Report: Franchione abused players

According to Sports By Brooks, one former Texas A&M player posted on Facebook allegations against Dennis Franchione. According to the report Terrence Murphy wrote, “It is amazing that two coaches in the Big 12 are getting negative press for mis-treating players on their football teams. WOW, Coach Fran treated players at A&M like this the day he arrived at A&M. Now that I am a man, looking back it hurts my heart to know how many of my teammates will never come back to A&M because of those antics, and how many kid’s life (sic) were altered because of it. Guess it did not happen to a football legend’s son, so it was ignored. ESPN brought back bad memories. I fault myself for not stepping up as the leader of the team and saying something.”

Sports By Brooks also has video of Murphy talking about Franchione as a coach.

Any stories about Franchione’s treatment of players during his short tenure in Tuscaloosa?


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    Amazing when we put players in control. I had the pleasure not only in college but in High School to play under Coach Fran and never once did he abuse anyone. Players now days are nothing but babies, put your chin strap on and play football. It is a shame what has happened to Mangino and Leach, this is the new way institutions are getting rid of coaches. Why don’t people look at the many kids these coaches have saved instead of players that for some reason have a chip on their shoulders…..Coach Franchione is not only a great coach but is a great person, Terrence Murphy really what has he ever done in his life….

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    I’m 28 and I can tell you that the two “classes” before me and there on out are the biggest bunch of pussies in the world. These kids coming up now are a bunch of flakes. Softened up — parents too scared to let them go out and play — playstation addicts — fast food inhaling fat asses — emotional, can’t get on their ass without them crying — makes me sick. Now you got these air-conditioned addicts passing out in the summer — NOBODY passed out when we were growing up working out in summer — can’t handle bulking up the real way without taking supplements — can’t take a “hard-line nosed” coach to show him to do the right thing the right way without someone making a fucking phone call to HR or AA — I’m on a rant — peace out bitches (Rick James—the hand)

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