REVERSAL: Florida’s Urban Meyer changes mind


AP: Person familiar with decision tells AP: Urban Meyer taking indefinite leave, and not resigning

Less than 24 hours after he resigned, Florida coach Urban Meyer is instead taking an indefinite leave of absence and opening the door for a return to the Gators.

A person familiar with decision told The Associated Press on Sunday that Meyer had changed his mind. The person spoke on condition of anonymity because the school made no announcement.

Meyer is to speak at a news conference in New Orleans on Sunday.

On Saturday night, Meyer said he was leaving after five seasons as Gators coach because of health concerns. He spent several hours in a hospital because of chest pains three weeks ago.

The University of Florida student newspaper, The New York Times and first reported Meyer’s change of plans.

THIS IS A BREAKING NEWS UPDATE. Check back soon for further information.


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    This sounds more like the truth. I could not care less what happens to the Gator Nation, but like him or hate him his record deserves respect. I don’t see anyone walking away from their passion unless a doctor said it would kill them. All reports are his illness is not life threatening. So what’s the deal? Does he have the tubbs disease and know it is time to get out before he destroys what he has built? Or have two many assistances left, and he knows they are what made him? Of course, that is also a tubbs disease. It could be he is preparing an excuse for the 2010 gators already. He has had a silver spoon at Florida and I don’t see how much pressure has been applied. The real pressure has just started. I don’t see him having any trouble from any of the teams on the east for sometime, but winning the SEC Championship will take a tremendous amount of work.

    I wish him wellness.

  2. 2

    Yes real pressure just started and he knows this very well.I have no doubt there is something wrong health wise. And my thought is he is using this now to worm his way out because he knows what is in store for the gators next year.Also Mr. Saban may have a lot to do with it after that 32,,13 ass whipping that sent his ass to the doctor after the game.But really i think the man is just looking for excuse.2010 the gator nation will get crushed and that will make for a long year with no teapot and meyer. RTR

  3. 4

    Big words for a Bammer. You will lose a lot of starters on defense. One less McElwane and the Mullet nation has at least two losses this year. Everybody depends on assistants even the messiah Nicky the Imp. So don’t get so cocky, you may get that ass whippin handed to you next year by many different teams. You got this year, relish it but everyone falls from the top. Meyer stills has more wins on Nicky than vice versa.

  4. 5
    Coach Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    Here, here Bamahate.
    Like us….. the Auburn Tigers. I am ready to repay the Bams 10 fold for beating us on our home field, after we had practiced 2 solid weeks just for them.
    As soon as we get some blockers and a QB who can throw and run and a defense that can actually tackle, and a head coach who isnt a total moron. Anf assitants (sans yours truly) who know how to train athletes, and a fanbase that is realistic enough to realize that we dont have a thimble full of talent. And an athletic dirctor who isnt a total chump. And oh, uh yeah…. That Dye guys needs to be put out to pasture and shot.
    But dont worry Bamahate, as soon as we can clear out all of these minor items we will go from being merely mediocre to being solidly mediocre on a yearly basis.

  5. 6
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Yeah dumbass, it really killed us when we lost 3 assisstants including our best recruiter last year. Damn, don’t know how the hell we went undefeated after that disaster! Guess we’ll have to forfeit 2010. But lets see. So far we haven’t lost any assistants. At LB, Hightower will be back and he is better than McLaine. Oh wait, McLaine hasn’t decided to leave yet! Then there’s Jarrell Harris and Tana Patrick. At DB there’s Kirkatrick, Green, Jackson, Barron and Woodson among others. At DL we’ll miss Cody but we already sub for him half the time and we’re absolutely loaded with DLinemen. On OL we lose Carpenter but gain Fluker and once again we’re loaded at OL. At TE we lose Peek but have a plethoria of replacements. Don’t think we have any worries at QB, RB or WR. Nope asshole, don’t see us losing to ‘several’ teams next year. In fact I predict back to back to back National Championships! So take your Barner ass back to the pasture and shutup! RTR!

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