Let the Nick Saban to LSU rumors begin

LSU fans came to a realization Saturday that other SEC fans have known for years—Les Miles is a dumbass.

He isn’t a bad coach. (You know, like Gene Chizik.)

He isn’t a bad guy.

But he is a dumbass. He can’t manage a clock. And he can’t manage his quarterbacks. Last year was a disaster because LSU persisted in calling aggressive plays with a mediocre quarterback. Saturday in the loss to Ole Miss it was apparent LSU’s quarterback didn’t have a clue what to do during the closing seconds of the game. That is coaching. Players need to have some clue what to do.

Contrast this to Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban’s seeming obsession over every detail. His staff arrives at decisions on game circumstances before the game even begins. Miles always seems to wing it. During his early years this wasn’t a problem; he played with Saban’s players. Now those players are gone, and LSU resembles a much more average team.

Now that LSU fans see this, it was only natural to get this: “If we reach out to Saban…. would he be interested in coming back?” (from Tigerdroppings.com). LSU fans are spreading rumors that Saban was interested in the LSU job way back in 2007. But would that translate to his taking the job in January 2010? Here is a bitter pill to swallow LSU fans—LSU isn’t what it was in 2005 or 2007.

With LSU fans admitting Miles is an inferior coach, can Miles survive? What will it do to recruiting?

All this means a weaker SEC West. And that is good for the Alabama Crimson Tide.