Nu’Keese Richardson part of Tennessee probe

REPORT: Pahokee’s Nu’Keese Richardson Part Of Tennessee Investigation

According to the Broward Palm Beach New Times, “A former high school teammate says the University of Tennessee’s recruitment of Pahokee’s Nu’Keese Richardson could be what initially sparked the NCAA’s investigation into the school’s recruiting practices. He also said that even last year there ‘may have been some girls from Tennessee at a game or two.'”

This should cause considerable fear for Volunteer fans. The NCAA is building a case to launch an official investigation. According to today’s New York Times, “Tennessee has not received a formal letter of inquiry from the N.C.A.A., but the scope of the investigation shows that the enforcement staff is doing the groundwork necessary to send one. The N.C.A.A.’s interest and the strong stance by the Southeastern Conference commissioner, Mike Slive, on recruiting actions last summer leave Tennessee in a tenuous position with signing day in February.”

The role of Orange Pride hostesses with recruits was the subject of speculation by one blogger posting at the Knoxville News-Sentinel’s GoVolsXtra on March 2, 2009. According to the blog post, “Bryce Brown’s girlfriend Lacy Earps is a Jr. at UT, and would love nothing more than to watch her boyfriend play on Saturday’s without having to fly to Miami or Oregon. How serious this “romance” is I can’t say, but if her Facebook profile picture is any indication of how interwoven this romance is, Brown may be running through the “T” this fall. Lacey + Bryce = Bracey? This relationship must be serious, right?”

One comment left March 3, 2009, on the blog indicates a prior relationship status included Richardson. According to the anonymous comment from March 3, 2009, “Lacy is a member of the orange pride girl, and it is their job to take recruits and show them around campus. Just weeks before, her status was in a relationship to nu’keese richardson. Grow up peter pan. Quit stalking facebook.”

Was this “fake relationship” a reason Richardson soured on his time in Knoxville?

One issue being pursued by desperate Volunteer fans is the origin of the NCAA investigation. According to some on Gridscape, the fault belongs to Mike Slive. According to one post, “Anyone else think Slive is involved in this? I just think Slive hates Kiffin…” Many Volunteer fans agreed with the anti-Slive post.