Attorney: Barrett stalked Andrews ‘sexually’

AP: Bond amount increased to $100K for man accused in videos taken of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews

An Illinois insurance executive accused of secretly making nude videos of ESPN reporter Erin Andrews posted $100,000 bond on Friday — a much larger amount than previously imposed. …Turchin had planned to set bond at $20,000. But Andrews attorney, Marshall Grossman, persuaded her to increase the amount, calling Barrett’s alleged behavior calculated, cunning and secretive. Grossman said $20,000 wasn’t likely equal to the amount the defendant spent tracking Andrews.

“He was stalking her sexually for a long period of time,” Grossman said. (read the entire AP report embedded below)


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    These kind of stories just makes me wonder. Sports in general has become marginalized over the years with this “Enquirer” coverage of people that don’t make a damn and contribute very little to the Games played. I guess what I’m saying here is that I’m tired of these kind of stories.
    What is the bottom line here ? Is this thing another huge indictment of Sports Journalism ?
    Hell yeah.

  2. 2

    agreed pluto. it should come as a shock to no one this guy is a piece of shit.

    the difference in this case is the high profile nature of the woman he was stalking and it’s effect on his trial and sentencing.

    (and yes, i’m assuming he’ll be convicted. anyone care to bet against it???)

    (and yes, i too am SICK TO DEATH of hearing about it)

  3. 3

    What if this was just a regular woman — no high profile status? I recant all statements — I’m through with it — shit — it’s been through with — like months ago???

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