Why I listen to Colin Cowherd and you should too

Colin Cowherd was an acquired taste. When I listened to the show a few times it didn’t seem interesting or useful; however, thanks to ESPNU’s simulcast, I gave the show an extended viewing. Cowherd covers the important issues in the major sports. If you obsess about stats then you probably won’t appreciate Cowherd. But if you are interested in big picture issues such as leadership, attitude and perception, then Cowherd is far better than anything else on radio during the morning in Birmingham. (Cowherd is on 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on DirecTV channel 614, ESPNU. You can also listen online via an iPhone app. These are valuable alternatives to the horrible radio before Paul Finebaum’s show comes on at 2 p.m.) Here are a few reasons I like Cowherd’s show:

Here are a few reasons I like Cowherd’s show:
1. The show is smart. Colin Cowherd gets the bigger picture about sports. Most coaches are smart, but leadership/image issues are where the great coaches set themselves apart. (See Cowherd’s example: fat coaches like Weis have a tougher time recruiting than attractive coaches like Pete Carroll or Nick Saban.) You may not agree with Cowherd, but his perspective is both entertaining and interesting.

2. No stupid callers. ESPN’s Cowherd does a great job of reducing the number of idiots on the air. The worst thing about callers on WJOX (besides the fact most of them have horrible telephones) is their stupidity. For every good caller there are three or four horrible callers that repeat the worst of the message boards.

3. I don’t have to listen to WJOX. Honestly is there a bigger collection of dumbasses than WJOX’s morning lineup? The Opening Drive with Jay Barker is a train wreck. The Opening Drive is bad because of Jay Barker. Barker has actually improved since the show began; he now expresses opinions without as much equivocation. However, Barker is not a partisan—he does not defend Alabama when callers or guests attack the program. The idea behind the show was obviously to create a gridiron Crossfire with former Alabama and Auburn players filling the roles of Republican and Democratic debaters. Unfortunately while Al Del Greco delivers the partisan talking points for Auburn, Jay Barker stumbles around looking for praise from everyone—unwilling to offend anyone. That might be good for church, but it is horrible for radio.

4. No pumping Auburn. Seriously, nobody cares about Auburn outside the state, so you don’t get all the nonsense that local television and radio stations engage in trying to mollify the 20% of people who care about Auburn. Instead of hearing about Auburn’s recruiting class that is super awesome (but still won’t finish better than fifth or sixth in the conference—seriously, does anyone expect Auburn to finish above Alabama, Florida, Georgia and LSU?), you get opinions about things that really matter in the NFL and college football.

5. No Clay Travis. One of the many bad things on WJOX is the inclusion of Clay Travis during the Roundtable. He makes excuses for Lane Kiffin like Kevin Scarbinsky made excuses for Mike Shula. Why listen to a show that includes this douchebag guy? There are many better options.

6. Chadddd Scott is no longer around the show. Scott is notorious for his anti-Alabama ranting. He was on the Paul Finebaum show complaining about how nobody in Alabama would hire him because of his views on Alabama and its coach. Hey dumbass, Paul Finebaum has made a career in this state by attacking Alabama and Auburn coaches and fans. The issue here Mr. Scott isn’t your opinion; it is your talent. You don’t have any. Everything you say about Alabama fans is the same sort of biased drivel spewed on the Bunker or ITAT message boards—only less creative as those guys made up all those Gadsden rumors that entertained us during the summer.

The arguments against Cowherd mainly focus on his attitude about Alabama fans, and his negative comments about Nick Saban’s defection from the Dolphins. However, wrong opinions (which I believe these were) do not diminish the entertainment value of the show. When you include guests like Todd Blackledge, Beano Cook, Peter King and so many more, it is far more interesting than the Opening Drive or the Roundtable. Why waste your time on WJOX?


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  1. 1
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Why waste your time on either one of them? Cowturds Colon, has spent far too much time slandering Alabama and blowing Notre Dame and USC to suit me. And if that shit that ruined Shanes last column is any example of what goes on during WJOX broadcasts, it’s a miracle somebody hasn’t been shot! Hell, it’s lucky I wasn’t close to em with a gun! As for Barker, what idiot hired a Fellowship of Christian Athletes jock to do a damn sports talk show anyway? RTR!

  2. 2

    You know I use to listen to Cowherd for about 1 1/2-2 years and liked him until…. He badmouthed my home State,it’s people, The University of Alabama, all the fans of the Tide and Nick Saban. He did this non-stop while we were searhcing for a coach and got Saban.

    For as long as I live, if I ever hear of him being within 100 miles of where I’m at and I mean this, I will track him down and beat his ass for what he has said.

    Since hearing his hate for everything Alabama on an on I stopped listening to this Dick. A month or two ago I happened to tune across ESPN Radio and stumbled across his program and guess what he was doing. He was bad mouthing Alabama again. Never again will I listen to that SOB.

    Burn in hell Cowherd!

  3. 4

    Many of the things he says about Tide fans he also says about people from Ohio or Steeler fans. I do believe he says things irritating about Alabama, but he is much less offensive than those people on wjox like Clay Travis, etc.

  4. 5

    I wish I knew 1/3 as much about sports as this jerk thinks he does. He is such an insufferable know it all that even when I find his viewpoint interesting he irritates me.

  5. 6
    Objective Bama Fan


    come on now. Wasn’t he the one that called people from Alabama “tornado bait”? I used to like this guy until, as the others have stated, he dogged anyone ever associated with Bama.

    As for Jay Barker, I like him. He represents all that is good with sports. He’s a good role model. I think there is good chemistry between Del Greco, Curry, and him. I even like the roundtable now that Ian is gone.

  6. 8

    He’s on the Atlanta station, and his show is limp compared to the afternoon shows (one of which Chadd Scott produces, and they thankfully keep him contained). I hate promoting Barners as much at the next guy, but Chuck Oliver is far more knowledgeable about CFB than anybody ESPN, CBS, FOX, etc., have. Cowherd gets facts wrong on a routine basis; his hypotheses are often based on his own little fantasies and nothing to do with reality; he compared Saban to a Klansman after the “coonass” incident. I have no use for the dude.

  7. 9

    Is this Shane from Centerpoint? Good Lord Shane, you of all people should despise this troll. If I could get my hands on that elitist snob ass-monkey, I would crush in his chest. C’mon Shane.

  8. 10

    Great article cappy especially for us Birmingham folks — The WJOX format PERIOD is a JOKE. They are running 19 minutes of commercials an hour PLUS ESPN Sportscenter/Weather & Traffic — compute all that — you’re looking at a total of MAYBE 35 minutes of ACTUAL program material from the hosts.

    The Opening Drive is an utter joke. I can’t even go into how these three guys STILL have NO CHEMISTRY after all these years. preface. I appreciate Jay Barker for the National in ’92 — Jay Barker is such a pussy on this show and in real life — he absolutely doesn’t want to offend ANYONE — just like you stated cappy when Alabama gets slammed down by either a caller or a guest. Al DelGreco is just happy to have a job. Tony Kurre is just happy Citadel ain’t pimpin his ass on two stations anymore. They show up @ 6 a.m. every morning and literally does not “wake up” til 9 a.m. when there spot is almost over. Notice when they start talking about subjects other than sports (ex. Tony Kurre’s segment — I forgot the name of it) they “wake up” and get excited. These guys do no homework on real sportscasting — that goes for the other programs too — if it were not for the internet — these guys would ACTUALLY HAVE to EARN a living. They take articles from the Birmingham News and main feeds from ESPN and fanhouse and “elaborate” on them — whenever callers have legit questions — all they say is “I don’t know” or you hear typing in the background. Birmingham is missing REAL sports guys with the information and KNOWLEDGE that people desire to hear.

    The Roundtable — I don’t even know where to start with this — LT is an Alabama guy who hates his own program and Brian Straw is an Ole Miss yankee homer — how in the hell could Ryan Haney put that combination together? They have a pussy-ass producer dubbed “Rockstar” who knows nothing about sports and they pimp their advertisers DURING THEIR PROGRAMMING — not in the commercial slots that they have plentiful of.

    Paul Finebaum is another animal. It’s “mild shock-radio” — that’s why he has the ratings and the money. He likes to stir shit up and he knows it. That’s what keeps people listening. I mean — how much can you talk about when college football is over in this state — although I would love NFL talk/college hoops/baseball in the “off-season” — you’re not going to get it because Paul doesn’t give a damn about that material and so doesn’t the callers. It’s just a train wreck and you will see one day a decent radio program in this city of Birmingham.

    ESPN radio is trying to appeal to the masses nationwide. I have to admit I kinda of dig Mike & Mike — but Colin Cowherd — until he comes out publicly and apologizes to the people of Alabama — I’ll never ink him in on the ratings.

  9. 12

    If this is Shane’s column…you are such a spineless little suck up. The same callers are calling Finebaum’s show but you leave him untouched because your head is stuck so far up his ass. You call out Jay Barker for not standing up to callers but you don’t have the guts to stand up to Finebaum when he goes after you! Jack-ass.

  10. 14

    “capstonereport Says:

    … he is much less offensive than those people on wjox like Clay Travis …”


    Agreed totally. Why would ANYONE give Clay Travis the time of day for a platform to a quarter-mil??? This is the same Tennessee suck ass who asked Tim Tebow if he was still a virgin at SEC Media Days ’09.

  11. 15

    I’m with you on JOX – I tried it a few times. I’ve been unsuccessful in making through any segment. It’s a cringefest.

  12. 17

    Also — never tune into the “deuce” on that horrible program he does with that Texas blonde bitch — no ratings from me for someone who stereotypes a whole state because Finebaum called him out in print and made an ass out of him. Fugg that.

  13. 18

    Well click about if you aren’t on mobile for some reason the mobile version of site isn’t showing that page.

  14. 19

    Well, one thing that is perfectly clear is that you have all the writing skills of a house plant. I suggest you get smart with someone in your own league. I will make you look foolish.

  15. 20

    I’ve seen cowherds show on espn2, but it wasn’t very good. He seemed uncomfortable. I do think that girl isn’t as hot as his intern/assistant from his radio show.

  16. 21

    Who the fuck are you j189829384? An English professor? This isn’t a dissertation. We are trying to discuss on the radio formats. (Rick James the hand)

  17. 23

    CAPPY — it’s obvious that the chick is hot and he IS VERY uncomfortable. I know I’d bang her and he probably would to giving off his fake “I’m married and I’m keeping it professional.”

    I think he’s pissed that he’s being pimped like Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic for radio AND television. Lot’s of hours to work right?

  18. 25

    And a brilliant discussion it is. Nobody cares what you have to say Crimsonblood, so keep rambling to yourself. I am having a conversation with the writer of the column who we will call, Hunter Corn, for the rest of the day. So, back off, loser.

  19. 26

    LMAO — CAPPY you’re not doing yourself justice with the 3G network — horrible service — great applications though.

  20. 29

    Congratulations, a bunch of egg-heads with multiple forms of Napoleonic complex gave you an award for writing about what other people accomplish in life. clap clap clap.

  21. 30

    j193 — so if nobody cares what I have to say — what makes you think that anyone cares about what YOU say? An eye for an eye — the yin for the yang — analyze this (points towards crotch area) — not my fault you couldn’t even figure out who wrote the article in the first place — let alone the website you’re on. I’ll let the other elaborate on your stupidity. Through.

  22. 32

    I’m just having some fun…everybody relax. The Tide is about to win a national championship so all is right with the world.

  23. 33

    I’m trying to relax to j193 — damn — I’m trying to keep it civil — ok — guess what — I’m sorry. I apologize. (moving on)

  24. 34

    Yeah, uncovering corruption, or exposing the damnable treatment of special needs students wasn’t worthy of recognition.

  25. 35

    We need a message board so people can fight/flame. I got suspended from one bama site for calling Travis a douchebag.

  26. 40

    Now that’s interesting — getting back to the subject — I have Sirius/XM — this is in decline — they have tacked on an extra “fee” now for the RIAA (which was supposed to be included in the original premium) — they have made very BAD business decisions like Oprah Radio, Jamie Fox’s Hole, MLB/NFL/NCAA radio rights — these things costs millions and that’s why this company is going bankrupt. Who in the FUCK listens to Oprah radio? MAYBE 500,000 housewives with nothing better to do? This could issue could be another thread with the severity of its’ stance in satellite radio as opposed to terrestrial radio.

  27. 41

    When verno comes next month there will a whole more Clay Travis. The show will be even further of the reservation. Hanky wants him bad. When I ask why they are still on the air, I’m told that their ratings are through the roof. Cappy I’m a big fan of yours and I have provided Shane with some material. So much respect. I loathe the RT but I’d never listen to Cowturd again.

  28. 42

    I look forward to the Prophet and his prophecies in the future. Only the prophet can speak the truth to the people.
    Mr. Hankey should be ashamed to bring in “unwanted’s” in the state of Alabama.

  29. 43

    I suppose I will conclude with this…

    WJOX was great in the beginning — but there is a fatigue factor — the hosts of these programs have just got ‘plain lazy’. They take for granted the privilege they have and don’t prepare daily for a ‘good product’.

    Maybe their time slots are too long? Maybe that induces fatigue on a contract driven job? Maybe they should re-evaluate their own positions? Maybe they should just give some extra effort?

    I think the stink of Citadel has rubbed off on these personalities and the product shows for itself.

  30. 44

    Cappy as to that bizzare comment you made about AU’s recruiting class, OF COURSE AU won’t finish ahead of Bama, FL, Ga, or LSU in the “rankings”. Does anyone think for one second that the publishers of Rivals, Scout, or ESPN are going to allow a school whose fans don’t spend their lunch money on subscriptions outrank schools that do???

    Yeah, AU’s class in nothing great. They’ve just gotten the top RB in the nation out of Texas, the #1 player in both Ga and Louisiana, and have committments from 6 of the top 13 prospects in the State of Alabama (although I’m sure that Rivals and Scout will drop all 6 of them to 2 stars 10 days before signing day to peak the interest of Bama and LSU fans). Oh yeah, and the #2 RB in the country Lache Seastrunk is probably going to sign with AU along with his cousin Trovon Reed. Nothing but an average class.

  31. 45

    Cap, I agree with you about WJOX(they sux), but DISAGREE STRONGLY about Cowherd. He sux, too. The best college football show on radio, by far, is RivalsRadio on Sirius/XM. Hosted by Bill King, they talk non-stop college football year round. As for local radio, Dunnaway and Brown are much better. You need to pump them up rather than pump up a no-talent like Cowherd.

  32. 46

    Keep subscribing to Phillip Marshall there Julio. That class isn’t going to be nearly as good as the media is telling you.

    And I get sick of hearing the “money” argument about Scout/Rivals, etc. Those companies make money by being RIGHT. And, according to the studies, a five-star recruit is significantly more likely to make it to the NFL draft.

  33. 47

    I don’t know why I can’t listen to D&B. Everyone says they are OK, but whenever I’ve tried to listen….I just end up doing something else.

  34. 48

    Geez cappy, are you so eager to slam AU that you didn’t even realize that you directly contradicted yourself in the span of 2 sentences?
    1. That class isn’t going to be nearly as good as the media is telling you.
    2. And I get sick of hearing the “money” argument about Scout/Rivals, etc. Those companies make money by being RIGHT.

    Which one is it??? Is AU not going to be as good as Scout and Rivals are saying, or are Scout and Rivals making money because they are right?? (and don’t even try to crawfish and say you weren’t talking about Scout and Rivals when you said “media”. There’s not a reporter out there that doesn’t rely on those recruiting services to do all their work for them when they write about recruiting, yourself included).

    P.S. What, besides your own wishful thinking, is your basis for saying that AU’s class is not going to be as good as everyone thinks??

  35. 49

    I didn’t contradict myself Julio. The media I mean are the idiots at the Birmingham News, radio and television in the local markets.

    I’m not crawfishing at all. You know well I’m talking about people like Goldberg who blows more smoke about Auburn than anyone else in the world.

    Auburn will finish no better than fifth in the SEC based on the present numbers, the players Auburn will actually land (you aren’t getting another back in this class that is a five-star. sorry, but keep wishing for Seastrunk.)

  36. 50

    You can also add those morons that run the fan sites like Inside the Auburn Tigers, Auburn Undercover and whatever the Rivals site is….these aren’t the ones that rate players. They are the ones that just delete video evidence of your program cheating at Big Cat Weekend.

  37. 51

    That reminds me, I should probably point that out again and ask the NCAA for comment. I wonder if these “media outlets” are just another version of Orange Pride hostesses?

  38. 54
    Alex Hamilton

    Didn’t Auburn once have James Brooks, Joe Cribbs and some NFL fullback in the same backfield in the late 70s?

    Yeah, I’m so skeered. Sign five 5 star RBs this year. Unless any of them can cover or stop the run, I see tha barn finishing fourth in the West next year. Everybody better watch out for Arkansas.

    26-21. And 6-6 in 2010.

  39. 55
    Alex Hamilton

    Yes, WJOX is bad, especially during the midday, but it is incomprehensible for any self-respecting Alabama fan to like Cowherd after what he said about Nick Saban. He is a condescending jerk. I will be calling his show to see if he will be a man and admit he was wrong about Saban and Alabama three years ago. If you’re a fan, Alan, you should call Cowherd too and ask for an explanation. Besides, you like him for some reason and you won’t have to clean up vomit if you talk to him. I’ll have bile on my desk if I talk to Cowherd, especially if he starts fantasizing about USC during the call.

  40. 56
    Alex Hamilton

    But let me be clear, Cap. The Cowherd issue (and your inexplicable placation of Julia and Plays with His Balls) are the only things I disagree with you on. I appreciate your blog and your opinions. You call it like you see it. This is something that Auburn fans and UT fans never learned to do, especially on their own teams.

    So, in conclusion, don’t mistake my difference of opinion as hatin. I reserve that for those that deserve it.

    Plus, keep in mind that a lot of people, me included, started reading your blog when WJOX personalities mentioned “firemikeshula.com”. I agreed with you then and still do on all but two issues.

  41. 57

    alex, lightning has struck. I actually agree with you on a point you made. AU’s problem is not the offense, it’s that the D couldn’t stop anyone this year. You and ITK need to have a debate about that.

  42. 58

    Geez cappy, why do all these Bama fans get so mad at me?? I truly don’t think they realize that all I’m doing is stirring the pot. They’d die of boredom if I weren’t hangin’ around in here.

  43. 60

    I agree about The Round Table – horrible show. I’m glad they moved Dunaway & Brown to the time slot before Finebaum on AM 690. They are FAR better than The Round Table. They have some great one-liners. Extremely entertaining show.

  44. 61

    Cappy nails it again. Cowherd IS an aquired taste, but he does offer the national perspective we lose in the local markets, which have to prop UAB and Auburn up. You know, the same way that annoying lady on the playground badgers all the other kids to play with her kid.

    Alabama football, when viewed on the national stage, becomes that much more prominent. And Cowherd’s program, and others like it, offer it that much more validation of what we already knew.

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