Preview of this week’s Top 25 games

AP: he national championship race seems as if it’s being put on hold this week, with the top contenders all big — in some cases too big to count — favorites.

So the attention shifts to traditional rivalries and games with major conference implications.

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    I’m just not “pumped” up this weekend for College ball. I’m more interested in the NFL games on Sunday than the college games on Saturday.

    Games I will attempt to watch on Saturday:

    UT-Chattanooga vs. Alabama
    I just want to see how our backups will BLOW these guys out. I hope Nick Saban doesn’t start ANY starters. How about that bye week Aubbies?

    Ohio St. vs. Michigan — usually this game would be tight every year — but Michigan BLOWS and has NO defense — plus Ohio St. takes this game personally every year — not even close — the buckeyes STOMP the Wolverines into submission.

    LSWho vs. Ole Piss —
    I just want to see if Ole Piss can pull an upset — why not? It will help our power rankings if Ole Piss loses though — LSWho was ranked at the time of our WIN over them.

    Virginia vs. Clemson —
    Just wanted to check out Dabo & Co. and watch C.J. Spiller rack up numbers against this horrible Cavalier program — Derrick Dooley will definetly get this head coaching job (his alma) after the year’s over.

    Oregon vs. Arizona —
    One of the few times I will give the PAC-10 ANY TIME of the day only because this is the best game they got going for them this week (sigh…..) — I like the Quack Attack!

    Penn. St. vs. Michigan St. — Just like the PAC-10 — one of the few times I will give the BIG 10 the time of day — you have to admit this is one of the better games this Saturday — Michigan St. beat Michigan so it should be a slobberknocker — plus I want to check out Penn. St. and what they’re all about because we got them for our opener next year.

    Other than these games — that’s about it — that and a shitload of beer — RTR!!!!! Let’s GO BACKUPS!!!!!

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