#3 Alabama defeats Mississippi State 31-3

AP: Mark Ingram rushed for 149 yards and two touchdowns, Greg McElroy threw two long scoring passes and No. 3 Alabama improved to 10-0 for the second straight year with a 31-3 win over Mississippi State on Saturday night.

Mark Barron made his fifth and six interceptions of the season, most in the Southeastern Conference, and helped the Crimson Tide (7-0 SEC) smother the Bulldogs (4-6, 2-4).

The Alabama offense matched the defense big play for big play, and did it without a turnover or penalty.

Ingram had a workmanlike night until midway through the fourth quarter when he ripped off a 70-yard scoring run untouched. That was a one-play drive — so was Alabama’s previous possession, when McElroy hit Julio Jones with a 48-yard touchdown pass.

McElroy also had a 45-yard TD throw to Darius Hanks in the second quarter.

Alabama plays Chattanooga next week, then travels to instate rival Auburn. The Crimson Tide is already locked into the SEC championship game against No. 1 Florida.

Both of Alabama’s long scoring passes came because of broken coverage — rare letdowns for a Mississippi State defense that played very well. But the Bulldogs offense was no help in front of a record crowd of 58,103 and Alabama eventually wore them down, opening things up for the big plays in the fourth quarter.

After McElroy and Hanks made it 7-0, Ingram followed gargantuan defensive tackle-turned-blocker Terrence Cody into the end zone for a 1-yard score to make it 14-0 at halftime.

The Alabama defense gave up early yards, but after Barron picked off his first pass with an athletic, diving catch, the Bulldogs were held without a first down for the final 23:30 of the first half. Alabama limited Mississippi State to just 83 first-half yards and 213 total, shutting down everyone except for Bulldogs running back Anthony Dixon, who finished with 140 all-purpose yards.

Even when Mississippi State found what appeared to be an opening, the Alabama secondary was there to shut it down.

Marquis Johnson was every bit as effective as Barron. He knocked away two would-be touchdown passes to O’Neal Wilder in the third quarter with great recoveries, forced a field goal with tough defense in the end zone midway through the fourth quarter and then finished off the Bulldogs with an interception of his own as time ran down.

The Crimson Tide held the Bulldogs two just two third-down conversions on 13 attempts and dominated the line of scrimmage.


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  1. 2

    To all the bama haters, I guess now you are going to tell us that we need to watch out for UTChatt. because they are going to man handle us, right?

  2. 3
    E.G. White

    Don’t you realize that since we didn’t have one single penalty we must have paid the refs double tonight! 2 penalties in 3 games. Has to be a conspiracy, right? Thought I’d say it first and beat the Bastards to it! ROTFLMFAO! I told ya’ll about 12 hours ago exactly what was going to happen tonight. RTR!

  3. 8
    E.G. White

    Hey BPI, any more dumbass remarks about McElroy or MSU and API beating Bama? Any of you other dreamers out there in the peanut gallery got anything else you want to say to make yourselves look delusional. That makes 4 out of 6 common opponents that we’ve whipped worse than the Gayturds! And 3 of them a hell of a lot worse. Yesterday was abosolutely perfect! Florida struggled with USC, UcheaT got their ass tore off, the Barn lost to their #2 rival, and we weathered the cowbells, record attendance, black jerseys, the Meyer/Mullen spread and Dixon trying to mirror image Ingram (he ran the Wildcat and had more yards recieving than all season previously). We overcame with maybe the best game of the year! Oh, and before you get started assholes, Bumphis WAS out of bounds, and it’s a good thing since the refs didn’t call that nasty block in the back at the 5 yard line right in front of the camera. Not to mention that Ingram was viciously speard in the head with a helmet that tore his helmet off and gashed his eye!

  4. 9

    Yes E.G. — it was a perfect day 🙂

    I’ll tell ya one thing — after watching Florida play South Carolina — I like our chances in Atlanta 10 times better now. RTR!!!! THIS IS THE YEAR. Crimson Tide fans will have to spend a little more cash going to Pasadena this year instead of New Orleans. Major middle fingers to the opposition in here also. RTR!!!!!

  5. 10
    IndianaVol, from the artist formerly known as Alex Hamilton

    Feelthy, Stewpid Cheaturs!!!

    You paid off the refs!!!

    You framed NuKeese!!! It’s a Nick Satan plot!!!!

    The looks on your faces when MSU cut it to two touchdowns was priceless!!! You weren’t yawning!!! You were skeered!

    Crimson Turd Morons!!!!! You only wish you could play Missiiisssiipppii like we did in the first five minutes!!!

    Go Auburn!!! Our greatest Defensive Coordinator in the history of football couldn’t stop that high school offense, because Chris Todd is as good as Peyton Manning!!

    I love talking feces!!!!!

  6. 11

    I’m through with this guy —

    : NOTE : to the community — ignore something for sometime — and it goes away.

  7. 12

    on the officiating:

    (1.) aren’t those damn cowbells illegal??? and if so why aren’t the officials doing something about them???

    (2.) we were flagged for a delay of game on javy’s punt return where again the ref completely botched a call. if he could tell javy waving of teammates from a fair catch signal, he doesn’t have the eyesight to drive home from a game much less officiate one.

    i pray to god our sec and national championship hopes don’t hinge on an sec official’s call.

  8. 14

    My guess for the cowbell thing is that how can you kick out 10’s of thousands of PAYING fans??? That’s my only explanation why they are not banned at the gates.

  9. 15

    81, i believe the school can be fined and/or a penalty can be accessed on the home team.

    something can be done, the sec officials choose not to for whatever reason.

    if you’re going to have rules and don’t enforce them, why are they there???

    of course, this is the sec.

  10. 16

    You raise some good points. It’s almost like the ref’s letting Tebow & co. celebrate left and right but heaven forbids if someone from Georgia does a Tebow’ish celebration. Rules are made by man — therefore nothing is perfect.

    I’m in total agreement with you — if the rules are there — with the cowbell bullshit — why are they letting them bring that into the stands — just doesn’t make sense — but as you said — it is the SEC

    *S*ometimes w*E* *C*are


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