BREAKING: Auburn starters to be named in lawsuit

On the Paul Finebaum Radio Network this afternoon, Shane (a columnist for the Call News and the Capstone Report) alleged two Auburn starters (one offensive and one defensive) will be named in the lawsuit against Eric Smith; according to Shane’s conversation on Wednesday’s show, Auburn starting defensive back Neiko Thorpe and starting receiver Darvin Adams were allegedly involved in the confrontation. Shane attributed this information to an anonymous source with knowledge of the developing situation.

The lawsuit alleges Smith conspired with and “aided, abetted and assisted others in the assault.” According to the discussion on the radio program, the “others” were Darvin Adams and Neiko Thorpe—both important contributors to Auburn’s 2009 team.

Darvin Adams played in 11 games for Auburn this season and caught 44 passes for 717 yards and nine touchdowns. He has a long of 41-yards, and averages 16.3 yards per catch; Adams averages 4 catches per game for the Auburn Tigers.

Neiko Thorpe played in 11 games this year for the Auburn Tigers. He is a defensive back with 38 solo tackles, 24 assists—a total of 62 tackles per game. He averages 5.6 tackles per game.

No information was given about how soon these names would be added to the lawsuit, or why those players were not charged by police.

The mother of the alleged victim appeared on the Paul Finebaum Radio Network Wednesday. Audio available here.