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    Alex Hamilton

    Ticket: $400
    room at The Westin: $300

    Watching Tebow cry like a bitch: Priceless

    I don’t care if I go to Hell. I loved it.

  2. 3

    WHAT A WIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! COULDN’T BE ANY BETTER!!!!!!!!!!! SO MUCH FOR THE FUCKIN SPREAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE WHOLE FUCKING STATE IS PARTYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! oops — sorry barners.

  3. 7
    Coach Arthur Gustav Malzahn the III

    Oh no.
    I think Bama has figured out how to stop the spread. I think I will take the next opening I can get before the locals figure out I am actually a snake water salesman from Podunk, Arkansas.

  4. 8
    Coach Chizik

    Now that the helmets are fairly straight. Pu your left foot in…Put your left foot out….. Do the hokey pokey and shake it all about……

  5. 9
    Coach Lane Kiffin.

    Lucky I wasnt there.
    Daddy would have held both offenses to negative yardage while I styled and profiled the sidelines with my smokin’ hot old lady.

  6. 10
    Indiana Vol

    Typical classless Bammer Moron Nation with the rammer jammer cheer; unable to win with class! Of the Crimson Turd Nation has no class, so how could it win with class Go Longhorns, take that rammer jammer hammer and ram it up Nicky Satan’s ass!

  7. 11
    Ballplay Indian

    Congrats Bama fans. Your team played like champs today. If you play like that agaisnt Texas , it will be ugly for them. But, thats kinda normal when the SEC champ goes to the BCS title game.

  8. 12

    BPI — I never thought I would hear a congratulations from you. From one fan to another — thank you.

    After watching Nebraska nearly punking Texas — I like our chances to bbring home the 13th Crystal. What a game!!!

    It’s crazy that Alabama is going to have to play “2” national championship games because that’s exactly what the SEC Championship game was like — a National Championship type game. Even though Nick Saban “didn’t sleep at all” the night before (quoted in The Birmingham News) — I can promise that he’s already studying Texas on film.

    Oh — we’ll be 100% by the time January 7th rolls around too — a month to heal up — priceless — not worried about “getting out of momentum” either with the big break. RTR!!!!

  9. 13

    One of the most special rammer jammers in history. It seemed to lack the usual enthusiasm. Of course, it was somewhat anticlimactic since we rammed and jammed it down their throat all game.

    Surprised to see any posts from BPI and IV

    I know that one hurt you to write BPI. You swallowed your pride and made a step at becoming a man.

    IV, you are punk that will continue to have a miserable life. I am glad. Your poor pathetic feelings are going to be destroyed for the foreseeable future.

    It always sux to be an aubarn tiger!

  10. 14

    It was one of the most special Rammer Jammer’s in history. I wish it would of been more than 2 times and 100 times louder. Notice most of the gator fans had already left the building minutes before the 4th ended. Some fans eh to see it out to the end?

  11. 16
    Alex Hamilton

    Indiana Vile needs to get used to watching the SEC Championship on TV.

    Your team SUCKS!!!!!!!

    While we return an SEC Champion at QB, the Viles have nobody. Nothing. Get used to hearing that Rammer Jammer Bitch!

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