns & drugs. Sort of.

The University of Tennessee Volunteers will get serious about guns and drugs.

Next time.

No the Vols are serious.

They are against armed robbery. (That is if you aren’t a star defensive back.)

The Vols are against having illegal guns and drugs. (That is if you aren’t going to contribute lots of points and rebounds.)

“Our tolerance for these type(s) of activities has gone to zero,” University of Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said in a quote from the Knoxville News Sentinel’s website.

Gone to zero?

Shouldn’t it have been at zero to begin with? Or is it only an issue because your lawless athletic department that flouts NCAA recruiting regulations is now flaunting America’s gun and drug laws?

Hamilton has presided over the most embarrassing and disgraceful period in the history of Volunteer athletics. He fired the classy and positive role model Phil Fulmer. He replaced this proven winner with a loser and loudmouth named Lane Kiffin. You know him. He is the guy that never met a rule he didn’t break. And break it while accusing the other guy of breaking rules.

And now a thug culture has engulfed the entire Tennessee athletic department, and there is only Hamilton to blame. If the Kiffin experiment fails, and chances remain good that it will fail, what will Hamilton do?

Look for a job would be a good guess.

And if that happens, perhaps the University of Tennessee would do the smart thing and the right thing by hiring Phil Fulmer to run the athletic department. He would be a stickler for rules compliance, and would return Tennessee to the lofty status it once held—and deserved. Fulmer was treated poorly by the University he loved. Hiring him to replace Hamilton would be a positive step in healing this division in the Volunteer family.


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    Now Cap, I know you hate Tennessee. We all do. But calling Phil Fulmer classy and a role model? Lane Kiffen will never come close to being the sleazebag that Fulmer was. He conspired with the NCAA and Roy Kramer in smoke-filled rooms to get Alabama on probation, all the while breaking multiple rules himself(UT boosters in Mobile paying Tee Martin, Eric Locke being paid to leave Bama & transfer to Tenn, Linda Benzel-Myers, etc.) By giving them the goods on Bama, the NCAA overlooked all the transgressions at Tenn. It was even the subject of an Outside the Lines episode on ESPN. Lane Kiffen is just a loud-mouth punk coach that Al Davis ran out of Oakland. He’s been exposed and will only be around another year or 2 once Saban and the rest of the SEC kick his butt again. After Tenn I’m not sure he’ll ever work again.

  2. 3

    Thanks Greg. You are right. Fixed. ordinarily, I’d have the excuse of writing that on my iphone and not really paying attention, but I don’t have that excuse this time. I even wrote that one in Word. Ugh.

  3. 4
    Indiana Vol's Penis

    Ya’ll Bammers suck!!!
    Lane Kiffin is great and ya’ll is running scared of him because next year us Vols will beat Bammer by 50 points! Ya’ll are just trying to get rid of Lane because he is a threat. It is an SEC wide conspiracy to keep UT down. And I ain gonna have it!!!
    Leave Lane Kiffin alone!!!! If anybody has a problem with Lane Kiffin they will have to go through me!!!

  4. 5

    I think that it is simply the Fan Base does not care. It has gotten to the point that the end result only matters.
    Getting that way everywhere. “Just Win Baby” as Al says.
    The Good People that question the Motives and the Process are shouted down until the damn thing “Is Shut Down”.

  5. 6

    Boy Blunder and the vols nation want to make headlines!! Police
    reports and idiots smoking dope and carrying weapons is not
    the headlines most fans wants!! Well remember we are talking
    about the vol nation!! RTR

  6. 7

    Yeah — Lame Kiffin couldn’t even show the respect to Frank Beamer when he got his ass handed to him in the Peach Bowl when the coaches meet at the end. It will just be a matter of time before the cookie crumbles. Suckaz!!! Rocky Flopped again…

  7. 8
    Indiana Vol

    The pot calling the kettle….!

    The Crimson TURD MORONS that write and post here are true tools, especially crapstonereport and EGG HEAD WHITE!.



  8. 9

    So Philip Fulmer and Roy Kramer got Bammer in trouble eh? It wasnt that Bammer was cheating huh? That had nothing to do with it…Scandal, textbooks, smoking crack rock at the crapstone by Jimmy Johns (i mean selling it), pimp slapping girlfriends (and the Bammer dad bailing out the football boyfriend), 1/2 game suspensions because your losing, WTC disasters and LA Monroe, coon talk with Nicky $aban, etc.

    Look in the mirror and repeat, I am not a hypocrit. Say it over and over to convince yourself.

  9. 10
    Indiana Vol


    The previous post by bamahate is a masterpiece!


  10. 11
    Indiana Vols Hairless Ass

    I don’t know which is more rewarding and satisfying – competing (and winning – we’ve done it before!) for a NC, or hearing the whining complaints and hopeless drivel from Bama’s whipping boys in TN and AUB. Get used to it, you puds, it’s only going to get worse for you!! RTR!

  11. 12

    Hook em horns my ass.What a laugh.We will destroy Texas just like the Gators.What a laugh if any one in the nation even thinks Bama will lose this game.Sorry but this is destiny for this great Crimson Tide team and they will not be denied.Looking foward to friday to see what you haters will say then.Other wise ROLLL TIDEEEEEE.

  12. 13
    Voice of Reason

    LOL. Isn’t that cute. You probably think your “tradition” isn’t built on crap and lies.

    Have fun possibly renting another national title until you get nailed for cheating. AGAIN.

    Yep. 12 National Titles all built on horse crap lies. You know it. All the legitimate college football world knows it. LOL

    Dirtiest program run and supported by the most ignorant arrogant people in the world of sports.

  13. 14

    Says the ignorant jackass who’s program currently leads the SEC in probations and is 3rd all time in the NCAA>
    Thats right I am talking to you “Voice of reason”
    It amazes me haow a no talent scmuck of a head coach and a bunch of assistants that no one in the universe wanted added to the fact that Auburn has no semblence of a blocker on thier entire fucking team can land 5 star QBs and RBs.
    Reason. You might want to shut the hell up. Auburn has cheated before. The God Damn cheater is STILL THERE with the field named after him and you seem to think that everything is above board.
    God Damn you are ignorant.

  14. 15

    I am sick of UT and Auburn. They constantly point and scream that Bama is cheating to cover up for the fact that they are cheating their sorry asses off.
    According to paul Finebaum (so dont quote me on this one) 96 percent of all mail trying to report another school for violations comes from Auburn, Alabama.
    I am having a bad day. But I do know a champion when I see on.
    Auburn and Tennessee arent even close. As a matter of fact AUBURN HAS NEVER PLAYED IN AN NCAA CHAMPIONSHIP GAME.
    It must suck being Auburn.

  15. 16

    I am sure someone will bring up the 2004 Auburn team and how the BCS cheated.
    So as long as I am on the subject. Creating crip courses that give easy credit to your retarded players so that they can remain eligible is called cheating.
    It is also the biggest reason why most employers wouldn’t use an Auburn degree to wipe their ass in a cactus field.

  16. 19
    Indiana Vol




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