Alabama prepares for Texas

AP: Heisman, national title, All-Americans: To Tide’s Saban it’s just mental ‘clutter’

Nick Saban knows it’s out of his control, but he wishes people would stop asking No. 1 Alabama’s players about the national championship.

That’s one of those external things he calls “clutter,” things like the Crimson Tide’s first Heisman Trophy, the Butkus Award, the six first-team All-Americans and the Southeastern Conference title.

And the biggest piece of potential clutter of all: The Tide’s Jan. 7 date with No. 2 Texas in Pasadena, Calif., for the BCS national championship.

Oops, those two dreaded words.

“I’m not worried about winning the national championship and I don’t want our players to worry about it either,” Saban shot back at a reporter Monday. “I would appreciate it if you didn’t ask them although I know you will.

“What I want our players to focus on is playing our best football and assume they’re going to be playing against the best football team they’ve ever played.” (read the entire story embedded in this post.)


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    I think that the very hard and wood shed result of Utah has focused Saban on the Mental Aspect of the Game.
    Saban learned his lesson. There will be hell to pay.

  2. 2

    I agree and I alson think way too much emphasis is placed on the loss to Utah.That was a year ago. And an ocean of change can happen at a football program in 1 year. Look at the 2007- 200 seasons at Auburn. Or some of the recent Bama teams. 365 days is a long time if you are doing the right (or wrong) work.

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