Recap: Alabama 24 LSU 15

From the AP: Greg McElroy completed 19 of 34 passes for 276 yards with two touchdowns and an interception as the Tide aired it out 25 times in the first half against a defense that was putting extra defenders near the line.

The second half was more typical of the Tide’s style. Mark Ingram gained 106 of his 144 yards after the half to continue to mount a strong campaign for Heisman Trophy consideration.

Jones had his best game of the season, with four catches for 102 yards.

And the Tide defense — as it has all season — came through in the end.

Needing two scores, backup quarterback Jarrett Lee and LSU couldn’t get it to midfield in the final minutes.

Alabama hadn’t left them much time, anyway, milking more than six minutes off the clock in setting up Tiffin’s final kick. He also had a 20-yarder on a drive that took nearly as long early in the fourth.

LSU had failed on a 2-point try late in the third quarter trying to push its lead to seven points. Trent Richardson’s 2-point run after Jones’ touchdown made it a two-score game at the end.

Alabama gave fans two things they covet in the fourth quarter: The lead and big plays from Jones, who had been quiet all season after a fantastic freshman year. He caught a short pass from McElroy, juked a defender and sprinted down the sideline for a touchdown. Then Richardson made it 21-15 Alabama. (read the entire story embedded in this post)


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    let’s see, if peterson isn’t hurt, jones doesn’t score. two plays before that on 3rd and 2 for lsu, if scott isn’t hurt, lsu makes the first down. throw in a clear interception that wasn’t and alabama while technically the victor, has been, what is the word i’m thinking of? um, EXPOSED. exposed. florida should be about a ten point favorite based on quality of teams. do us a favor bama, and show up this year in the sugar bowl. no shame in going to the sugar bowl. enjoy it.

  2. 2


    Alabama exposed? I guess if you call beating a Top 10 team by 9 points to remain undefeated is exposed.

    Really lame attempt at trolling.

  3. 4
    E.G. White

    Exposed? Florida didn’t come close to 460 yds of O against LSWho! McElroy is getting closer to his early season form. If the damn refs called that tripping on the bomb to Julio and Mac connects on those 3 overthrown td passes that he was hitting in the first 4 games, then this game is a blowout and LSWho’s injuries are a moot point. The game was not as close as the score. Even being behind late I was never as worried as I was the whole second half against UcheaT. RTR!

  4. 5
    E.G. White

    Jesus guys, stay away from the LSWho boards. They’ll just make you want to kill some Corndogs! They must be UcheaTs’ cousins. I’ve never heard so damn much whining and pissing and moaning and ranting and excuses in my life. They’re blaming the refs and injuries and dirty play by Bama and the SEC for ordering the refs to protect Bama and Florida and Mary Magdelene and Baby Jesus and Christopher Columbus. God, the SEC has turned into a bunch of whining tittie babies. Makes me want to puke. The bastards ought to thank their lucky stars that Mac misfired on 3 bombs or they would have got slaughtered 40-0. Screw the stupid Corndogs! RTR

  5. 6
    alex hamilton

    Charles Scott got hurt right in front of me in KK. As there was an obnoxious 18 year old cajun in front of me that would not shut up all day, I took great pleasure in laughing my ass off at their misfortune.

    Hey Bean,

    If “ifs and buts”…..well, you know the rest.

    Here’s the deal Bean. Alabama got exposed alright. Our team was exposed as a violent, relentless force. We knocked your bull running back out for the season. And your little girl quarterback Jessica Jefferson got hit all night til he couldn’t go anymore.

    It’s just like Coach Saban says, we want to be a team that other teams hate to play. LSU “used” to be the studs of the West and the SEC.

    We were the bully tonight. You were the pussies in purple and yellow.

    I loved pointing my finger at you stupid idiots as you filed out of the stadium and we jeered you with the Rammer Jammer.

    Go choke on a King Cake you curly haired cajun.

  6. 7

    I will give you this Bean.

    Every time a team loses a close game, anyone can pick a few plays and justify an outcome in their favor. It helps the Les fortunate deal with defeat. Look at the stats and the score board. You were clearly defeated by better players who are better coached. Going for two and even thinking about fourth and five at those times in the game? We moved the ball all game. On fourth and two from the two, we needed 6 to take the lead. Coach Saban allowed our sure footed kicker to close the gap to 2, because he knew we would be back in field goal range at minimum and you had only driven the ball twice. When you go for all are nothing, nothing happens. Do you think Les thought your defense would suddenly to stop BAMA? BAMA had stopped BAMA inside field goal range for the previous three games, but Tiffin had given three 20 of 23 times. Maybe I am wrong, Les may have realized he had only been close for the second time and needed all the points he could possibly gamble. On fourth and five, it was the third time he had been across the fifty and he may have known he would not be back. Maybe he is a sheer genius that knew he was lucky to have shot at winning and these ignorant chances were justified.

    You need to worry about Arkansas and Ole Miss so you can be second fiddle. (albeit a distance second)

    Roll Tide

    go eat a rat or bug!

    For those of you who do not get it. A crawfish is a bug and a nutrea is a big rat. They eat both in LA.

  7. 8

    One thing about the LsWho fans — they certainly got treated better at Bryant-Denny than if the Crimson Tide fans went down to Baton Rouge to have shit thrown on them like beer and spit. The Alabama-Lsu series is a rivalry game like Tenn./Aubawrn now in my opinion.

    You’re going to hear arguments that Alabama got special officiating to them and the Peterson “interception” call even though clear possession of the ball was a factor in that call — we’ll also hear excuse and what if’s and how Aubawrn has a better team and we’re going to lose to them in their stadium — blah blah blah — the Crimson Tide reigns and I’m predicting we won’t be in 3rd place by 2:00pm EST (Sunday) when the polls come out. RTR!!!!!!!!!!! 9 down — 5 to go 🙂

  8. 9

    Of course Bama was very fortunate in this game with the injuries and the interception call. In every successful year for a team, there will be games when the breaks go their way. (BTW, alex you’re a genius as usual. Bragging about injuring the other teams players?? And you have the gall to talk about AU chopblocking??) The interception non-call was one of the weirder moments I have seen. None of the ref’s on the field would make the call on whether he was inbounds or not, so they basically called it a non-int by default and left it up to the replay officials. Now you gotta have indisputable evidence to overturn that.

    EG, this is classic: “I’ve never heard so damn much whining and pissing and moaning and ranting and excuses in my life.” A Bama fan accusing other fans of whining and excuse making. I’m absolutely speechless.

  9. 10

    For anyone to say the ball caught by Peterson was clearly an interception, shows your basis. I have looked at the replay. There is a ref that calls the play an incomplete pass immediately. As for the replay, I have yet to see an angle that proves or disproves the placement of his foot at the time he receives the ball. The replay official has to have clear evidence to over rule the call on the field. The call on field was made. Blame CBS for not having a better angle if this what you hang your hat on for BAMA winning.

    Do you really think this changed the outcome of the game? LSU had used all of their timeouts and Jarret Lee was already playing. Find another play for your justification. Find whatever it takes to help ease the pain and suffering of the TIDE being something you can only dream your team could one day be. Just remember, it is only a dream. The ALABAMA CRIMSON TIDE is reality.

    It sux to be an AuBarn Tiger. It always has, and it always will!

    Man I LOVE my father.

  10. 11
    E.G. White

    Yeah, it would make the first time you’ve been speechless Julia. How about let’s keep it that way! Don’t be as stupid as you are! There’s been nothing but constant whining by USC and Spurious, UcheaT and Kitten Shit and now by the Corndogs, and if not for Slive you can bet Less Than Mild would be bitchin too. And mark my words, you bastards at the Barn will top them all in three weeks! As for the int, it wouldn’t have made any difference anyway as we held them to 6 yds in the 4th quarter. The play was so close that during action no one could be 100% certain it was out of bounds or not controlled or both. Then it was required to have irrefutable evidence to overturn it. I saw the same replays as you, and by regulations I wouldn’t have overturned it either. It was simply one call for us that was offset by a phantom block in the back and many non-calls for them including tripping Julio from behind on a sure td bomb! Anyway, I didn’t hear the corndogs complaining when the zebras handed them the Georgia game! RTR!

  11. 12

    E.G. you’ve done it again. LMAO Less than Mild!! LMAO!!!!

    Less than Mild coaching at LSWho!

    Your vocab amazes me week after week!

  12. 13

    I’m glad Slive put the hammer down on the coaches talking shit about the officiating. E.G. is right. Less than Mild would be screaming right now.

  13. 14
    alex hamilton

    Julio, you ignorant slut.

    I guess Julio took time out from jacking off to Chris Todd photos to read the LSU boards and come up with something to say today.

    Here’s an idea Julia, er, Julio. You want to talk about chop blocks? There’s no doubt in my mind that AU has no offensive line talent at all. Furthermore, they’ve not been coached well at all. Your former line coach is such a great coach that he’s now working as a file clerk for a trucking company. He was nothing more than a cheat and a fraud. Auburn is nothing more than a fraud today.

    And, Julia, any time you want to do the Oklahoma drill, let me know. I’ll be glad to go as a backer or a guard. And if you’re on defense, I’ll be glad to show you what it’s like to have your knees destroyed.

  14. 15

    alex, just a couple of things to note:

    1. How in the #$%@ is Hugh Nall’s current employment even remotely relevant to what AU is doing on offense right now? Are you also blaming McElroy missing wide open receivers against LSU on Dave Rader and Mike Shula?? That statement was so ignorant it was bizzare.

    2. Once again, you throw a childish temper tantrum and resort to threats of physical violence over something as insignificant as a posting on a message board. What’s so unbelievable is that you still can’t control yourself from doing it even after being called on the carpet and insulted about it. Earth to alex: It’s ok. This is just a fun little message board. You don’t have to go postal and threaten to punch people in the face or destroy their knees simply because they posted something you didn’t like. Get yourself some counseling and medication.

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