Hope springs eternal for Volunteer fans

Mixed in with those hopes that Lane Kiffin won’t land the Tennessee program on major probation (you tend to get charged with lack of institutional control when your compliance department doesn’t report violations like those Vol Hostesses recruiting off campus), you get this gem from Gridscape.

“Nick Saban offered $10 Million by Jerry Jones?????
Just heard this on Chattanooga radio – reported supposedly by Bammer booster. Have I missed something? Are they just trying to make the Bammers nervous?”

Or just maybe they are trying to calm you guys down about the state of your program relative to Florida and Alabama?

How far has Tennessee fallen? Outside of illegal recruiting practices exposed by the New York Times, the Volunteers can’t even get people to attend football games. The once proud Vols averaged less than 100,000 per game. According to one newspaper, “I think our average attendance is going to be slightly under 100,000 for the first time in a while,” said Hamilton in an interview with the News Sentinel. The report indicates this is the lowest Tennessee attendance since 1995.

More proof that Tennessee is faced with a serious leadership problem throughout the university. How long can Mike Hamilton last with a major NCAA investigation just a trip to the post office away?


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    Jerry Jones is an Arkansas guy to begin with but he’s Dallas all the way. It wouldn’t surprise me if that was true about the $10 mil. — the Cowboys are barely hanging on to a wildcard right now and they got the undefeated Saints up next. Wade Phillips is a token coach in Dallas right now — and everyone knows it. Jerry Jones will never realize that team takes chemistry — not the Daniel Snyder approach of let’s pay ’em a shitload of money and hope it all fits.

    As far as the 100,000 seating issue in Tennessee — the only reason WHY they can fit 100,000 plus is the way they configured the seating in that piece of shit. Hope your ass ain’t fat because you will be standing the whole time.

  2. 2

    (cont.) — oh yeah — the Saban’s publicly acknowledged that they made a “mistake” going into the NFL and will never go back. Once you get past a certain number in millions — it gets fuzzy. ROLL FUCKING TIDE ROLL!!!!

  3. 3
    Indiana Vol

    You Bammer fans are smoking crack if you are thinking the TN program is anywhere near as rotten as your Crimson TURD program. You Morons need to get a life, because your world will come crashing down after Texas puts that rammer-jammer hammer where it belongs; up Nicky Satan’s ASS!



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    This just came in from a trusted (well…SEMI- trusted) source. (Phillip Marshall @ deepdeepinsidetheauburntigers.com
    Jones has been on the phone with Gene Chizik.
    He has offered Chizik 20 million a year. Stating that he could (quote)”clearly see from the long string of moral victories accumulating that Gene Chizik is the coach of the future and will soon rule football with an Iron (but benevolent) fist.” (end quote)

    Of course Chizik refused stating:

    I cannot….NO I WILL NOT leave the lovliest village on the plains. The nurturing mother of Scientist, veteranarians, Space ship pilots,Drug store owners, train engineers and future Nobel Prize winners.
    That most dominant of dominant universities were all men and women are created equal and superior to everyone else. (editor’s note… TAKE THAT IVY LEAGUE!)
    No Sir I shall not take your dirty Professional football money as I believe that players should not be paid or given and perks and benefits!!!! (editors note: TAKE THAT LANE KIFFIN!)
    I had a dream to one day coach at the greatest univerity in the Universe and you and your money shall not stop me!!!

  5. 5
    Indiana Vol's Penis

    And someone needs to tell the boss I am getting tired of seeing those tweezers everytime there is a “Roseanne” rerun on TV.

  6. 8
    Big K

    Speaking of fucked up stadiums, the Aub stadium is the worst. What ever dumb ass Aub engineer set up the old part of stadium needs to be shot. Someone is going to get hurt in the stands, they have that narrow sidewalk in center of stadium, and everyone coming up or going down must use it to get out of that shithole. They also have the bottom blocked off so they can carry that buzzard around the stadium.
    I think it is about a 77,000 seat stadium, and they have 87,000 people crammed into it.

  7. 11
    Joe Moye

    Average attendance has fallen to below 100,000? That’s supposed to show how far UT has fallen?? Max capacity is only 4,000 over that. LOL, how often do other programs ever reach 90,000 game attendance.
    When’s the last time Bama showed 100,000? UT football is strong and getting stronger. Came within a RCH of kicking red elephant at their home. Good luck to Bama in the big game then they better watch out for the Big Orange next season.

  8. 12

    Yep … just CAME WITHIN beating Alabama. Man, that (L)oss was a win in our books!!! Go Rocky Top!!!


    A faggot ass Tennesse fan.

  9. 14
    Indiana Vol

    Must laugh at the typical juvenile Bammer ASSHOLES who demonstrate just how classless the Crimson TURD Nation truly is!


  10. 16
    Indiana Vol's Asshole

    Hear that guys? Inspite of the hemmoriods and grequent trips to the pet store for new gerbels the boss says I have class.

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