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    Good one ITK. Spurrier is a great coach, one of the all-time best, but he’s also one of the all-time biggest whiners. Just ask any Florida State fan.

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    E.G. White

    The USC fans are split down the middle. Half know they got their asses handed to ’em and the tape was no big deal. They’re still mad at Garcia and wondering where their O went and how MJ ate up 3 straight fade routes in the endzone. LMFAO! On the other hand half of them are jumping on the Barner, Volunqueer and Corndog bandwagon and sayimg “typical Bammer cheaters” and worse. Doesn’t matter that they did it too. They’re in a state of denial. They’ve even supposedly got a statement from last years place kicker saying he never used anything to mark his kicks. LOL! Course the bastards can’t remember the chop block, roughing the passer and blatent personal fouls they were penalized for. They don’t cheat! Can we move on away from this petty bullshit and forget the bottom feeders? We got the UcheaT Volunqueers coming to T-Town! RTR!

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    Yea Bamafan, Spurrier can cry with the best of ’em. As my cartoon suggests, I’m sure that piece of tape had a lot to do with them losing to us by two touchdowns.

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