FINAL: Alabama 12 Tennessee 10 (game story)

AP: Terrence Cody blocks 2 4th quarter kicks, lifting No. 1 Alabama to 12-10 win over Tennessee

Alabama’s Mount Cody proved too big for Tennessee to kick over. Terrence Cody, the Crimson Tide’s 350-pound nose guard, blocked a 44-yard field-goal attempt on the final play and No. 1 Alabama escaped with a 12-10 victory over the rival Volunteers on Saturday.

Cody broke through the line on the last play and practically ran into Daniel Lincoln’s low kick. Relieved Alabama fans chanted “Cody” as the All-American ambled toward the locker room. It was Cody’s second blocked field goal of the fourth quarter.

Leigh Tiffin booted four field goals — including a 50-yarder and a 49-yarder — to provide all Alabama’s offense and the Tide (8-0, 5-0 Southeastern Conference) survived Mark Ingram’s first college fumble and some problems for the nation’s top defense.

Tennessee (3-4, 1-3) kept alive its hopes for coach Lane Kiffin’s first huge victory with Eric Berry’s fumble recovery and Jonathan Crompton’s 11-yard touchdown pass to Gerald Jones with 1:19 left. Then Tennessee’s Denarius Moore recovered the onside kick at the Vols’ 41 with no time outs remaining. (read the entire story embedded in this post.)


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    Terrence Cody Photos | Hot Web Trends

    […] Capstone Report » FINAL: Alabama 12 Tennessee 10 (game story)Alabama’s Mount Cody proved too big for Tennessee to kick over. Terrence Cody, the Crimson Tide’s 350-pound nose guard, blocked a 44-yard field-goal attempt on the final play and No. 1 Alabama escaped with a 12-10 victory over the rival …Read more […]

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    The excitement of the block is what makes ALABAMA football special. Whatever, whenever, and whoever it takes to win. That is magically. Cody’s block could be one of greatest legendary moments in BAMA history. The legend will grow as the season progresses.

    It was a poorly played game for BAMA on both sides of the ball, and the offensive play calling was not what it should have been. Second and 2 from the three and we threw the ball twice. Fourth and a full yard and we run a QB sneak. The entire team, including coaches, is physically and mentally tired.

    This is SEC football. The off week was scheduled by a genius.

    Tennessee played a good game and had some huge breaks.

    BAMA played sloppy and won. The game was never in doubt until Tennessee recovered the onside kick.

    I have fully recovered to the mind set of it is never in doubt.

    Ha! Ha! To all you barneys. This who you are and for the most part have always been. Cellar dwellers.

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    Comeon man, GMAC didn`t f–kup that game. Droped passes and stupid play calling did. I actually thought he played a pretty good game. You can say what you want, but I`ll tell you right now; none of the recievers are catching the balls like they did through the first four games. They were like vaccumn cleaners, and now they`re like stumble bums. And 2 passes into the endzone with 2 to go for a first down at the three. Just plain f–king stupid. Not to mention the ref`s no call when Julio turned to see where the ball was going and then the defender kept him from continuing on. I will give UT credit for playing tough coverage most of the time. However, when the Wildcat had proved unstopable and yet dumbass McElwain kept abandoning it in favor of dropped passes and handoffs in the backfield that lost yardage, I begin to wonder if he`s trying to sabotage the team! The ending of this game was totally uneccesary. Mark`s fumble was not caused by Berry like the papers said. It just simply slipped out just inches before he would have been down while he was being wrapped up by 3 defenders. I belive the wildcat would have moved that ball down for a td and the final score would have been the same as USC or Ole Miss if not for that fumble. With the fumble and the recovered kick, both of which were nothing more than lucky bounces of the ball, Tennessee got one too many breaks after the game should have been over. Another thing is it looked like we were scared of the Slants UT ran so well against Georgia. Too many times we disdained the pass rush aginst what has not been a very strong UT O line, in favor of covering the short passing game. Crompton had all damn day to throw sometimes. We never shook himup like we did the others and because of that he was deadly accurate in the 2nd half. Were we really more afraid of Crompton than Mallet, Snead, Garcia and Heartline and other fine QB`s we`ve faced this year? PLEASE! This team is tired and beatup. We have way too many stars out or playing injured even for our depth. McElwain and the recieving corps better get their shit together this week or LSWho is gonna hand our asses to us! And if we lose that game, then we have to hope Ole Miss can beat them. Don`t get me wrong, I love the way this team never gives up – even on offense. But the execution, concentration and play calling on the offensive side of the ball has got to improve dramatically in the next 13 days. Cudo`s to a tough UT that`s gonna be hell in the coming years! But, ROLL DAMN TIDE ROLL!!!

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    Indiana Vol.
    You worthless piece of putz crap.
    Where are you now? Looks like you have to deal with 364 more days of us delusional Bammer idiots telling you that your team sucks and that you are a bunch of gullible yokels AND that Lane kiffin is the latest slick spin bullshit artist to fleece the moonshine addled UT fan base.
    Suck it up Indy. You earned it. Good luck on that Moral Victory national Championship.
    Lately Notre Dame seems to have it sewed up.

  5. 5
    Indiana Vol

    I am right here, Bammer scum FOOLS!

    I want to know what happened to the Crimson Turd fools who promised a blow-out against the Vols??? Anything to say??

    The look on the faces of the Crimson Turd Morons was priceless when the Vols set up for the FG!!

    Enjoy the win, Bammer Boobs because the days of beating the Vols are O V E R!

    Go Gators, beat Nicky Satan and the Crimson Turd IF Bammer makes it to the SEC CG!!

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