Pat Dooley is so biased

Pat Dooley is biased. He admits to having a special relationship with on-again/off-again Florida Gator coach Urban Meyer. From Dooley’s latest blog post, “I think all of you out there know how I feel about Urban and his family. We have an excellent relationship, which is why I should have come to his defense. It was just one of those things where hindsight is 20-20.”

Come to his defense? Excellent relationship?

What are you dating Urban Meyer?

Dooley should spend less time fellating Meyer and investigate the story behind what the public is being told. However, given Dooley’s “excellent relationship” with Meyer, would the columnist report something damaging to his special friend?

Judging by the reaction of outraged Florida fans, it wouldn’t be in Dooley’s best interest to report anything negative about his special friend.

And people wonder why journalism is dead? It is because of stooges like Dooley.


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    Ballplay Indian

    Cap…..Ms. Dooley isnt a journalist, she is a friend of Meyers family. What would you do if your friend found themselves in the same predicament ? Throw them under the bus ? If you have the same outlook on life that you have on CFB, you probably dont have any friends. Sheesh man, get a grip.

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    Really Indian?

    …..Indian. Do a little research before you criticize the Report.

    Pat Dooley is not only a man, but he is the one of the Gators star reporters, and self admitted homer for the Gainesville Sun. His blog is even quoted in the link within this very article….

    I have no idea who this Ms. Dooley is that you are talking about, but next time spend about 2 minutes doing research before you make a comment.

  3. 7

    Ok lets apply the same logic Cappy, if CNS wanted to step down cause got an aneurysm which bled from yelling at his players and Cecil Hurt would not throw him under the bus, then would you still be so critical.

    You need to get a grip.

  4. 9

    Come on Pluto…of course it helps every SEC school when Florida is in turmoil. Whatever Coach Meyer is going through, I hate to see it, but how can he be sick one minute and well the next? Inquiring minds want to know! All any fan of SEC football wants is the truth. Something is rotten. I mean..this man makes the entire universe believe he has a major illness and then he changes his mind and just wants a leave of absence. I don’t get it and none of us will know the truth if reporters are so biased that they let a major story just slip by.

  5. 10

    Well yeah guy. Just tired of these whining bitches complaining about the “Horrible ! Just Horrible! treatment of Urban.
    F*cking Hypocrites.
    He fell on his sword and dammit I’m not going to help him up. You think the Fans in the East are crying about Urban ? Hell No.
    So why would a F*cking Aubie be so tore up about this ?
    What a Bitch.

  6. 11

    You know why the barneys are torn up. It was the only potential stone on Bama’s run on another dynasty.. They know they can’t stop us, but FL with Meyer might. When he is replaced with Stoops, the barneys will be first in line to tell us its over.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  7. 12
    Ballplay Indian

    Pluto…How do you justify calling me a hypocrite ? I dont know the situation with Urban Meyers health …Nor do you. I do know that he has suffered from debilitating migranes for years, and Finebaum has even spoken of this months ago. His heart condition is nothing new either. There may or may not be more to the story. Ive not heard that he will be the hands on coach at all in the coming year. From what I understand if he does return it will not be in the capacity that he is in now. It is a wait and see approach.

    What I dont understand is the hatred for the man. If he had been caught in an affair or what not , how could that be good ? It would be awful for the family. And , if its his health, then that is terrible as well. I would feel the same if it were Nick Saban. Nothing is good about this. There are some things more important than football.

    And bamaborn, we played your team much closer than Florida ever thought of. We physically whipped you butts all over the feild and made Mark Ingram take himself out of the game. But you still won it somehow. When we get another class like this one , we will be the ones you need to worry about.

  8. 13
    Really Indian?

    Keep hanging on to those moral victories Indian.

    Auburn will continue to be the 3rd ranked team in the West for a few years to come. Enjoy playing Northwestern btw, should be fun kicking off @ 2AM.

  9. 14
    Alex Hamilton

    I love that name “Really Indian”. Just another example of a good man putting “Plays With His Balls” in his place.

  10. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Alex, whats with the infatuation about my nuts ? You act like you have a desire to play with my nuts or something….Is that the case ? Just to let you know, my balls are large and quite hairy. Often times they get real sweaty too. Not that I would let you play with them anyhow…I , unlike you, am not a fag.

  11. 17

    I quit responding to all of BPI’s antics — since we don’t censor here like Auburn websites — I cut the hand off that feeds the child.

    p.s.a. like LT would say — ignorance knows no boundaries

  12. 18
    John C

    It’s strange how fore-Finebaum and some Bama fans are ripping Meyer for changing his mind and taking a leave of absence. I don’t hear any citicism of Saban lying to fans at LSU and Miami when he told them that he was not leaving for another job. What’s up with that Finebaum. Also, Finebaum is so far up Saban’s arse that he appears to be a gerble. By the way, I know what happpened to my foreskin frrom my circumcism – it got transplanted to Finebaum’s forehead! One last thing, it has been proven over and over again who the lying reporter is. Just like the Meyer to Notre Dame lie that Finebaum put out after being asked to do so by Saban. Anything to hurt UF’s recruiting.

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