BREAKING: Auburn starters to be named in lawsuit

On the Paul Finebaum Radio Network this afternoon, Shane (a columnist for the Call News and the Capstone Report) alleged two Auburn starters (one offensive and one defensive) will be named in the lawsuit against Eric Smith; according to Shane’s conversation on Wednesday’s show, Auburn starting defensive back Neiko Thorpe and starting receiver Darvin Adams were allegedly involved in the confrontation. Shane attributed this information to an anonymous source with knowledge of the developing situation.

The lawsuit alleges Smith conspired with and “aided, abetted and assisted others in the assault.” According to the discussion on the radio program, the “others” were Darvin Adams and Neiko Thorpe—both important contributors to Auburn’s 2009 team.

Darvin Adams played in 11 games for Auburn this season and caught 44 passes for 717 yards and nine touchdowns. He has a long of 41-yards, and averages 16.3 yards per catch; Adams averages 4 catches per game for the Auburn Tigers.

Neiko Thorpe played in 11 games this year for the Auburn Tigers. He is a defensive back with 38 solo tackles, 24 assists—a total of 62 tackles per game. He averages 5.6 tackles per game.

No information was given about how soon these names would be added to the lawsuit, or why those players were not charged by police.

The mother of the alleged victim appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday. Audio available here.


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  1. 1

    All of this is hypothetical — or somn…

    sources … sources … sources…

    Say Eric Smith & Co. showed up to the Lexington Hotel uninvited because there was “free” booze.

    Say the Aubarn police force is composed of former Pat Dye players.

    Say Eric Smith & Co. was told to leave the party due to the fact that the “jocks” were getting unruly and arrogant.

    Say the Aubarn football players have a notorious reputation on campus as having an heir of royalty and that the police department and University have a “hands-off” approach to incidents involving ANYTHING with the football program (the no. 1 money maker) —

    Say the victim was cold cocked in the concourse/breezeways of the Lexington Hotel after he lay unconscious with his lip split open and half of his face bludgeoned and swelled — all with Lexington Hotel security cameras.

    sources … sources … sources…

    Most football programs will try to cover up anything — I will admit that — that goes for anywhere.

    The football program is only 10% to blame — it’s just because the defendant is a PART of the football program. The athletic department wants this to disappear as any AD would.

    It’s not going away.

    Say there may be more than 4 players who’s career may end up like Nu’Keese Richardson’s.

    I’m just saying —- say….

  2. 2

    If we as an Alabama family have to depend on Share from Center Point for news then we may as well turn our good sense in. Shane is an idiot and an embarrassment to the Crimsoni proudly wear.

  3. 3

    ok cappy, I don’t care if it ends up being true…you just ran an article entitled “Breaking News: Auburn starters to be named in lawsuit”. The title didn’t include the words “possibly” or “potentially”. It stated this as a fact and you then cited Shane from Centerpoint as the sole source. Do you not want this blog to have an ounce of credibility??????

  4. 4

    He cited an anonymous source with knowledge of the situation while on the public airwaves.

    The headline reflects Shane’s conversation on the radio–these players were the ones named on the air. And the players involved will be added to the amended complaint. That was also said on the airwaves.

    The report contains the key points of a public conversation, and clearly identifies how Shane made his allegation–citing an anonymous source.

    I think the credibility issue is fine. The extent of the value of the information can easily be evaluated in the first paragraph.

  5. 5
    Auburn Man

    Auburn Men are entitled to do anything they want in Lee County. If you dont believe me, looki it up in the local laws book.

  6. 8

    Let’s start a convo — ponder the obsession with the name “Julio” when you are a barner? Just wondering … try to be civil unlike IVOL — or the verbal assault will be relentless.

  7. 9

    Well — not really verbal — just textual.

    I’m still fascinated — I have never went to an Auburn website/blog — just doesn’t register — I hope ya get ‘cha kicks.

  8. 10

    This is not an AU vs UA issue I know we all like think that it is the other teams fault if your toilet backs up and I am all for that. This is about the lives of children and an ambulance chasing lawyer. We need to leave this alone and start the real trash talking about how bad Bama is going to whoop that tiger tail. RTR! Aubie might want to bring a notepad this weekend to see how football is played In this state!!!

  9. 11

    Your credibility is gone. You destroyed your point when you apparently forgot how to spell. It’s Shane, not Share from Center Point. I also believe that you intended to spell “Crimson”. By the way, I didn’t quite understand your spelling of the word, but I liked its effeminate form.

    P.S. I’m not a journalist. I’m a sportswriter. According to Webster’s, I am a writer about sports. Read on!

  10. 12
    Alex Hamilton

    Rtrdavis, you sound like an idiot stooge that can’t get out of the voting hall without patting himself on the back for voting against a “trial lawyer”.

    When are people going to realize that it is not a bad thing to sue? Why should Eric Smith not be sued and embarrassed for beating up another human being?

    Most people hate lawyers because they are too lazy to learn how to play the game of life. Don’t hate the player RTRDavis, hate that you don’t know how to play the game. Do me and society a favor, educate yourself and stop calling a lawyer an ambulance chaser just because you don’t understand the law or understand life. If Eric Smith doesn’t “whup” that other boy then the lawyer is never involved.

    Notice I said “whup” not “whoop” Plays with his Balls.

  11. 13

    Cappy, a couple of things:

    1. The headline doesn’t “reflect” anything. The headline directly states that the AU starters will be named in a lawsuit. Are you saying that we should have no trust whatsoever in your headlines, and that we must examine the content of the actual article to determine whether the headline contains an ounce of truth?

    2. You’re doing a lot of backpedaling now on citing Shane as a source. Now you’re saying that the article was simply reporting a “public conversation” between a freakin’ talk show caller and the sensasationalist host. Would you also devote an article to a “public conversation” between Charles from Reeltown and Finebaum if Charles said he had anonymous sources telling him that Bama players were about to be added to a lawsuit??? (oh yeah, here’s where you will say that “Shane from Centerpoint” has credibility whereas “Charles from Reeltown” does not.)

    Alex, your hypocrisy is absolutely astounding. “Why should Eric Smith not be sued and embarrassed for beating up another human being?” Gee alex, why should you not be embarrased for threatening to punch people in the face or take out their knees??? I think my personal favorite was from last week when you stated to indyvol: “I’ve had enough of you Indiana Queer. Why don’t you tell me where to meet you and I will gladly have this out with you in a fist fight.” Now please enlighten us on what the difference is between you and Eric Smith?? (other than the fact that you’re nothing more than a pathetic internet bada$$ and Smith actually backed his threat up?)

  12. 14

    You are quibbling now Julio.

    The headline reflects the TRUE statements made as to the conversation. The point of the conversation was that two Auburn starters will be added to the lawsuit, and now we know the names of those two players. Now to clarify, what was written is no different than when I’ve faithfully reported what Pat Dye said.

    Headlines are simply shorthand ways to advertise the nature of content. The headline reflects the true nature of the report–that two starters on Auburn’s team will be named in the lawsuit. The nature of that information is FULLY disclosed in the opening paragraph. That is far above what most blogs do, and fits the convention of most in the media.

    The difference between Shane and Charles is that Shane actually has been correct several times about problems within Auburn’s family, and his information fits with the general information presented in a larger context (that two or more Auburn players were involved.)

    And just so you know, backpedaling would involve removing the report, modifying its content or retracting it.

    Nope. Not backpedaling at all. Just explaining so you’ll understand the report and methodologies better.

  13. 16

    “Shane actually has been correct several times about problems within Auburn’s family.” Geez Cappy, Charles has been correct several times about problems within Bama’s family, too. (clinging to the past too much, stupid hires, sense of entitlement.) My point is that a talk show caller who won’t even state his last name in public should never be used as a source, much less a sole source. Especially one who has made all these wild accusations about Chette Williams that the NCAA has never even sniffed at. He’s about as credible as those nut-job AU fans who kept screaming that the NCAA was looking into Dodge Chargers and Gadsden. You think he suddenly becomes credible if he happens to be right on this one occasion?

  14. 17

    All those points are right about Charles. He has made some accurate points about Alabama.

    And I take your point about callers, but I do think he simply repeated questions raised by the New York Times–those were legitimate questions that Rev. Williams never answered. And I still defend Williams because kids from lower income backgrounds need positive role models like him. But, his dodging of questions raised by the New York Times (and repeated by Shane) injured his reputation and that of his ministry.

    I will concede that Shane is partisan. However, so are lots of people in the media on both sides of the Iron Bowl. And I have a strong suspicion that Shane is better connected to the Auburn family than most people give him credit for.

  15. 18

    Cappy, I will say that I also wish Williams would have answered the questions and I think he wanted to. I also think his answers would have cleared everything up, although in the end it is always “he said-she said”. He didn’t answer because he was instructed by Auburn not too, which I will be the first to admit is Auburn’s way of handling everything. They stonewall everyone.

  16. 19

    And that is Alabama’s way too.

    I think Rev. Williams ministry is a necessity when you have at-risk youth. The best way to help kids get a degree is to have good men able to mentor them. I think this would explain why so many Auburn people were connected to the ministry.

    I know this isn’t on topic, but I found Tony Franklin’s attacks on Tuberville and the Auburn Athletic Dept.’s “religion” to be far more revealing about Franklin than Auburn or Tuberville.

  17. 20

    Yeah, I really did too about Franklin. I can’t see inside those coaches’ hearts, but I know Tubs brought Williams in and considered him indispenable. I know Eddie Gran went through one of the most trying experiences imaginable with the short life and death of his daughter Sydney, and Gran constantly says that his faith is what not only pulled him through but further inspired him to start a foundation in her memory. (BTW, I’d love to see Gran het a head coaching job after this year.) That’s pretty low to question the faith of a guy like that.

  18. 22

    Julio (I’m sure that’s your “real” name),
    You’ve got the “Step-child” syndrome. In fact, you must be the poster boy for envy. You are the exact type of gullible fool that Finebaum targets on a daily basis. You want us to believe that you are above the fray. But, in reality you can’t resist the bait thrown in front of you – any better than Charles can. I put you on the hook yesterday and now you can’t get off.

  19. 23
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane….If thats you, (and i doubt it is , because you didnt use “quotes” on enough “words”) then let me inform you on a thing or two.

    1. Your an idiot…Not just your everyday run of the mill idiot, you sir are a barking mad ,psychotic type idiot….By the way, only people who do not have a leg left to stand on in an arguement pull the spelling card.

    2. No one on this blog has suggested that the Auburn football players dont get disciplined. In fact, that is opposite to the truth. Chizik may or may not have a plan of discipline for Smith as more details come out about the case. One thing I know for sure is this, if he did , you would be the last person on earth to know it. Plus if he did discipline them, you would deny it, or spin it away.

    3. You are a hypocrite of the highest order. All things Auburn are bad and all things Crimson are great. Where were these scathing articles when Shulas thugs were in full swing ? Your dumbass was writing articles such as “The Tide is High and Shula is the Man”….

    4. If anyone on the face of the planet is Finebaums beeeoootch, its you genuius.

    5. What comes around goes around….Your foolish accusations against Chette will come back to bite you in the butt one of these days….Chette is an awesome minister and a great man, but , to explain your behavior see #3…I disagree with julio and cap, Chette did exactly what he should have done by not responding to idiotic accusations. That only gives fools the limelight.

    6, You are neither a journalist, nor a writer about sports….You a Crimson Coke bottle lens wearing propaganda spewer….An your not very good at that.

    Have a nice day Shane.

    Alex…You have no credibility

    Cap….You aint got much left either.

  20. 24

    I love the way how a statement thrown out by a guy who thinks, I repeat thinks that he is a sportswriter is suddenly accepted as Gospel.If he had any creditablitiy he would have left a qualifier in his statement such as ” there is a possibility that others may be named in the suit”, but coming from a man who spends his day sucking up to Finebaum and brown nosing his way to getting press credentials into Denny-Bryant what can one expect. I have no dog in the fight, but to read the editors statement that this is a fact that will happen based solely on Shane’s conversation on the radio shows a lack of professionalism on their part. By the way Shane, I don’t know of any legit sports press who hit up other members of their profession for programs and such while in the press box at D-B Stadium. That goes miles to prove how bush league you are as a ” writer” and as a person. Go back to selling ice equipment

  21. 25

    First of all why leave a qualifier if he knows it to be true?

    I once wrote a story that simply said the Office of Civil Rights would begin an investigation of a School System…said sources familiar with the special education program.

    As to my “lack of professionalism,” I sipmly reported what was said on a major radio program. It will either happen or it won’t; however, I’d wager those names are pretty solid.

  22. 26

    It is more than evident that some of you clowns are nothing more than legends in your own minds. My only job here is to keep the red-necked rookies doing the boogie. Apparently it’s working!
    Choose your words carefully. The toes you step on today may be attached to the ass you’ll have to kiss tomorrow.

  23. 27

    First of all,just because Shane from Centerpoint claims it does not make it creditable. He states as fact and you again accept it as gospel that it is fact. I’ll accept at face value that you have taken 400-600 level journalism classes in college so you should know the difference of stating a fact and stating what a frequent caller to a radio program says as fact also. He may very well have his source and it very well may be correct, but to state that is is a done deal that these 2 players will be added to the suit is wrong. I wonder if the 2 players didn’t hit the plaintiff and were not arrested what grounds the can be added as defendents. But as any good ambulance chaser will do, I’m sure Ms. Crews used the conspiracy theory. I again wonder what monetary gain she hopes to receive by sueing a 19 yr old college kid? Is she pinning her hopes that Smith will get drafted and she can attache any earnings? How many NFL teams will be willing to draft a player who has this baggage. Does Lawrence Phillips or Thunder Collins or Cecil the Diesel ring any bells? She is Publicity groupie and uses her professional relationship with Finebaum to further her agenda. PLAIN AND SIMPLE

  24. 28

    Shane, first of all I know who the ass kissing clown is and that’s you. Secondly try to get through a call to Finebaum without kissing his ass for 2 minutes, and also try to stop from asking Paul ‘If he’ll agree with you” over and over and please for the love of all that is sacred, stop acting like you’re some analysis of college football. Good lord you make obvious points that any 3rd team sophmore at a 1a high school could make, yet you want to praised. Come up with a legit point and state it and be gone. We, the majority of people could care less what you say and most of us go to the head when you come on. By the way, Saturday at the UTC don’t ask for the stat sheet claiming your dad would like it, just admit that you want Uncle Nick to give you an autograph on it. Us, in the real world, know you’re a joke and a small time hack; it’s time you admit it to yourself

  25. 29

    It’s always funny how geniuses like Shane will say something stupid, then get called on how how stupid it is, and then try to act like they knew it was stupid all along and they were just saying it to throw bait in front of you. Nice try, Shane. Now if that truly is you, why don’t you go let Bobby from Homewood pour another beer on your head and slap you around some more so you can run away crying again and say you were running just because you were too classy to respond. Yeah, that masked the fact that Bobby humiliated you in front of the entire state.

  26. 30

    Read the paragraph. The full details of the information are disclosed.

    Readers can judge the information for themselves.

    Everyone knows based on the statement of the lawyer that additional players will be named. Shane simply revealed those names, and what I wrote truthfully reflected what he said. And I fully explained the basis of his information.

    Anything else is quibbling. Kind of like Brill’s Content.

  27. 32
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Shane…You tried to make a name for yourself (unsuccesfully ) over the Chette rumors. Nothing came from it…Nothing ever comes from what you say….Your words are empty. time Brando should not have responded to you. The only reason I am is because we are on a small, relitively unkown format, just so I can tell you what a snake you are. Keep it up big un, and you will be the one who suffers. You cant go through life treating people like Paul does. It will eventually catch up to you.

    I know tha Finebaums your hero, but your not even in the same “category”……your bush league at best.

  28. 33
    Michael Bynum

    As an NFL fan who (by the way considers all Division 1 football to merely be the farm team system for the “elite” NFL, I truy enjoy reading the Bammers and Barners with their rapier wit screaming at one another “OH YEAH!” “YEAH!” “OH YEAH!”.
    Simer down boys…it’s only farm team football. Majority of the boys who suit up to play can’t make it in the “RML” (Real Man’s League). Oh few of them do but with your Crimson pedigrees and AU Talent, you usually get blown away by someone from Miss. Valley State.
    Like I said, You both play farm team football.
    You are the most entertaining two schools around.

  29. 34
    E.G. White

    Michael Bynam or who ever you are (sounds like a fag name to me), blow me! Some other internet pussy hiding behind an invisible keyboard. No doubt pussy whipped by the FHA class at Elon college! Stupid pig fart, this Alabama defense would curb stomp 25% of the NFL teams! Pro football sucks! It has no emotion, pays the spoiled assed players more money than any human has a right to, and is a worse facist organization than even the NZAA! Go play in front of a train, asshole! RTR!

  30. 35
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Not to mention most of the guys in the pros hail from the :farm teams”….

  31. 36

    Julio said

    … (BTW, I’d love to see Gran het a head coaching job after this year.) …

    How do you feel that Eddie Gran is coaching at UcheaT? After the partial equation of the BBQ boy PACK was canned by Jay Jacobs & Co. — do you still wish the best for him? The reason why I ask is that I’ve never got an Auburn fans’ perspective on former coaches. I realize that Eddie Gran is just trying to make a living but how do feel about him going to a shit-hole program like UcheaT( because I know Auburn hates UcheaT as much as Alabama)??? How do you feel about that? What would of happened if he went to Alabama? Would you “support” his foundation? Just trying to make a civil conversation here amongst the spew.

  32. 37

    E.G. — you amaze me — LMFAO!!! You are my favorite poster here.

    Perfect example:

    … E.G. White Says:
    November 19th, 2009 at 6:51 pm

    … Michael Bynam or who ever you are (sounds like a fag name to me), blow me! Some other internet pussy hiding behind …

    LMAO!!! I enjoy your posts.

  33. 38
    alex hamilton

    Wow. I go to Atlanta for two days and Plays with his Balls and Julia go off on me, all because their precious Auburn trash is going to get sued and get a judgment against him.

    No credibility? Sounds like misplaced anger there, Ballplayer. You might want to fondle a little less and review what I said. Then again, you can’t form a cogent thought or convey it to the keys. You’re a lost cause.

    Julia is the easier fix. You still taking orders from Mrs. Julia? She still mad at you for acting like a douchebag in front of your neighbors while that vomit team you love got punked in the 4th Quarter by the Wildcats?

    I guess I’d be calling out Alabama fans on THEIR FUCKING BOARD if I hadn’t gotten any pussy since the AU/Kentucky Game. Or, in your case, I guess you’re fuming because your wife refuses to put on the strapon since you were so unruly that night.

    Here’s a thought Julia. Why don’t you just do what Eric Smith did (club a guy in the head when he isn’t looking, then kick him while he’s out)

    You’ll just have to do it in any other town than Auburn, and you’ll go to jail, and then get all the anal sex you want.

  34. 40

    Oh alex, you aren’t fooling anyone with your talk of being in Atlanta. We all know you’ve been locked up in the Limestone County jail and it just took a few days for the neighbors in your trailer park to sell enough meth to round up the bail money.

    P.S. Not exactly sure what a “strap-on” is, but it sure sounds like you have a keen understanding of it. Juding from the context of your comments, I’m assuming it’s some type of phallic sex toy. Your graphic discussion of sex tools and sodomy create an extraordinarily disturbing image. Your adamance in the post also gave the obvious and terrifying impression that you were speaking from personal experience, and that you wre becoming aroused as you typed. What in the name of all things good and holy are the crimes against nature that you and your common law wife are committing in that double-wide??

    Crimson Blood – you are the epitome of what’s wrong with college football fans. Did you seriously ask me if I would support the Sydney Gran Foundation if Gran took a job at Bama??? What kind of absolute freakin’ moron are you??? See, this is all fun but it’s just football. Idiots like you truly don’t seem to understand that. Eddie Gran is as fine human being as you will ever meet, and he has endured an unspeakable tragedy with the loss of his daughter that I cannot begin to fathom. He set up this foundation to honor her memory and to help other children and familes afflicted with the same devasating problems. You ask if I would stop supporting him and his foundation simply because he took a job with a rival football team???

    PS – John Croyle, Jeremiah Castille, and Siran Stacey are also incredible human beings who are wonderful role models for not only young men, but for everyone. See, the fact that they went to Bama doesn’t change that in my eyes simply b/c I’m an AU fan.

  35. 41
    Auburn is a joke the fan formerly known as Ballplay Indian

    Was that supposed to be funny alex ? It was not. It really makes me feel kind of sorry for you. Seriously man, you need to shut up with that kind of crap.

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