SEC enacts dumbass rule. Breaking news.
AP: Southeastern Conference coaches will face stiffer penalties from now on for complaining about officiating in the media.

Commissioner Mike Slive says coaches who violate the conferences’ ethics rules against criticizing officials in public will face a fine or suspension instead of receiving public reprimands when they first act up.

The decision by Slive comes after three coaches were reprimanded in the last two weeks, including Tennessee’s Lane Kiffin. The Volunteers’ coach received his second reprimand earlier this week for complaining about the officiating in a loss to Alabama on Saturday.


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    I think he is tired of Kiffin’s attempt to paint the conference as unethical.

    What makes it so ironic is the video evidence that has surfaced that shows the REFS blew a call and it helped UT.

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    Indiana Vol

    Crimson Turd Moron Nation,

    Get ready for your 2nd season in a row with nothing to show for it!

    Meanwhile, your future owner Lane Kiffin and the Vols will win out and get a good bowl win to propel the Vols back into the national spotlight. Next year, Kiffin will pick up where Fulmer left off, owning the behinds of the Dirty Habitual Cheaters.

    Per Kirk Herbstreit on College Gameday, “teams had better get their licks in on the Vols now, because the Vols are back and will be a force in the SEC for years to come.”

    READ IT AND WEEP; low-life scum!

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