Talking BCS

AP: It will be hard to argue that the winner of the BCS Championship game on Jan. 7 in Pasadena isn’t deserving, but hardly impossible.

If it’s Florida or Alabama, that team will have emerged from the toughest league in the land unscathed and then knocked off a Texas team that looks like the worthiest challenger. And if it’s Texas, well, the fact that the Longhorns beat the SEC’s best will make people forget that the Big 12 had an off year.

But as long-suffering fans of a playoff know all too well, looks are all we have to go on.

The BCS has made a half-dozen tweaks and injected all sorts of pseudoscience into the process of ranking the teams down through the years, but ultimately, it’s still no more decisive than the results of a beauty pageant. What promises to make this season tougher than ever to decide is that there are three unbeaten teams chasing Florida, Alabama and Texas, and each one “looks” like a worthy contender.

No. 5 Cincinnati could wind up with the best argument, since the Bearcats play in the Big East, one of the BCS’ anointed half-dozen power conferences. Of course, Auburn went through the SEC undefeated a few years ago and a lot of good that did the Tigers. But this time around, No. 4 TCU from the Mountain West and No. 6 Boise State from the WAC will also get excluded, and they’ve increasingly become the darlings of everyone who roots for the underdog or simply hates the BCS. (read much more in this post)