Friday afternoon update

Everyone is talking about the running game, but I think the game comes down to throwing it. I know this is truly contrarian, (and makes me sound like Gary Danielson), but I think the quarterbacks are going to have to throw for over 250 yards to win this game. Yes, both teams are good at running the ball, and they will get their yards. However, as good as the teams are they will need big plays on these defenses—both of which are good at getting off the field.

Earlier in the week I tossed out a score of 24-21 in favor of Florida. I feel much better today about Alabama’s chances to be on the winning side of the scoreboard. It is going to come down to pass protection, and I like Alabama’s much better than Florida’s.

World Cup
I hate soccer. What I hate even more than soccer is the Yankee liberals at ESPN trying to force it down my throat. I’m not interested in some anti-American sport that teaches eye-foot coordination. The great American sports teach the martial virtues—the things that make a warrior, or the skills like eye-hand coordination. So you can keep your sissy soccer.

Oh wait, I think I’m going to pull for Brazil. Dear God please let Brazil play. And if anybody has tickets near this soccer fan, I’ll happily buy. Just drop me an email.

LSU is cheating worse than Auburn
According to a report out of Baton Rouge (via Roll Bama Roll), “LSU junior defensive lineman Akiem Hicks allegedly received money from wide receivers coach D.J. McCarthy to transfer to LSU from Sacramento City Community College in California, The Daily Reveille learned on Thursday.

“This transaction led to an NCAA violation that a source familiar with the situation said became known to the team following the Arkansas game last Saturday.”

So you will know, the original report has been pulled without any word from the publisher to explain the story’s removal.

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