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    Indiana Vol

    You TURDS would know all about this type of jewelry with all of the THUGS and CHEATERS that amke up the Crimson TURD program and it’s inbred fanbase!

    GO MSU; beat the Dirty, Cheating Bammer Bastards!

  2. 5

    Indiana, what is the preoccupation you have with feces? Did you not get past the anal stages of development? Do we need to wash your fingers?

    And no, armed robbery is not the same as some players getting in a tussle on the strip. Kiffin recruits thugs, and so expect more of this pub. It’s gonna be GREAT for recruiting, friend. I’m sure EVERY momma and daddy wants to entrust their son to play for someone who is going to surround him with felons for the next five years. Classic. We will own you for the foreseeable future!

    2007 – win
    2008 – win
    2009 – win
    2010 – I can’t wait for #4!!!

  3. 6
    E.G. White

    The stupid volunqueer fag has no life at all. He’s on our board 24 – 7! Even now when his school is in crisis and being curb stomped from coast to coast. When the Viles now have go to the Grove and play Ole Miss without 3 players, 2 of which were superstars; the moron is still over here bothering us! Talk about obsession! Pathetic! RTR!

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    Alex Hamilton

    That’s why I say Indiana Queer must be of the gay persuasion. You nailed it ITK.

    You know UT has some great tradition. Neyland, Reggie White, Johnny Majors, Willie Gault, and of course Peyton Manning-complete. Sorry, that’s a force of habit to say complete after watching him hit 100 passes at Legion Field.

    The issue here is that the Vols are no longr a class organization. When Fulmer went to a win at all costs approach, the mentality there became to win and spew the vitriolic venom of hate. That’s UT today. That’s why a douchebag like the Indiana Queer will seek out an Alabama blog to spread his hate and garbage. And by the way, are we supposed to believe what he says since he repeats it every post?

    UT has sold it’s soul to the Kiffin Percepton Machine. Kiffin is like a democrat, talk shit and use the media to spread the garbage. To his credit, Kiffin is working magic with the proletariate of Knoxville, the idiot with the Gun in face wants NuKeese back retuning kicks.

    Maybe the fools deserve a fool as their leader. It obviously explains why Obama is President.

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    Indiana Vol

    “The issue here is that the Vols are no longr a class organization.”

    ..and the Habitual Cheaters in Tuscaloser are pure as the wind-driven snow??

    Give me a f’ing break. Bammer is known for being the dirtiest cheaters in college football. I’m sure parents want their sons to play for Nicky Satan and the cheaters. Bammer has its THUGS, too!

  6. 9
    E.G. White

    No we don’t! Dealing drugs and fighting with your girlfriends is not thuggery. Accessory to rape and armed robbery most certainly is, shit bag! RTR!

  7. 11

    Parents definetly want their sons to play for Nick Saban. Mel Kiper Jr. has said there is a possibility of 25 players on our roster that are 1st round picks — that’s insane!!!

    Play for Saban — your chances of going to the next level are automatically doubled — your chances of living out your collegiate dream are doubled — need I say more.

    Indiana Vol

    You ENVY our program. You wish you could wear that Crimson — after all — orange is only good for prison and halloween. I think deep down you wish you had something to look forward to on Saturday’s. Instead — you look forward to maybe getting invited to a pathetic bowl game in early December. You also look forward to coming on this board to vent your real life frustrations out. I ALMOST feel sorry for you.

  8. 13

    Check out your new Bitch Daddy !
    Old Piss !
    2:40 to go Indy Hoe !

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