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Not all is bad in Dallas:

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A Dallas Cowboys cheerleader performs during a timeout against the San Diego Chargers in the first half of the game at Cowboys Stadium in Arlington, Texas, USA, 13 December 2009. EPA/LARRY W. SMITH



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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    I talked to Devonta Bolton in Amarillo, Texas. We watched the Iron Bowl together. He really wants to play for Alabama, but he was hesitant about whether or not he would qualify. I was under the impressiom that he was in trouble with CNS. Now I can see his reluctance to explain. Nobody wants people to think they’re too stupid to qualify academically. RTR!

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    Geez cappy, that’s some picture you got posted up there. We need to make her an Auburn hostess. We’ll be loaded up with 5 stars.

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    that girl needs to eat something.

    belichick, brady, moss: fire up the snowplow.

    jerry jones: i said that already.

    letterman; watch him around your girlfriend.

    a recent retort to aubies: recently an alabama and auburn fan at work were going back and forth about win streaks. six games, nine games and so forth.

    i chimed in that currently auburn was actually on a 61 game win streak.

    both looked at me as if i were crazy.

    i explained that when auburn takes the field with alabama, the final score doesn’t matter, before the opening kick off, they’ve already won.

    just being on the same field with alabama makes them winners.

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