How valuable is Alabama football?

According to the AP, “According to Forbes, Texas had a $59 million profit. Notre Dame’s team value was $108 million, with a $38 million profit.

Rounding out the first 10 in Forbes’ Top 20 list are Penn State, Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, LSU, Ohio State, Georgia and Oklahoma.

Michigan had the biggest drop from last year to No. 11 from No. 4. Nebraska made the biggest improvement to No. 4 from No. 18.”

The Forbes story can be read here. According to the study, Alabama’s value is $92 million. From the story: “Team Value: $92 million
Profit: $38 million

Head Coach: Nick Saban

Conference: Southeastern

Previous Value Rank: 9

Tuscaloosa, Ala., Metro Population: 206,765

The waiting list to obtain season tickets for the Crimson Tide is currently 15,210 names long. Once selected, new ticket holders must make a donation to the athletic department that ranges from $5,000 to $500,000 (depending on seat location) before receiving any tickets.”

The values for all the major college teams seem low; when you consider the profits, brand awareness, loyalty and revenue, the numbers seem much smaller than they should be. However, it is hard to argue with Texas sitting at the top of the list. Big state, big money. (You can read the AP report embedded below.)


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    Take that Gary Neil Drummond! Nick Saban is worth every penny of $4 Million/year. Matter of fact, he’s probably underpaid.

  2. 2

    I’m surprised we were not in the top three. It’s a cash register in T-Town (literally). ROLL TIDE ROLL AND MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  3. 5

    “Our money has built more than just a stadium, it’s built Auburn. Alabama could easily replace Auburn in our season ticket package and move on. Remove it from theirs and go hide. Nothing’s changed in 61 years. In the best of times for Auburn, they need us, we don’t need them.”

    if you consider the take of our satellite program in auburn, we probably ARE #1.

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