Hope springs eternal for Volunteer fans

Mixed in with those hopes that Lane Kiffin won’t land the Tennessee program on major probation (you tend to get charged with lack of institutional control when your compliance department doesn’t report violations like those Vol Hostesses recruiting off campus), you get this gem from Gridscape.

“Nick Saban offered $10 Million by Jerry Jones?????
Just heard this on Chattanooga radio – reported supposedly by Bammer booster. Have I missed something? Are they just trying to make the Bammers nervous?”

Or just maybe they are trying to calm you guys down about the state of your program relative to Florida and Alabama?

How far has Tennessee fallen? Outside of illegal recruiting practices exposed by the New York Times, the Volunteers can’t even get people to attend football games. The once proud Vols averaged less than 100,000 per game. According to one newspaper, “I think our average attendance is going to be slightly under 100,000 for the first time in a while,” said Hamilton in an interview with the News Sentinel. The report indicates this is the lowest Tennessee attendance since 1995.

More proof that Tennessee is faced with a serious leadership problem throughout the university. How long can Mike Hamilton last with a major NCAA investigation just a trip to the post office away?