Vols not expecting finesse from No. 1 Alabama

“It does get frustrating when you’re playing the spread teams, and they’re throwing the ball everywhere, and just pitching the ball everywhere,” Tennessee’s Wes Brown said. “But you look at Alabama, and they say, ‘Hey, we’re going to show you we’re running the ball right here, so man up, and somebody’s going to falter.’

“It’s games like this, the really physical games, that are really fun to watch and really fun to play in.” (read more embedded in this post)


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    E.G. White

    No doubt. But now Saban has to keep the complements from going to their heads, and he’s had problems doing that over the past two years. Kiffin is slick. He tried hate against Florida and they did better than expected. But he knows better than get a Rugby style team like Bama pissed off. So he’s hittin’ us with the Love. Hope our team is deaf! RTR!

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    Let him say what he wants,This team will run buck shot over the queers.Saban will have guys ready just like always.They know what is at stake and want let Crompton breath back there.Just like Ole piss game this defense will live in back field and frustrate him all night.8 0 baby by a score of 30 10. RTR RAMMER JAMMER YELLOW HAMMER GIVE THEM HELL ALABAMA…………..

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    Prediction: Tennessee will not score an offensive touchdown today. They’ll get one somewhere else…possibly.

    McElroy has a better game, and Ingram goes for 175.

    Alabama 35
    Tennessee 16

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    Oh, and LSU beats Auburn easily and Florida struggles at Mississippi State. Alabama is the BCS #1 come Sunday afternoon.

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    E.G. White

    I don’t understand why they aren’t sticking to the wildcat. They haven’t stopped it yet. They should use it until it doesn’t work. And eventually it will open up the secondary. Damn me need Peek in this tougg game. Greg’s looking a lot better, but the recievers still aren’t catching the tough passes. Still can’t believe we threw the ball twice with 2yds to go at the 5. Pure stupidity.

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    Well, I’m here to take my lumps as promised. UT lost to the best team in the country. Special teams won it for Bama, but that is part of the game and Bama’s special teams played better than ours. Bama should win out and play Florida in Atlanta.

    I am extremely proud of UT and the coaching staff. We have the right people in place and I like the direction the program is headed. I hope we get some better special teams personnel next season. Enjoy the win, you worked hard for it. Props to Cody. See you in K-town in 52 weeks. I do not claim moral victory. I settle for nothing short of a W.

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    alex hamilton

    Poor Carlos.

    And you had that million dollar idea about the suicide hotline, such a great idea.

    Just remember Carlos, we don’t get despondent. We force fumbles before you score. We scoop up laterals and take them to the house. We block field goals and rip your hearts out.

    And always remember, Carlos, that nothing sucks like the Big Orange.

    I loved sitting all around the UT losers in LL and seeing the looks on their faces after that block. It was almost as priceless as the look on Kiffin’s face right before the kick. Kiffin’s arrogance is why this win was so, so, so sweet!

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