Classic footage of what happens at Auburn…

Thank you ESPN.  Just can’t control themselves down on the farm. You gotta watch this.

Of course, if I had to watch that dispy-doo offense, with double reverse screen passes to a receiver for a statue of liberty flee flicker, I might start drinking too.

My favorite part is when the couple explains they didn’t like the rowdy behavior in their season ticket section, so next year they just bought season tickets in another section…as if that would ever be possible in Tuscaloosa! Truthfully, you can probably still buy an entire row down there in Lee County.

WDE!!!!  7-5! bowl bound!


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    Yeah maybe but at least we aren’t fing rednecks who never set foot in a classroom idiot. Most true AU fans are engineers, doctors, pharmacists, vets, builders, scientists and astronauts not rednecks whose whole lives revolve around a group of 19 year old kids. I guess when your day consists of stapling carpet to trailer laminate, then whether AL wins means the difference betweens you have to concentrate on reality. You still haven’t played AU yet mullet. If you do win I hope FL slaughters your pathetic team so you will stop being so cocky. Better yet play Boise St for a repeat of Utah part 2. That was the best game of the year last year not because the AL team lost, but it shut your retarded hole up for at least one week.

  2. 2

    Just promise me this, if AU beats AL how about just being a normal fan for 1 week not trashing other teams like you are somehow better. Last time I was in Tusacaloosa for medical school, it smelled like tar or somebody was roofing a house constantly for months. Just made me realize how much better AU University was; prettier campus, better surroundings, and you can actually breathe fresh air there. And if you want to try and follow with some moronic comment about cow patties, try looking a little south of Tusacaloosa, there are 100 times more cow patties there than Lee Co.

  3. 5
    VA Tide

    Do NOT even go there BamaHate. I have been to Auburn games and had food thrown at me and my wife by grown men for simply just walking back to our car. Your fan base is classless. I have been to non-Alabama games and the behavior was just as bad. As to your comment about Alabama fans that have never been to the campus, that is for both teams AND for that matter for ALL college teams. Please educate yourself on these issues. I believe that The University is the place most go to recieve a business degree that means something from one of the top 25 business colleges in America, a law degree, a degree in medicine, and a communication degree from one of the best in America.

  4. 6

    LOL BH. You just confirmed what the Outside the Lines piece said: Auburn fans are in denial. And by the way, The U of A turns out the Doctors, Lawyers, and Businessmen. Auburn is an Agriculture school, i.e. a Cow College. UA has one of the best business schools in the country, and the Law School is tops, just ask John Thrower(Oh, wait, you can’t). By the way, does 36-0 ring a bell?

  5. 7
    VA Tide

    I cannot let your comment about Auburn’s campus being nicer. It is clearly not just ask people that are not Alabama or Auburn fans but have been to both places. That again would require you to do some actual thinking. As to our team being pathic, that doesn’t mean a lot coming from Auburn. You fire a coach that beat Alabama six times in a row, something that NO Auburn coach had done, simply because he had a bad year. You hire a proven loser, 5-19 at Iowa State, only to get beat by one of the worse defenses in the SEC on Saturday night. I hope you enjoy Legion Field for your bowl game.

  6. 8

    It sure sounds like someone has a lot of resentment towards us. You need to get your facts straight before you start badmouthing pur school. I actually WENT to my classes, thank you, and I now have a Degree in Spanish to show for it. Tell me something- without teachers like me, would you even have all of the lawyers, doctors whom you speak of that “supposedly” graduated from Auburn? I can’t tell you how many people I know of who have flunked out of Auburn (my brother included) who flunked out of Auburn because they never went to class. And speaking of humility, you tell us that we need to practice it, yet youre ranting and raving like a whiny bratty lunatic. Seeing as how your team is on their way to the Toilet Bowl, now would be an excelllent time for YOU to practice some humility and shut your mouth and take your losses like a grown man!

  7. 10

    If you fall off the roof and die you will be no good to the wife and kids. Call my friend Chris Stewart at Gutter Cap and remember, cap it, don’t snap it!


  8. 11
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Whatever…That dipsey doo offense was 8th or ninth in the country before the Georgia game. Say what you want, but for the first year of the system, it is light years ahead of what we have been doing for the last 4 years. If we didnt have a defensive falloff, then the O would look even better than it has looked so far. Our offense is not the problem, the problem is our defense. Yes , Chris Todds inconsistancy has hurt some. But not as badly as our defenses inconsistancy. Look at Mcelroy….His inconsistancy was not nearly as exposed , because he had a top 3 defense to back up his screw ups.

    As far as the worst fans go. Bama is right up there in he entire nation. Post on the national boards and see. It usually goes something like this

    1. LSU
    2 or 3 Bama or West Virginia.

  9. 13

    This crap goes on at every stadium in the SEC, and we all know it.

    However, the footage of the barneys dragging a garbage can down the street half full of beer and ice is priceless.

    Is that an aubarn tradition?

  10. 14

    Silly Auburn traditions:

    1. Dragging garbage cans down street.

    2. Throwing toilet paper in a dying tree.

    3. Winning a probation-tainted National Championship every 50-60 years.

    4. Having a hayride parade(how typical) when you win the Peoples NC given out by a 17 yr old High School student.

    It’s great to be an Auburn Tigger!

  11. 17

    ITK, just a couple of notes:

    1. Are you SERIOUSLY suggesting that Auburn is worse about having some fans that get drunk and unruly than LSU, Bama, Florida, Tenn, UGA, (or any school in the Big 10 for that matter)?????? Oh yeah, that must be the case becasue ESP freakin’ N ran a story on drinking at Auburn games.

    2. Yeah, it was Malzahn’s offense that lost that game. It had nothing to do with the defense allowing UGA to put up 31 pts. That Malzahn is a real incompetent idiot. All he has done is take a team that finished last season ranked about 103rd in the country in total offense to being in the top 10 in the country after 10 games. Tell me again what it is you want him to do???????????????

  12. 18

    Dude, paint it however you want, but your razzle dazzle high school coach couldn’t score enough to beat easily one of the worst defenses in the conference. Period. What’s going to happen on black Friday when one of the best D’s in the nation rolls into the farm? Seriously, Julio. It’d be a great time to take the wife shopping that day. You don’t want to watch what we’re about to do to Abarn. Again.

  13. 21
    VA Tide

    Joke, you are a joke. I live out of state and I am telling you that Alabama has a nationwide reputation of having some of the classiest fans of any university. As a matter of fact, I brought three of my buddies down to Tuscaloosa for two separate games and all they could do is talk about how classy everyone was. One of them went to school in the south and commented that Bama is a much prettier campus than Auburn and our fans are a lot more classy. So, say what you want but when Tennessee grads and FSU grads admit that AU has classless fans and that we are one of the best behaved group of fans speaks a lot. I am sorry that you have Bama envy. Get over it.

  14. 22
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Look people…..For ITk to try to say anything negative about our offensive improvement is expected. I know its in your DNA, alright…..But anyone that looks at our ofensive production this year , and compares it to the previous three years, and says anyhting to the contrary of “Auburns offensive production is drasticly improved” is a flat out idiot , and is clearly not a student of the game. PERIOD…..Ill say it real sow for you dolts to understand…..OUR OFFENSE IS NOT THE PROBLEM….ITS OUR DEFENSE !!!! Did you get that ITK ? Our defense has flat out broke when the game depended on it. In the Kentucky game….In the Arkansas game….And (drum roll please) the Georgia game…..LSU was clearly a better team and our team couldnt handle em…..That was on the entire team, both offense and defense….How do you people not see that ?

    Now , VATIDER …..If your gonna try to sale that slum known as T-town, as even close to being as nice a campus or town as Auburn Al. Then you need to become a realtor and sell some Oceanfront property in Arizona …..Was it U.S. News and world Report that named Auburn Al. as the #1 town in the whole damn country ? Cap, I know you have to remember that article. It made every bammer in the state cringe. If you dont belive me about your base, then do as I have asked everyone on this site to do a million times….Go to the national boards and ask….You will be taken down a notch or two in about 2 seconds…..Then ask other schools about their trips to the plains. No one has a bad thing to say. You know , facts and stuff are a bitch arent they ?

  15. 23
    VA Tide

    You obviously didn’t read my post and might I add this is an Alabama blog. The town of Auburn is fine. I worked there for a while, no problem. I actually compliment my time there and met a lot of nice people. The campus, however, is not that attractive and that is what I stated. Here it is exactly,” As a matter of fact, I brought three of my buddies down to Tuscaloosa for two separate games and all they could do is talk about how classy everyone was. One of them went to school in the south and commented that Bama is a much prettier campus than Auburn and our fans are a lot more classy”.

    Since you are vomitting your “facts” The University of Alabama for several years running ranks higher than your Cow College as the best education for the money and a better school overall. Check out your facts. All you can claim is the micropolitian area. I also lived in Tuscaloosa as a student and as a non-student. Tuscaloosa has a great downtown, The University, and beautiful parks etc. It offers a great quality of life with things like the arts, childrens programs, adult events, etc. So you can say what you want but I have had many negative experiences at Auburn. These were for games where they were not playing Alabama and unlike your classless fans that come to Bryant Denny for a game, I was not wearing Alabama gear. Facts are a bitch.

  16. 24
    VA Tide

    One more thing, I have no desire to waste my time on other teams chat rooms and blogs. I don’t care what happens in Auburn, Knoxville, Baton Rouge or Gainesville. I care about only what the Alabama Crimson Tide does. I, additionally, don’t care what you think or what others think about Alabama.

  17. 25
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Obviously , much of your base does care about Auburn, or this thread wouldnt even exist….As far as rankings go, it dipends on wich poll you look at. As far as the curricullum and overall education that you get from UA, I wholeheartedly agree with you. Its an excellent education that a student recieves at UA. Im speaking about your base as a whole. The “Cow College” remarks, The Barn, Barners , so forth and so on, would suggest that the majority of the Alabama base somehow thinks that they are better. That couldnt be farther form the truth. Auburn does have an Agricultural curricullam, of wich I am very proud. But that is not the whole of the majors taught on the campus. Auburn engineering courses are thought as being among some of the best in the country. Pharmacy, business, and several other great courses are taught there. So, I really dont get the highbrow, elitist attitude that a lot of Alabama people have. UA has a great law school, of wich produises lawyers. I personally detest 99% of all lawyers. I would much rather be aquainted with a farmer than any lawyer. But, that is another story.

    Your campus, and the innediat area around it are nice. The rest of T-town is not. There is no way to paint of pretty picture of Tuscaloosa outside of the University. Auburn is a very rural school, of wich I personally prefer. Its all up to everyones individual tastes and opinions VATide. But you wont here me bash the education one will recieve at UA.

  18. 26
    VA Tide

    You are not worth the time. This is an Alabama blog so there should be things posted here that relate to our program and the punchings at our rivals as, I might add, appear on UT, LSU, and Auburn blogs toward Alabama. If you have never lived or worked in Tuscaloosa then you are not qualified to state you opine. IT is your opinion and we have know what those are like. Next time don’t come on and start bashing. The video was done by ESPN not an Alabama fan. Also, I have relatives that graduated from AU so be careful. You all call us Bammers, Roll Turd, etc. If you think for one minute that you have grounds to go there then you are wrong. My God, you called me VA Tider. My post name is VA Tide. Sorry you took this as a bashing toward Auburn but you said that Tuscaloosa was dive,etc. That is a place I love very much and have great memories and friends there. You did come onto, as you often do, a blog for Alabama and started running your mouth like all Auburnites do. Another thing, I have seen Auburn fans care more about what happens in Tuscaloosa than in Auburn. Why? You are overshadowed and always will be.

  19. 27

    See ITK, you still don’t seem to understand. Auburn DID score enough Sat. night to win the game. AU put up 24 pts, and could have easily gotten a field goal on the last drive had they not been forced to play for a td. 27 pts should be enough to win any game in the SEC. (That’s why AU hasn’t lost a game since 1996 when scoring more than 30 pts, and that was only b/c the game went into OT.) The problem is that Auburn’s D stinks so bad that that it let Ga. score even more pts. I know you have run your mouth about Malzahn so much that you now have a vested interest in seeing him fail, but are you so jaded that you cannot even see the obvious?? The man has brought AU from last to second in the SEC in scoring and total offense in one year.

  20. 28
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Jeezz. Va Tide ( did I get it right that time) take a prozak man…..Its not like I took a dump on Denny Chimes…..I stated what I stated as OPINION…..Thats all. And that opinion came as a rebuttal to anti-Auburn postings, of wich, I can handle…Its all good. Heck, I even put in a good word for your acedemics….Wee where it got me ? hte whole campus thingy came from your Nov.16th @ 8:30 posting on UAs campus being nicer than AUs….Whats the big deal man ? Are you the groundskeeper at UA ? Again, its all OPINION….But, as far as fans go, do what I suggested and ask the national boards the question. You know what they will say. The whole world knows, but you wont admit it. Go to our Rivals home pafe an look at how we treated one of the worst bases in CFB (W.V.) and see what they had to say about their trip….Keep in mind , most were worried about the coming treatment they would get , because of the way they know they treated us the year before.

    And dude, I would not be here if there werent so many flame articels about AU. So dont even try the “your obsessed” crap. Im responding. And, I will continmue to respond. If you dont like it……..Well, sorry man.

  21. 31
    VA Tide

    Good one Julio. Maybe an “infinity” to go along with it. Really, seriously, it really is not worth my time to argue with this guy. I would rather talk football.

  22. 32
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    The “Its not worth my time” arguement comes to the Indian quite often….Thats the first sign that the Indian is verbally abusing some poor dude….Then next thing that happens is a brief absence from the dude that the Indian is taking to the shed……NEXT !!!!!

  23. 33
    VA Tide

    Well at least that time you did show that can spell. No you didn’t take me to shed. If anything I work for a living and I don’t have time right now to go back and forth. Auburn fans really are not worth getting into an arguement because your premise is always flawed. You are comparing yourself to a program that has a national following, more championships, more wins, ranks better in academics. Even in the midst of when you were doing well in the early part of this century, you were overshadowed by Alabama. You always will be. So, Mr or Mrs Joke, that makes you not worth my time.

    As to Julio’s post, I always like a great, sharp response. That was very well done and I am still laughing about it.

  24. 35
    VA Tide

    Oh wait Joke it is argument. There is no E so I just wanted to point that out but I knew you would not catch in my other posts.

  25. 36
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Dude…..for someone that doesnt care , and it really doesnt matter to, you sure are wuick to respond……Show me where I have compared Au to Ua in terms of football ? I have not. Although in my lifetime (and Im 38) we have the edge. But that is neither here not there.

    I cant believe I didnt post this earlier, but the ultimate way to tell if you are handed someone there arse in an arguement, is if the pull the spelling bee cahmp card on you…..You prove my point. Game…..Set….Match….I win….You lose…..

  26. 38

    VA Tide, you’re fairly new here, so let me introduce Julio and Joke to you (Auburn is a joke…). They are two Aubsessed souls who LIVE on this and most certainly other Alabama boards, trying to argue Auburn’s way onto the same level as Alabama. Joke is an idiot altogether, Julio is intelligent, but somewhat delusional and disturbed. Alas, they fail in their arguments miserably, but are fun to have around. Don’t take too much offense in what they say, for they really have no idea what they’re saying.

    Glad you’re here, VA Tide!

  27. 39

    Julio, I have a serious question. Is your name really Julio? Because you were “Julio” before our Julio came to Alabama. Is that just a name you’ve picked, or are you of Latin descent? Not a dig here, just curious how you got your name.

  28. 41

    Don’t mention it. Both are kind of like having a shitzu around the house. They make a lot of noise, but they’re fairly easy to kick across the room.

  29. 42
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    JULIO…..looks like ITK is “fond” of you….Run buddy.

    Vatide ….kiss my arse.

  30. 44
    E.G. White

    Reading this drivel is about to make me vomit! Don’t have the space to respond to all the bullshit I’ve read on this thread! Any response to the illiterate, ignorant, unadulterated horseshit spewing forth from the likes of BH, BPI, RC, IV, ZH2 and Julia would simply be redundant and a capitol waste of time! They’re all Penis Enviers and the best thing to do is just wait 9 more days and we won’t have to listen to them for several days to even a week or more afterwards! LMFAO! One thing though. Seems to me that the Barn had a much better record 3 out of the last 5 years when you had that so called pathetic offense. I think you had the 4th, 5th and 6th fingers. Now you got nothin left but nubbs. ROTFLMFAO! RTR!

  31. 45
    The Voice of Reason

    You know if my team sucked I would probably try to talk about “who has a prettier town” as well. Guys this is not the off season, this is week 11. What’s funny is that you keep talking up your offense….what was Chizik’s specialty? Wasn’t he a DC?? so what happened to the D? HE SUCKS. Gus the Bus is the truth and I like what I am seeing. Also, all I heard after the hire was just forget about his tenure at ISU bc no coach could win there….umm didnt their new coach just get more wins then CHIZ did in two years combined??? and they beat Nebraska…reach in the hat and pull out a new excuse….RTR….and PS even though I hate to even further this ridiculous debate…both towns are nice…..TTOWN has a MUCH nicer CAMPUS…in my opinion….now speaking on something that is a fact we are 10-0 again…you might as well start doing your gator chomp just like last year when we beat your butt in the Ironbowl and were undefeated…ahh DEJAVU… vicariously through another team that has a chance to beat us is what your season has ended up being ….RTR

  32. 46

    How Hipocritical,
    You Bamers act like this doesn’t occur at your stadium???? HA HA HA.

    These are isolated incidents at Auburn and a large number of students drink before games. Stadium officials remove alcohol from those trying to sneak it in.

    Why do you Bamers HATE so much. Where is your sportsmanship. You finally have a good team and all you can do is tear everyone down. Enjoy and talk about the team not other schools.

    You talk about Class. Auburn fans consist of a fan base of alumni families that actually went to Auburn. Alabama’s fan base consists of one third of fans who have someone that attended the university and about two thirds of fans that just woke up and decided to root for the team because it is named Alabama, the name of the state they live in. Thus, Alabama carries more fans unassociated with the university, more of the non-college educated working folks, as well as you guessed it, the red-necks.

  33. 47
    VA Tide

    I agree totally and really it is my fault for engaging in it. I guess I get pissed off because I have heard this bs from this bunch for so long especially when I live close to Auburn.

  34. 48

    I got nothing — I found it interesting that Joke was bragging about his cow college and he couldn’t even spell curriculum correctly. Great education down there in the MICROpolis of Auburn, AL. Rick James bitches (the hand emerges).

    Two weeks to the ugliest beat down of the barner’s TO DATE. 🙂

    Time has never moved so slow.

    Roll Fucking Tide Roll!!!

  35. 49


    You have admitted two things:

    You look down your nose, as an aubarn graduate, to those who did not receive a college degree. (this attitude should lend you to an understanding of why we look down our noses at your idiocy)

    The whole of Alabama has a higher degree of understanding than all aubarn graduates.

    It sux to be an aubarn tiger. It always has and always will!

  36. 50

    “UA has one of the best business schools in the country”

    I’ve always wondered where people got this information. I don’t see them (Culverhouse or Manderson) ranked by Businessweek, Princeton Review, or US News. If anyone could point out a publication that does have one of the business schools ranked, I’d appreciate it.

  37. 51

    Rednecks snitching on rednecks… you guys must be SO proud.

    It’s true that students drink on other campuses during game-day. The difference is that the resulting relaxation of inhibitions doesn’t reveal the Neanderthal attitudes that have converted Jordan Hare into a prison camp.

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