Is this a trend amongst SEC media members to snub Alabama Crimson Tide running back Mark Ingram? The Clarion-Ledger’s three Heisman voters listed on did not include Ingram.

At all. Not first. Not second. Not third. Three voters and all three left Ingram’s name off their ballots.

If Ingram cannot carry the South, then his candidacy is stillborn. Is this a reflection of true journalistic integrity or rampant playing to the biased audience in Mississippi?

Rick Cleveland’s ballot: 1. Ndamukong Suh, defensive tackle, Nebraska; 2. C.J. Spiller, all-purpose back, Clemson; 3. Colt McCoy, quarterback, Texas.

Rusty Hampton has voted, too. He says Suh, Gerhart, McCoy, in that order.

Kyle Veazey’s ballot: I have cast my Heisman Trophy ballot, and here it is: Toby Gerhart from Stanford for first place, Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska for second place and Kellen Moore from Boise State for third place.



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    Out of the 1,000 voters — some of these old farts DON’T EVEN OWN COMPUTERS!!! This system HAS to change! Is this a hasty reaction??? Absolutely! Mark Ingram deserves this trophy.

    Some of the voters didn’t want it to come down to “one game”. Little do their dumb asses know that the “one” game left DOES have an impact!!! Motherfuckers!!!!

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    I don’t have a problem with people voting their opinion. I have a serious problem with three voters at a paper in the SEC and all three not putting Ingram anywhere on their ballot.

    That is interesting. To put it mildly.

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    If this vote comes down to 2 or 3 with Mark Ingram not winning — lookout “The Birmingham News” — they will lose subscription rates 10 fold. (i.e. Kevin Scarbinsky, Ray Melick)

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    Hmmm… and how many SEC coaches left Stanford out of the top 25? Maybe no one in over there should vote on anything…(Is this how the SEC gets high ratings for themselves?)

    God willing Ingram has TWO years to destroy more records and really be the TOP Heisman contender. You’ve got to keep him for all four years though.

    Gerhart is going to push two USC Heisman winners down the list for total yards. One… guy named Reggie Bush and another… OJ someone…. and that’s without the teams that those guys had backing them up.

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    Jon Crabtree

    Mark Ingram, BEST player on the BEST team in the BEST conference with the most yards against the strongest competition. Best game against the then BEST team on the last day. How could anyone vote for players on teams with 3,4 or 5 losses? If they were so good then how did they allow their teams to lose so much? Ingram deserves the Heisman because of his whole season and what he means to his team. The others like Suh,Gerhart,and Spiller won’t win because of the losses. The bias really shows when Alabama dominates the SEC.

  6. 9

    Too bad we won’t see what Suh would have done to Ingram.
    Numbers don’t support anything but BEST team, which should have meant that this “best” athlete should have had even better marks and broken his team records long ago. Gee, didn’t Tebow’s team have 3 losses when he got the the Heisman.
    It’s about the player, not the team, unless you want this award to continue to be a joke. Ingram will earn his the old fashioned way when he gets the best records nationwide. He didn’t carry his team like many of the others did. He got frustrated in his 30 yd game?All this will unfold soon enough. If I were Ingram, I’d want to EARN this the right way on my own merit, not have my award questioned because that other guy had more yardage, better performances, no down games, more td’s, and had proved himself better than RECENT Heisman winners.
    No answer to the disrespect that SEC coaches showed, or reasoning why they would be so off in their voting? Our views of the SEC will continue. Play some real games out of conference! (ducking)
    It would serve us all right if Suh won.

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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Pete, don’t come on this board running your mouth about things you know nothing about. None of the other RB’s played on teams with backups even close to the talent of Richardson and Upchurch. Ingram got nearly 1600 yds rushing and nearly 1900 all purpose yards while getting the playing time of little more than half a season! As for the Auburn game, his impact was immeasurable. It was because of Ingram that the idiots stacked the line as they had never done before. Their preocupation with Ingram opened up the passing game and allowed us to beat them 26-7 over the last 3 quarters. Ingram would have had no greater impact if he had run for 175 yards. Next time you invade someone elses board to advertise your buddy, and cut down ours, you should first get yourself informed. RTR!

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    Nobody gives a damn about Toby Gerhart. Only a selected few in the west coast. Stanford is only on the radar because of Jim Harbaugh and their win over a lackluster USC team. The fans know who deserves this trophy. Oh BTW — FORGET about C.J. Spiller — Clemson JUST COULDN’T GET THE JOB DONE. The Heisman votes come with team wins — it’s as simple as that — just as another poster pointed out in another thread that why would people put their 1st and 2nd place votes for the players on 3 – 4 LOSSES. Shrug…

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    Ballplay Indian

    It would be a tough choice. I cant help but like Suh as well. The dude has over 80 some od tackles , and a trillion sacks this year. He leads the team in tackles at a down lineman position. That is just crazy. He spun McCoy around like a top in the Big 12 Championship game. Lineman never get any recognition, so its good to see one finally getting a little. Suh or Ingram take your pick. One is as good as the other IMO.

  10. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    And C B the Heisman is for individuals , not the team. Remember Tebow in o7 ? They lost 4 games that year, but there was not a more dominating player in the country.

  11. 15



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    If he wins, he wins and I’ll be happy for him and relieved people will stop obsessing that Bama hasn’t ever won one. If not, so what? The real prize is ours for the taking on January 7th.Anything you “win” with multiple losses on your record isn’t worth having.

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    alex hamilton

    Scarbinski is a total waste, not just a wasted vote. He denigraded Alabama for years then decided to be more supportive once his buddy’s client, CNS, got the job.

    And for Melick, he’s such a whinebag. He’s always been more interested in the SEC East rather than the SEC West. Melick is the most negative I’ve ever heard. Plus, he’s a sheep. He has no thoughts of his own. He’s just like every other commentator in sports media, and merely parrots what everyone else says. His column is nothing more than the general perception of the public.

    Ingram is as deserving as anyone else to win the Heisman. Unfortunately, Gerhart will carry the west and the midwest because of the Notre Dame game and win the Heisman. It will further show the world that the Heisman is a waste of time.

    If you don’t agree with me that the Heisman is a waste of time, tell me why Danny Wuerffel is better than Preist Holmes, Jake Delhomme, or John Kitna. All three of those guys were undrafted and made a Pro Bowl after their final collegiate season in 1996. Wuerffel just made some money and didn’t do much else. Yet, Wuerffel is the Heisman Trophy Winner.

    For that matter, I think Tebow (and if I saw one more sticker on a chick’s shirt Saturday that said “I love Tebow” I will spew vomit) will follow in the footsteps of other UF Heisman winners and be a nobody on the NFL level.

  14. 18

    Scarbinsky is a basketball guy to begin with. He won’t admit it — but he hates U of A. He also hates working at The Birmingham News. All of those journalist would jump ship as soon as the opportunity arises to go somewhere else … Melick included.

  15. 19

    First to Alex Hamilton. The Heisman is NOT about who makes it in the pro’s and who doesn’t. It is suppose to represent the BEST COLLEGE player THAT year. No “body of work” but who made the biggest difference on the field this season. The trophy is too polluted with politics and should either be an Offensive trophy or simply go away. I feel your pain, a previous Heisman winner at Nebraska voted Suh 3rd, no homey here. Ingram is deserving, Teboohoo doesn’t belong with these guys and McCrybaby showed how in ept he can be at game management. Based on that, put Ingram in the back field against Suh, honestly how many yards do you think he gains.

  16. 20
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Presently Ingram is leading with 164 out of 926 votes verified. If you want to keep up with the unofficial results log on to They have predicted 7 of 7 winners and are about to name Ingram, who is carrying the South, Mid Atlantic and North East. He is second in the Mid West and West and virtually tied with McCoy for 2nd in the Southwest. Suh leads the Mid West and Southwest and Gerhart the West. However, these figures are subject to change continuously at this early stage. RTR!

  17. 22

    Look, I’m as big of an Alabama fan as you’re likley to find, but I’m sorry, Ingram has not earned the Heisman THIS year. My vote (if I had one):
    #1 Toby Gerhart from Stanford
    #2 Ndamukong Suh from Nebraska
    #3 Case Keenum QB from Houston
    and if it went 4 deep in the voting:
    #4 C.J. Spiller from Clemson


  18. 23

    One more thing, the Heisman is an individual award. Your team record should have NOTHING to do with your Heisman chances. Everybody who has used team record as their argument for OR against a player, has invalidated their argument.

  19. 24
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    You’re an idiot and you’re not even 25% as big a Bama fan as you say you are. You’re just a troll. You dumbasses have the right to like who you want. This year nobody has the glittering statistics that Tebow had in ’07 or Bradford last year. The closest would be Keenum who is nothing more than a pure passer in a can’t do nothin but pass offense. Or Spiller who runs, recieves and returns. The problem with these guys is, Keenum couldn’t even lead his team to a win over Texas Frickin ElPaso! And Spiller in spite of having 3 ways to help his team, in at 2 or more games got totally shut down in all three phases and his team lost. Not to mention that last year Bama shut him down and in Ingrams first game ever he outplayed him. So, back to the finalists. Suh is great. But he isn’t going to win and anyway McLain is greater and he didn’t even get a shot. So it’s between Ingram and Gerhart. Really it shouldn’t even be close. In all purpose yards there is only 22 yards difference between them. But Ingram has (cont.)

  20. 25
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    (cont.) played about 25% less minutes than Gerhart. Ingram has played against 6 top 25, and 8 top 50 defenses. Gerhart I believe 2. Ingram had 180 all purpose yards against the formerly #1 defense in the nation. Had the first 100 yards rushing against them and scored 3 td’s and 18 points when they had given up only 10 points a game and 11 td’s all year! Ingram averages nearly 1 yard per carry more than Gerhart. Ingram is a real recieving threat and Gerhart is not. Ingram QB’s the team out of the Wildcat formation, Gerhart does not. Ingram has more 10+ and 20+ yard plays than any other RB in the nation. Ingram has far more yards after contact than any other RB in the nation (nearly 1000 amazing yards). If he hadn’t split his thme with Richardson, Upchurch, Grant and Goode he would easily have the glittering 2500 yards+ that some of the great Heisman winners of the past had. At Alabama that’s never gonna happen. As of now per with about 25% votes tabulated, Ingram is leading Gerhart by 1.3%.

  21. 26
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    They say this is the first time in their 8 years of correctly calling the winner that it’s too close to call after 25%. They do say it will be Ingram or Gerhart. The others are out of it. What worries me is that the 2 regions that are the slowest reporting, the Mid West and Northwest, are areas that could hurt Ingram by going heavy for Gerhart or by wasting their votes on Suh who cannot win. By the time they do their after midnight tabulation tonight we should know who’s gonna win. RTR!

  22. 28

    I can understand not having Ingram in the top spot, but for three SEC sportswriters to not at least have him in the top 3 of their picks? Seems negligent of the facts to me, as mentioned above, conference aside. Maybe the Clarion Ledger needs to re evaluate just who they have writing material on college football. Maybe the Heisman foundation, in an attempt to NOT let the heisman award become more of a joke, needs to give ballots to those who will truly look at all the facts instead of stacking the deck to disfavor a team they may not like. Ingrams stats speak for themselves. To do that much, at a school like Alabama, with players like Richardson, Upchurch, etc posting some amazing stats of their own, as well as touch time on the football……. you can’t deny Ingram. Poor use of a ballot if you ask me

  23. 29

    The ClarionLedger’s sport section has always been subpar. I wouldn’t expect anything more from them. Their coverage of all football has always been without any real knowledge of the game and is never in depth. I live in Mississippi and on Sunday mornings I have to go online to other newspapers out of state to read about what happened on Saturday! You would think they would care more about the SEC. Don’t they realize that Mark Ingram plays in the toughest conference in the nation???

  24. 30
    Alex Hamilton

    Toby Gerheart would not have been as productive as Anthony Dixon this season, had he played in the SEC. He’s nothing more than a nice back on an overhyped team.

    Mike, you and Scarlet are flat out wrong. Thanks for playing, but that kind of shortsighted logic is why the award is bogus and why Alabama usually doesn’t have a finalist and has never won the award. You’re both way off base and unfortunately too many morons that share your opinions have Heisman ballots.

    To me, Gerheart is Luke Staley. A nice college back, a nobody once he leaves school. Gerheart might have done well in the NFL in the early 1980’s. He runs like John Riggins, but he will be blasted by NFL linebackers. He won’t last beyond his first camp.

    And yes, the Heisman is diminished because it is an award to recognize the best player in college football, but far too often that player is a flop in the NFL. You can’t be the best player in college football and be a flop at the professional level. It’s illogical.

    Shaun Alexander was, and always will be, a better and more outstanding football player than Ron Dayne. Alexander was far superior of a back than Dayne at the collegiate and professional level.

    The Heisman is bullshit. And the voters at the Clarion-Ledger prove this point.

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