No brick after the Iron Bowl

When talking about the Iron Bowl please get the facts right. Doug Gillett at Dr. Saturday explains to outsiders why the Iron Bowl is so important to Tide and Tiger fans, and he invokes the “brick story” and Bill Curry to do it.

Gillett writes, “Bill Curry, who was 26-7 against everyone except Auburn but 0-3 against the Tigers, famously claimed that someone threw a brick through his window following the ’89 Iron Bowl (couldn’t have been his quarterback, obviously).”

That famous brick was following the Ole Miss homecoming loss, and not the Iron Bowl. According to the Birmingham News, the brick was tossed on Oct. 8, 1988, and Clyde Bolton wrote a column about it on Oct. 13, 1988. (For those with an interest in verifying the story & its timeline, Bolton’s column was reprinted in the Sunday, September 29, 1996 edition of the Birmingham News.)

Of course, did anyone ever see that alleged brick? Curry was famous for exaggerations like being the last player taken in the NFL draft. (For the record, Curry told everyone this and Paul Finebaum even wrote about the draft & Curry in a Saturday, August 18, 2001 column; Curry wasn’t the last player drafted. I think that is a nice way for me to call Curry a serial exaggerator.)

The Iron Bowl is important. Probably too important to both fan bases, but let’s get the facts right.