ALERT: Counterfeit tickets

The University of Alabama just sent out this notice:

Notice To Alabama Football Fans Concerning Counterfeit Tickets
TUSCALOOSA – The University of Alabama is looking forward to hosting another sellout crowd of more than 92,000 when the Crimson Tide football team hosts the Tennessee Volunteers Saturday at Bryant-Denny Stadium, and the UA Athletic Ticket Office wishes to remind fans that stolen and counterfeit tickets were sold for recent Tide home games.

Unfortunately, those tickets – sold on the Internet and by individuals around the stadium and on campus on game day – led to some fans being defrauded. With this in mind, the UA Athletic Ticket Office would like to remind fans that any person who purchases a stolen or counterfeit ticket may be denied admission at the gates and any individual trying to gain entry with a ticket found to be fraudulent could be subject to investigation. Also, any person in the stadium who is caught with a stolen or counterfeit ticket will be ejected.

“We want our loyal fans to understand that purchasing game tickets on game day from individuals on the street is a risky proposition, at best,” said Chris Besanceney, Assistant Athletic Director for Ticketing & TIDE PRIDE. “The lone authorized outlet for Alabama football tickets is the UA Athletic Ticket Office. Buyers who purchase tickets from other sources do so at their own risk.”


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  1. 2

    Yes Sir. That Furman Ticket is going to be hot as hell. “Charles From Reeltown” will perform at Halftime.
    He will drop his bib overalls and show his real “Country Ass”.
    Order Today !

  2. 4
    alex hamilton

    I called it first after the AU/UT game that the Barn would not win another game.

    And all Julio wanted to do was tempt me into a manhood bet. I’ll keep my manhood Julio, thank you very much.

    It seems like half the fans in this state (including you) have lost theirs by being too enthusiastic about a lackluster team.

    Auburn: Fearless, True, and .500

  3. 7

    The genuine tickets will have an offer for a free can of Skoal on the back!

    Rammer-jammer, Yeller-hammer; GO TO HELL ALABAMMER!!

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