Iron Bowl: Gameday talk, predictions & links

The 2009 Iron Bowl is just hours away. Post your score predictions for the Alabama-Auburn game in the comments section below. Also feel free to post comments during the game here for discussion. There is a poll included in this post because of the Press-Register; the Press-Register suggests Auburn holds the QB advantage because of Chris Todd. Do you agree or disagree? Say so in the poll at the end of this post.


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    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. Formerly E.G. White

    Is the Press-Register even on this planet? That’s a nobrainer. Todd has improved tremendously, but he plays in a razzle-dazzle offense and still the stats between the two are almost even. Except for the most important one – 11-0 vs 7-4! And don’t give me the defense as being the diférence either. Auburns point a minute offense against a weaker schedule under Todds leadership has averaged only 1.5 points a game more than Bamas. Go GMAC! RTR!

  2. 2

    i want to hear from you sec referee ass kissing sob’s now.

    we get screwed on julio’s catch!

    we get screwed on a no call holding on their first touch.

    yeah, let’s hear you ass kissers now

  3. 3

    Officiating is always bad in the SEC. I think it is better these last couple of years–much more professional.

    The thing that shocked me was the failure to review the Jones catch. That should’ve been looked at…in my opinion. Oh well.

  4. 4

    obvious hands to the face “missed” before the half, our defenders helmet flies off, NO GODDAMN FLAG from these stupid, blind fucking sec officials!

  5. 6
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Oh zip it….Yall are sounding like corndog fans. We will probably see the real bama show up after the half. At least we get the ball.

  6. 7


    “We settled down and started playing better and I think the key of the game is we cannot continue to give up big plays defensively and we have to play our game. Offensively we’ve had opportunities, we just have to play consistently and score more points in the game. They are playing a lot of eight-man fronts and we’re going to have to throw the ball, but Mark (Ingram) will get his.”

  7. 8

    And I do think the officiating is better these days than previously. The SEC of the 1980s and 1990s was awful.

  8. 12
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    One of you turds need to call Jordan-Hare and tell Auburn that Alabama is supposed to be kicking there asses. I dont think they got the memo.

  9. 13
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Oh, you all had better hope we dont win this one. I will be un friggin bearable.

  10. 14

    “I don’t want to hear anyone complaining about Danielson again.”

    DITTO, it’s either these guys or “overflew” eli.


    we need to bench ingram. he’s got that si cover up his ass.

  11. 26

    The story today is that Roof’s defense put Auburn in a position to win the game–great game plan on defense from Roof and Chizik, but Malzhan showed he is a high school coach.

  12. 27

    I feel like Verne needing to say… WHAT ARE THEY DOING?!?!??! as the clock ticked lower. That was beyond bad. It wasn’t even high school coaching because I know many high school coaches would have done a much better job of clock management.

  13. 28

    well, nick saban put us in the hole from the coin toss by not deferring to the second half and giving them the ball first.

    at home, i can live with that. on the road, at jordan/hare, that was stupid.

    we’ve got the sun in our eyes, we get a bullshit call on julio, they stop us and are jacked up immediately.

    auburn outplayed us today. that final drive was desperation, their final drive should be questioned.

    we better tighten our asses up. florida will stomp a mudhole in our ass with the pisspoor decision making and flat out lack of effort displayed today.

  14. 29
    Ballplay Indian

    That one hurt like a mutha…….No moral victory whatsoever, we gave yall the win….I would rather lose 36-0 than like that.

  15. 30

    well, you’re going to listen to some shit here bp, but it ain’t gonna be from me.

    you guys outplayed us. expecting your defense to bow up there might have been too much to expect.

    but in all honesty, malzahn didn’t give your offense the best chance to win the game on that last drive.

    i’ll hang my hat on the we-didn’t-play-our-best-game mantra.

    but i damn sure don’t feel very good about it.

    and saban’s bullshit in the press conference ain’t making me feel better either!

  16. 31
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    You didn’t give us nothin BP. We had 1 blown coverage in the second have that gave you a long td. That was your whole second half. We spent the whole 2nd half running up and down the field. Should have had a lot more points. In any case, I’m going to respect you guys and not get into a flame war with you. Instead I’m going to give your team kudos for a gutsy game. Very good. See us in Atlanta! RTR!

  17. 33
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    What bullshit? Where I am there aint no press conf. coverage. What’s he saying that has you upset? Hell man, we walked into a buzzsaw and came out undefeated! Take a pill! RTR!

  18. 34

    and again, i want to know why we didn’t get a replay on julio’s first reception at the sideline.

    was that replay booth not ready again????

  19. 35
    Crimsonite from the planet Crimson in a galaxy far far away. FormerlyE.G. White

    Auburn had one 2nd half play on a blown coverage. After the 14-0 lead they couldn’t even move the ball when Bama would set em up at midfield. Bama was playing 8 deep, and had been inches from interceptions the whole 2nd half. They didn’t have time or timeouts to chip away in front of the coverage. I think Malzahn was hoping to surprise us and break another open field run. If he’d have flung it into 8 man coverage it was going back the other way. In any case, it wouldn’t have mattered what he did. With our defense the game was over as soon as Upchurch scored, and the whole Auburn team knew it. RTR!

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