Capstone Saturdays: Passing Out The Trophies

passing out the trophies
Editorial Cartoon: Passing Out The Trophies

Wow, what a game. We have the FOY Trophy for another year, and the boogs shelve another moral victory trophy. In a hostile environment, back against the wall, vying for its second consecutive perfect regular season…the first back-to-back 12-0 regular seasons in a row in its illustrious history…the Bama offense had to reach from within and drive the length of the field. The opponent had two weeks to prepare. Bama had six days. The opponent had a normal game day schedule. Bama was thirty minutes late because of what some are claiming was a construed effort to create the delay (a plea on “The Bunker” website on Thursday suggests this as a strong possibility).

And still, Bama goes 79 yards, eating over seven minutes of clock. On the winning score, Auburn went after Richardson behind Cody like fish after a dough ball. A brilliant call when we had to have it. And a game winning touchdown in the clutch by a quarterback who has never lost connecting with a senior running back who had been relegated to mop up duty. It was a thing of beauty.

12-0 and two in a row.

With only a few precincts reporting, the early exit polls show Auburn fans trumpeting their team, claiming satisfaction that they kept it close, and glee that Mark Ingram was held in check. Did the 36-0 beatdown last season strike that much fear in our little sisters in Lee County…that anything short of another stomping would be a relief? I wouldn’t know, because Auburn has never beaten Alabama in that fashion in my lifetime.

But what it comes down to is this: Like the Viles to our north, the tiggers are embracing moral victories like a fat kid hugging a Krispy Kreme box. Moral victories have become an acceptible consolation prize down on the plains, and I’m thrilled. When just getting close is good enough, you’re in trouble. In the Mike Shula years, we filled our cases full of moral victory trophies. The orange and blue version of Shula has now compiled a 12-24 record as a head coach… Sidebar here: Christmas Eve is the next Gene Chizik day. Although Chizikmas still takes place December 16th, the day Auburn gave us the gift of his presence.

Another goody I’ve heard is how a five point win points to trouble in next year’s game for Bama. Let me point out that in 2003 Auburn won by the same margin. Five years later, we finally snapped the streak.

Now that we’ve begun a streak of our own, I’d like to invite all Aubsessed fans who will invariably read this to come down to THE University of Alabama on March 6th. For it’s there we’ll accept the FOY trophy for the second year in a row. There’s no need for us to come to your trophy ceremony, however. They don’t have ceremonies for losers.

If you need us, we’ll be in Atlanta.