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    E.G. White

    Cute. I hate to admit it but I finally have to pull for the Barn to win one. Win one for the Bammer. If LSWho loses then everybody in the west will have 2 losses and that will pretty much put Bama in Atlanta with 4 games still left to play. Sooo, RAW BEAGLE! BEAT THE CORNDOGS!

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    alex hamilton

    An instant classic. Biting, witty, and spot on.

    However, I would’ve put that dork Trooper Taylor up on a scaffold wiping the old language out with one of his towels. I wonder how well those things are selling now? I have one on top of my toilet tank with a note that says, “Use In Case of Emergency.”

    As much as it would be nice to see LSU geaux down, it won’t happen. See Charles Scott versus the worst rushing defense in the SEC. LSU wins by three touchdowns.

    Hey Julio,,,, still think you will win more than just the Furman game? You’ve got to be the only thing that is a bigger joke than Auburn right now. Enjoy that Pizza Bowl with extra Cheesy Chiznik.

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    Hey alexis, you didn’t take the bet. So, you’re still a little wuss. You only accentuate it more by bringing the same thing up again. Now quick, throw out another threat of physical violence and an f-bomb.

    Ok, this is for Cappy and ITK…I have to admit the UK game was downright painful to watch. I now know how you felt when Bama lost to La-Mo a couple of years ago. (ok, maybe it wasn’t that pathetic but it still hurt.) Worst of all, my wife made me invite our new neighbors over to watch the game. I reluctantly agreed b/c I figured AU would handily win the game, thus allowing me to behave in a socially acceptable manner in front of people that I didn’t really know very well. But noooooooooo, AU had to clink up a classic stinker reminiscent of 08, and I had to sit through the whole #@$! game and act “mature” about it. (BTW, my wife tells me I did a pretty lousy job. She says I didn’t say a word the entire 4th quarter, and the neighbors immediately left at the conclusion of the game. Hell, I thought I did good not to throw anything.)

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Whats the bammer neck that has a youtube site ? Rickys rants ? He is tame compared to how I am at times.

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    E.G. White

    Ricky is my hero! Julia, the only thing that could have made that situation more perfect would be if your neighbors were Bammers! RTR!

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    Julio, from friend to friend, you know better than that! Watching your school’s game with someone who hasn’t been screened and/or approved is simply a nightmare. Thankfully I married someone who is a bigger fan than me, so she’d never set me up for failure like that. I can’t imagine what I would have done if the La.Monroe game had been on TV, and if I would have had to watch it with a newbie to my college football watching world. Yikes.

    By the way, our nightmare game had the same score as yours, 21-14, and the seasons are shaping up to be the same. Auburn will go 7-6 with the bowl game, one way or another. But don’t feel bad. The Cats had to pick up that first SEC win of the season somewhere, pulling them to 3-3. And a point of irony? Who do they play next week? La.Monroe, enabling them to get them over the hump.

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    alex hamilton

    Yep Julio you’re so smart. I’d rather be called a wuss from an idiot than know I take orders from the vagina in the house. Missus Julio tells you what to do? Hilarious.

    And I didn’t take your bet because the real issue is that I was calling you and others out about the clear fact that Auburn sucks. The issue was not whether or not I will or will not take a bet. But, again, I’d be glad to have this conversation face to face. The sad thing is that you will just send your wife or pretend that she told you not to show up. It’s apparent that she wears the pants in your house.

    I’ve had it with Auburn people. They never want to take responsibility for their own bullshit. And when the heat turns up because of yet another lackluster season they all chime in to denegrade Alabama. Instead of realizing that the writing was on the wall, and that your defense was absolute shit, you decided to make up a bet as a red herring in an attempt to question my manhood. How interesting that you willingly admit that you have to do what the lil Wife wants you to do. You’re fucking pathetic. I’d expect nothing less from a fucking Auburn idiot.

    So yeah, F-you Julio. Bomb, bomb, bomb.

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    To be completely fair to UK, they have actually played fairly well. The only time they got pummelled was by Fla. Bama only outgained them by 50 yds, but the turnovers absolutely killed them. USC outgained them by less than 5 yds, and they probably would have won that game had their qb not gotten hurt. As weak as the SEC East is this year, UK might end up doing something. The teams they have left are LaMo, East. Kent, Vandy, UGA, Tenn, and Miss. State. Hell, I wouldn’t be suprised to see them win 5 of those last 6 games.

  9. 13

    Referring to wives as “the vagina in the house”? Posting another veiled threat of physical violence by saying you’d like to have the conversation “face to face”? After reading this tirade just posted by alex, does any reader on this site have the slightest doubt that he beats his wife??? Tell me alex, exactly how many times in the last year has the Sheriff’s Dept. been called out to your trailer to respond to yet another domestic disturbance call??

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    I’ll actually be pulling for the Barners this week.But it’s no big deal,just one of those lesser of two doofus’s choices.I “dislike” Les Mileage more than anyone.

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    E.G. White

    Julia don’t act like such a tard. Take it like a man! You come on our board flamming like gasoline on paper, but can’t take it when it comes back on you. Everybody knows Florida jumped up on Kentucky because of early TO’s and UK played em even in the second half even before Tebow got hurt. Tebow shouldn’t have even been in there in the 3rd quarter with 34 points on the board! In our game the TO’s didn’t start until late in the 2nd quarter. Anyway it’s not important ours or Florida’s score. What’s funny is you. First the Barn was going to show us up and whip UK worse than us, and now you’re trying to build the Cats into an East contender! How funny! Barnies, Barnies, Barnies. When will you ever learn? RTR!

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    E.G. White

    Guys I think coach Lame Brain just might be serious. Have you seen the latest accolades he’s laying on us? He says he loves everything about this Bama team. He said he hopes one day his team will be just like them. And when asked about having to play 2 #1 teams, he said, “Well at least one poll got it right.” LOL! Ole Lame Brain really doesn’t like CUM does he! RTR!

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    EG, my comments about UK had a lot more to do with the weakness of the SEC East than the strength of UK. I do think they have a very strong chance of winning 5 of their next 6, and I’d be very surprised if they didn’t win at least 4 of the 6. If you disagree, tell me what games you think they’ll lose.

    P.S. I don’t recall any AU fan ever saying before the UK game that AU would beat them worse than Bama. Nor was I comparing Bama’s performance against UK against Fla’s. But now that you did bring it up, Fla outgained UK by 300 yds. Bama outgained them by 50. Do I think that translates into Fla being better than Bama?? No. I think it simply means Fla had a better day against UK than Bama did (at least until Tebow got his skull bruised.)

  14. 18

    Alabama didn’t say Kiffin’s wife couldn’t wear hear “BIG” ORANGE!!!

    CrimsonBrother says, AIGHT!!!!!!




  15. 20

    EG is right — it didn’t dawn on me until I read your post — with an Auburn win against LSWho in Death Valley (highly unlikely) — this will seal the deal in the SEC West for Alabama —

    Can’t believe I’ll be a temporary Auburn fan this weekend. Go Tigers — or somn.

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    E.G. White

    Ok Julia I’ll give you that one. But if we’re gonna compare Bama, Florida, Auburn scores, I think you know I’d rather use Arkansas. They truly define the voids between the 3 teams. I know Florida wlll disagree vehemotely, and I’ll admit I don’t know Floridas lineup like Bamas, but just compare the outstanding athletes on each team who have national impact. Florida has Tebow, Sykes and Brandon James. If you can think of any more, tell me. Bama has Cody, McLaine, Hightower, Arenas, Julio, Peek, Maze, McElroy, Ingram, Upchurch, Richardson and Tiffin. We’re running away from them with talent.

  17. 22

    Well of course you’d rather use Ark as a measuring stick EG, but there’s no better reason to use Ark instead of UK other than it spins Bama in a more favorable light.

    EG, are really so freakin’ biased that you think Fla has no other talent than the 3 guys you mentioned just because you can’t personally remember their names Do you not know who Carlos Dunlap is?? (He was the MVP of the BCS Title game, not Tebow.) Ever heard of Ryan Stamper??? How about Major Wright or Ahmad Black?? Riley Cooper??? Here’s a newsflash for you–Fla is leading the SEC in both scoring offense AND scoring defense right now. (I know you’re shocked to hear that Bama’s not leading in scoring D.) You don’t pull that off without some serious talent all over the field. Bama’s loaded, no doubt. But you’re living in a crimson colored fantasy world if you think you’re “running away from them with talent.”

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    E.G. White

    Well I guess the bastards should be leading in scoring O and D after playing Charleston Southern and the like! The only three descent teams they played, Arkansas, LSU and Tennessee held them to 59 points and scored 36. While against our three Similar, but better SEC teams, Arkansas, Ole Miss and South Carolina we scored 75 and gave up 16. If you include VT, we scored 109 and gave up 40 but in 4 games, not three. If you want to add in Kentucky, then Florida is 100 – 43 and we are 113 – 36 in 4 SEC games. Plus we are now the #1 total defense and the #1 pass efficiency defense in the nation. So asshole, who’s leads the SEC?????? Dumbass!!! You really are a tard. You need to learn the correct way to use an Abbacus up there at that assbackward school! RTR!

  19. 24

    Hey EG, there’s really only two “stats” that matter – scoring offense and scoring defense. You don’t win the game by putting up more total yards than the other team, or by passing more efficiently than the other team. You win the game by scoring more points….period.

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    E.G. White

    Oh wow, no shit retard! I refer you back to the previous post, or didn’t you take time to read it! In SEC play Alabama 113-36, Florida 100-43. OOC record, if you think Florida scoring 50+ against Charleston Southern is better than Bama scoring 34 against the top 10 defense of VT, you are truly retarded. I don’t know why I’m even talking to you dumbass. When’s the last time you can name a team with less yards winning a game? Especially against Bama or Florida?
    Quick dumbass!!! Don’t go searching the computer archives! You’re so damn smart, when dumbass, when!!!! Now!!! Com’on tell me!!! I rest my case!!! RTR!!!

  21. 26

    It happens all the freakin’ time EG. This year alone — LSU has won 2 games where they were outgained by over 100 yds (Wash and Miss. State.) Auburn won the WVU game despite being outgained by over 100 yds. UK beat Louisville despite being outgained. Vandy lost to Army despite outgaining them. Miss. State lost to Ga Tech desite outgaining them. And don’t ever forget that mighty performance that UA had against Tulane last year where Bama was held to less than 200 yds of offense and was outgained by over 140 yds. THAT’S WHY TURNOVERS ARE SO CRITICAL. It doesn’t do you any good if you march 90 yds down the field and fumble on the 2 yd line, but your stats might look better. Conversely, your stats might not show many offensive yds when you score 3 times after picking up a turnover inside your opponents 20 yds line, but it certainly shows up well in the only stat that matters — the final score.

    That might have been the dumbest thing you’ve ever said on this site, EG. (and that is a very bold statement.)

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