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    I can un-muddle it.
    Ingram played a dominant game against the ….wait for it…..#1 Florida defense.
    Not some Pac 10 (Piece-A-Cake) patsy.
    Not some Big 12 sieve defense.
    Not some #47 in the country Notre Dame squad that is weak as water and will only see the Toilet Bowl this New years Day.
    I will say it again. FLORIDA. THE GOLD STANDARD for the last few years.
    If that level of competition is not high enough to make up some people’s seisure prone minds then bring on the best defense in the NFC east. Because honestly, You are not going to find a defense that is much better than Florida’s in ALL OF FOOTBALL.

    I am sure there are some sexy picks. Suh.
    Lets be honest, I think that the only reason anyone voted for him was they liked the way his name sounded.
    Then you have T. Gerhart. Maybe a great back. Maybe not. But given where he plays and the competition on his schedule, most any starting SEC back could put up equal numbers. (If not better)
    McCoy is a good QB and does deserve his shot. The Nebraska game exposed a few of his flaws though.
    Tebow. Hey, this guy is Tim Tebow. The most Dominant force on the gridiron in many years. There is no bigger impact player in recent memory than Tim Tebow.
    But when it counted the most each of these players choked.
    Not Ingram. He had a rough ride against Auburn. But when it came Championship time he stepped up. And that is what it is all about.
    Anyone can accumulate 190 yards against a Div 2 creampuff. Try Florida. Or some of the other SEC defenses.
    And while Ingram might not be the best player on the Bama team. He is the one who can affect the outcome of almost every game.

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