Pathetic: Charges dropped against Volunteer safety

AP: Prosecutors have dropped attempted aggravated robbery charges against Tennessee freshman safety Janzen Jackson.

The Knox County District Attorney’s office said Monday that charges would be dropped against the 18-year-old. Charges were also dropped against 22-year-old Marie Montmarquet, who had been accused of driving the getaway car.

The district attorney’s office said neither person knew the robbery was going to happen. (read the entire report embedded in this post)


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    What do you expect from a rogue program like Tennessee? They’re out of control and led by a coach that wants to be their buddy instead of a disciplinarian. The same thing probably would’ve happened at Alabama if Mike Price had been allowed to stay on. But fortunately the U of A had(and still has) a strong University President in Robert Witt. Tennessee doesn’t have such leadership, so expect these things to happen with even more frequency.

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    Yeah, if Ingram and Julio Jones got arrested for robbery and the DA dropped the charges a week later specifically saying that neither one knew a robbery was about to occur you bammers would be screaming for them to be kicked off the team.

  3. 3

    Right. Jackson didn’t know there was a robbery.

    Kind of like Eric Smith didn’t know it was wrong to attack an engineering student.

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    Cappy, are you saying the DA was lying about an armed robbery just to protect football players??? That’s an incredibly serious charge against that DA. Personally, I don’t care if the kids are on the team or not but I have a hard time believing the DA would drop a valid violent felony charge simply because he’s a vol’s fan.

  5. 5

    From what was written by UT fans and blogs, there was immense pressure on the local authorities to let Jackson walk.

    From Talking Points: “I also feel confident that UT is using some serious political pressure to convince the folks downtown that JJ was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Will it work? We’ll find out by Friday morning. I’m hearing they are doing everything possible, calling in favors, etc to get those charges dropped.”

    Now, does anyone think that guy would have gotten off without charges if he weren’t a football player?

  6. 7

    Yep — you’re right — “PATHETIC!”

    That’s about it on your spew.

    Football players will always be “protected” until the last straw. Goes for any program — especially UcheaT.

  7. 8

    Cappy, what I agree with is that the charges probably would not have been dropped this quickly if he weren’t a fb player. I absolutely believe that the charges would have ultimately been dropped, though. The DA said they reviewed the surveillance video from the store, and the player and the girl driving never got out of the car and weren’t even in range to see what was going on. The DA also said that both of them immediately cooperated and voluntarily gave full statements that were consistent with each other. (It looks like Nukeese and his buddy took the fifth.) The DA did the right thing by dropping the charges. Sorry to burst the conspiracy bubble, because I certainly have no love for Lane Kiffin.

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