Iron Bowl 2009 score t-shirts; Auburn crying again

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We Made Auburn Cry Again

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Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers White 2009 Iron Bowl Back 2 Back Score T-shirt
This shirt will have updated score to reflect final.

Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers White 2009 Iron Bowl Ruthless Score T-shirt

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    alex hamilton


    WTF is that?

    No, Auburn people never get tacky with the bragging; mainly because it’s really hard to brag when your only undefeated season resulted in being shunned from the National Championship game.

    Look at the bright side Barners. You can’t beat Alabama anymore, but at least you won’t need to change your ticket office phone number. I’m sure 1957 will always be the most significant four-digit number in your history for its unique ending with a National Championship.

  2. 4

    My grandchildren’s children will be dead before Auburn wins a National Championship — hell, not even that. 1957 IS the magic number for Auburn and always will be — Auburn fans just can’t accept the fact that recruiting there will be tough (Lee County eh?) — and that there is only one University that actually represents the state nationally — plus — Auburn fans need to recognize that they will be forever battling the Mississippi’s for 3rd place in the SEC WEST year after year — hope ya had fun with your 3 conference wins this year. Peace out RTR!!!

  3. 5
    Big K

    Aub’s are a bunch of ass holes. I was going back to my car after game,did not say anything to anyone, some ass hole Aub got into my face and started telling we have the best team money can buy, and accused us of cheating.. I told him he was an crybaby and walked on…

  4. 6
    Clay Hood

    I am disappointed by Alabama fans who have chosen to rub in a very marginal victory over a clearly over-matched Auburn team. I knew on the last drive what the outcome was going to be, but I was very proud of the TIgers for playing over their heads on defense all day. Offense was definitely spotty but Chris Todd did the best he could.
    I am quite sure there are some very difficult and irrational Auburn fans. The same could be said for Alabama fans. For the real fans, I think we can all agree it was a great game, the better team ultimately won but this one should go down in the annals as a great Iron Bowl.

  5. 7

    Auburn Man Says:
    November 27th, 2009 at 11:07 pm
    Tacky and Classless.
    Auburn Men (and Women) would never result to such bragging!
    6 in a row Bammerhiods!

    One question which should be very easy to answer even from an Auburn fan.

    How many National Championships does Auburn have…..

    If 6 in a row is all you have to bragg about that is sad.

    The University of Alabama could produce a clock with each number representing 1 National Championship which I will help you out that would come to 12!!!

  6. 8

    I always chuckle over how so many Auburn fans chant their “6-in-a-row” like it is some kind of talisman, but they conveniently forget that the Bear is the one responsible for the longest winning streak in the rivalry’s history. “Nine” is the true magic number and it rests firmly in Alabama’s history. As far as number of national titles go, that’s so lopsided there’s no need to even bring it up.

    Fact of the matter is, the Iron Bowl is almost always a bonecrusher, regardless of any rankings. There’s just too much emotion involved on both sides.

    But as it stands, we have the bragging rights for the next year. Had it been Auburn’s game, ya’ll would crowing about it just as loud as we Bama fans are.

    Roll Tide Forever!

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