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    Hmm, we could do a contest for one. Any suggestions? Here are a few off the top of my head: Who hates Tennessee the most? Who could send in the most pictures of hot girls on campus in Tuscaloosa?

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    Who wouldn’t want to sport the threads of Ingram?

    He has to be one of the best RB’s since Shaun Alexander — what a work horse — Dude ain’t afraid to square up and hit nose to nose either —- RTR !!!!!!!!

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    E.G. White

    I’ve been calling him our little Yankee for a year. Guess I need to change it to our Big, Badass Yankee! RTR!

  4. 10
    Auburn Man

    He isnt Bo Jackson.
    Bo Jackson is was and will always be the greatest Athlete of all time.
    Bo once ran a 3.34 forty.
    Bo once hit a baseball into orbit and knocked a satelite down from the heavens.
    Bo would have competed in every event in the olympics but he felt it would be showing off to the world and would not be politically correct so he nixed the idea.
    Mark Ingram is the son of a thug. And would never make it in the fine Halls of Auburn University.
    Bo jackson is an Auburn Man. Thus… he is superior!!!

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    Bo JACK OFF was a big pussy who got his ass handed to him in the big boy league which is the N.F.L.How long did he last?Not long..

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    Does anyone know where to find a stiched Ingram jersey? Or somewhere that makes them custom but stiched not screen printed? My bf really wants one.

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