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    And for people to quit saying that Smokey is a Flea Bag, and for the UT fans to quit wishing they had Fat Phil back.

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    Hey you bammers! We ALMOST BEAT YOU! can’t you realize that?

    GO ROCKY TOP!!!!!!!!


    the PRIDE of Knoxville!

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    [q] PrideofKnoxville Says:
    December 18th, 2009 at 2:07 pm

    Hey you bammers! We ALMOST BEAT YOU! can’t you realize that?[/q]

    ALMOST. That’s the point, you ALMOST beat us. Too bad, ALMOST winning doesn’t count!

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    “Rotty Top,you’ll ALMOST be,relevant in the S-E-C.Goooooood ‘ole Rotty Top,Rotty Top Ten-uh-uh-see,Rotty Top Ten-uh-see.

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    Vol, did the sporting good store let you swap your Gator gear for Longhorn stuff? I know Piggly Wiggly isn’t paying what it used to; can’t afford to just keep buying stuff in hopes that one of our foes can finish what the Viles can’t.

    Oh, and Virginia Tech will DESTROY you.

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    Yall will lose to Texas. Its about time someone from ur school won the heisman. LSU player did it 50 years before yall. HAHA And Gerheart or suh should have won. It was fixed Gerheart is clearly the better college player. WE WON A HEISMAN FIFTY YEARS BEFORE YALL HA. I MEAN IT IS A PROVEN FACT THOUGH THAT LOUISIANA HAS MORE TALENTED ATHLETES IN THE STATE AS A WHOLE. JUST LOOK WHAT JOHN CURTIS DID TO HOOVER A FEW YEARS BACK. Embarassed their butts.only reason you beat us now is you have ur coach. I realize you gare now successful but the ONLY reason is u unoriginal corndog blowers is you had to go hire our coach. HA deep down u kno thats the case. Yall are pathetic.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Real funny Tigahbait. Are you bored with your 2nd tier bowl? We didn’t take your coach. He abandoned you. Ha ha! He knew he had done all he could at the corndog school and he would never be able to meet his goals there. In 5 years at LSWho he kept losing to Auburn, never went undefeated, never had back to back 10 win seasons, and sure as hell never had 6 1st team All Americans. Seems to me we whipped ya’lls ass with Billy Cannon, your Heisman winner. Seems like we whip ya’lls ass most of the time period. Especially in Tigah Stadium! We also signed some of the top 10 athletes in Louisiana, and so far only Robby Green has seen significant playing time, after he was beaten out of the starting job by Mobile’s Mark Barron. Git on back home to your corndogs and mudbugs, and we’ll have our steak and shrimp! Go on, git! ‘Fore I sic the dogs on ya! Corndog! RTR!

  8. 12

    Also yall are unoriginal. You went and got an LSU coach. It just shows your program has no respect for yourselves because you went and had to win the way LSU won. You had to copy LSU. HAHAHA Its unbelievable as much as you dog us you had to go get our coach. And he didnt leave for greener pastures he rathered LSU and still does. He just wanted back in the SEC NO MATTER WHAT THE SCHOOL. Look here this is proof so you and the rest of them rednecks can stop saying he left for greener pastures, but you still wont probably understand.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pV6Bu83g86w

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    Tigerbait and Indy vol are probably the same stupid inbred egg sucking human being piece of human waste. To both have a nice time watching the crimson tide winning the national title and than go FUCK YOURSELVES!! GO HOKIES and PENN ST. RTR

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    BTW the picture is corny and not even funny. All i want for Christmas is Bama to stop paying their refs and get a replay official to be from a neutral state and not be a member of the Alabama high school football hall of fame

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    You might have our number in football and the record head to head, but we crush yall in every other sport because your school is not as great as The Louisiana State University.

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    Tigahbait, so does that mean ya’ll went and got a Michigan State coach? And Michigan State went and got a Toledo coach? Ignorance is bliss, my friend. Enjoy it.

    And before you claim we didn’t whip you, go back and watch this year’s game again. Injured and worn-out LSU players were scattered all over the turf like a Vietnam mine field. I began feeling sorry for you corndogs midway through the 4th. Number of Alabama casualities? Zero. Zilch. Nada. El-zippo. Not even a player shaken up on the play. And Jefferson looked like a scared rabbit standing on the sidelines. He didn’t want any more; all the world could see that, except apparently you. Of course, you were likely drunk by 11:30am anyway, so it’s not like you could tell.

    And lastly, your claims that LSU is great obviously come second hand, because there’s no way you went to college. Post 16 was barely even a coherent thought.

    Seriously bro, as long as you have Les “the clock manager” Miles on your sidelines, with his big, oversized paw-paw hat, Obama will be near the end of his second term before we lose to your corndogs again.

    Enjoy our national championship next month; it’s the closest thing LSWHO will get to another one in your lifetime.

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    Alex Hamilton

    Yep. We paid the refs, cuz we wuznt goin to win unless that interception call went our way. We still had to pay them off even though we broke Scott’s collar bone, and Julio ran by your secondary.

    And we hadn’t done a thing this decade. Well, other than 2 undefeated seasons in regular season play, two division titles, one SEC title, two seasons as a number one team in the AP poll, two BCS bowls, eight wins over Ole Miss, seven over Arkansas and two stadium expanses.

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