Fulmer, Franchione, Tuberville looking for jobs

AP: All the former Tennessee coach needs now is a job. But that might be hard to come by this year because relatively few college football teams are likely to be in the market for a coach. And most of the spots that do come open probably won’t meet Fulmer’s standards.

“I’m not going to put myself and my family in a position where I’m going to a place that is a stepping-stone … a place that doesn’t have a history of doing well,” he said in a recent phone interview. “I’m looking for a place that has some history. If I have to sit or not coach that’s kind of the way it’s going to be I guess.”

Fulmer, who was ousted last year by Tennessee after a long and mostly successful run with the Volunteers, is one of several coaches with eye-catching resumes currently out of the business but hoping to get back in.

Also keeping an eye out for openings these days are former Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville, former Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione, out of coaching the last two seasons, ex-Colorado coach Gary Barnett, who hasn’t coached the last four seasons, and former Minnesota coach Glen Mason, three seasons removed from his last game with the Gophers. (read the entire AP report embedded in this post.)

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    The prospects of Fulmer getting a job is going to be tough. He’s made his reputation as a slacker. I don’t see him going to a big name school AT ALL. The A&M job would be perfect for Tubbs — but with Gene Stallings in the mix over there — they know HIS reputation also.

    Is the damage done when you’re at a job for too long? I think so. Only if you pull a Lloyd Carr does it work — retire out of the job you had.

    For example: Nick Saban has stated that this is the last stop for him before he retires — so him coaching at Alabama for a decade would be okay. Say if you’re an Urban Meyer — you don’t have Tebow & Co. after this year and the pressure from the Florida fan base will heave down on him so hard — he would of wished he left out this year. (Assuming he stays and doesn’t take the disgraced Notre Dame job).

    It may not be this year — but I don’t see Fulmer getting a job to his specifications. Tubbs has stated he wants to coach in a BCS conference school. Minnesota would be perfect for him — hell — he likes hunting at that part of the hemisphere.

    The Colorado job — other than Nebraska (and sometimes Kansas/K. State) — the BIG 12 NORTH is a gimme — a big name WILL get this job IMO. Thoughts anyone??? Let the coaching carousel begin Sunday!

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