#1 Florida v #2 Alabama: A rematch for the SEC

AP: In a part of the country where college football is king, Florida and Alabama are the gold standard. With a heritage that ranges from Bear Bryant in that houndstooth hat to Steve Spurrier throwing it all over the field in the “Fun ‘n’ Gun,” these are two programs where championships are expected, losing just isn’t tolerated.

The Tide’s success is more long term — it won the very first SEC title in 1933 and now stands at 20, the bulk of them won during Bryant’s quarter-century reign. Alabama’s last SEC title was 10 long years ago, and the faithful are getting restless for another.

“We sort of know that the expectations at the University of Alabama are relatively high,” Saban deadpanned.

Florida has been the SEC’s dominant team since Spurrier guided the school to its first conference title in 1991. The Gators now have nine trophies in their case.

“The history is phenomenal,” Meyer said. “When you start mentioning those names and you start talking about the Alabama Crimson Tide and Florida Gators playing for the Southeastern Conference for the right to play for the national championship, you’re probably lying if you’re not overwhelmed by the whole deal.” (read the entire report embedded in this post.)