Pat Dooley is so biased

Pat Dooley is biased. He admits to having a special relationship with on-again/off-again Florida Gator coach Urban Meyer. From Dooley’s latest blog post, “I think all of you out there know how I feel about Urban and his family. We have an excellent relationship, which is why I should have come to his defense. It was just one of those things where hindsight is 20-20.”

Come to his defense? Excellent relationship?

What are you dating Urban Meyer?

Dooley should spend less time fellating Meyer and investigate the story behind what the public is being told. However, given Dooley’s “excellent relationship” with Meyer, would the columnist report something damaging to his special friend?

Judging by the reaction of outraged Florida fans, it wouldn’t be in Dooley’s best interest to report anything negative about his special friend.

And people wonder why journalism is dead? It is because of stooges like Dooley.