Capstone Saturdays: Urban’s Scales of Justice

scales of justice
Editorial Cartoon: Urban’s Scales of Justice

Okay, I know I’m late to the punch on this one, but I had to weigh in. The footage of Florida’s savage LB raking the eyes of the Georgia RB was one of the most troubling sights I’ve ever witnessed as a football fan. They say stuff happens in the pile all the time. Heck, it did when I played. But there was something barbaric about seeing a player intentionally going for the eyes of a helpless foe, pinned down where he can’t do anything about it.

Now Juxtapose this act against Ole Miss’ Rodney Scott who instinctively thought beyond himself and remained still so that Auburn’s Zac Etheridge could walk again. There are thugs and then there are heroes.

Like you, I was prepared to read this week that Brandon Spikes had been suspended by the SEC indefinitely for commiting assault and battery on national TV. But that the SEC left it up to Florida’s win-at-all-costs coach Urban Meyer to decide the punishment…who allegedly had to be prompted by his wife to do anything at all…it really left me confident that the SEC office means business when it comes to punishing egregious acts like this one. I guess a win over Vandy is that important. I wonder if Urban came to that punishment on his own, or if he and Tebow settled on it together while spooning in the hammock after practice.


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    E.G. White

    The entire nation is up in arms over this. The mere mention of it explodes across boards and blogs like a nuclear holocost from USC to Iowa to Rutgers. I don’t think the final shot has been fired yet. I certainly hope not. Since Slive has apparently misplaced his balls again, I think the NCAA should get involved. Spikes has been injured most of the year, so this quasi suspension against Vandy is nothing more than a recuperative rest to save him for FSU and the SECCG. It’s a shameful joke! Take him out behind the barn and put a bullet in his head! RTR!

  2. 2

    It was very wrong for what he did, and I definitely think that he deserves more than a 1 game suspension (which wouldn’t even matter considering Florida has 2 easy games coming up).

    But to say “take him out behind the barn and put a bullet in his head” makes you no better than him. Makes you worse actually…considerin’ that is a person’s life. Not a fan of his act, but he’ll get his sooner or later. Just pull back on the reigns Judge Dredd.

    Funny drawing though…

  3. 3
    E.G. White

    ThatGuy, go fornicate with your baby sister. Nobody on this board is interested in you’re opinion, least of all me. You’re welcome to go behind the barn and protect him with your body if you care too, asshole! RTR!

  4. 4

    ThatGuy, I felt the same way about what E.G. said. Sometimes my brother E.G. speaks from his passion and not his brain.

    E.G., ratchet it down a notch or two, brother. Saying you want to put a bullet in someone’s head paints you like a savage. I appreciate your Crimson spirit, but you’re making us all look bad when you say stupid things like that.

    Spikes needs to be behind bars, not in a coffin.

  5. 6

    Spikes’ actions and Rodney Scott’s actions are of equal and opposite magnitude. Why in the world hasn’t the national sports media publicized Scott alongside Spikes? AU fans would trip over themselves to buy Scott a beer — an Ol’ Sis player! — but virtually nobody outside the stadium even knows it happened.

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    alex hamilton

    Yes. Let’s not be too savage E.G. lest we be compared with the classy UF folk who would rather see a thug be permitted to do his thing at all costs.

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    alex hamilton

    and quite simply the most marvelous use of the word “spoon” with Tebow and Meyer that I have ever read.

    They really should get a room.

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