Story: Ingram powers Alabama past Gamecocks

AP: Ingram, defense power No. 2 Alabama past Gamecocks, 20-6

Mark Ingram rushed for a career-high 246 yards and a game-clinching touchdown, powering No. 2 Alabama to a 20-6 victory over No. 22 South Carolina on Saturday night.

Ingram’s tackle-breaking, defender-dragging runs and a punishing defense helped the Crimson Tide (7-0, 4-0 Southeastern Conference) overcome four turnovers — doubling their season total. It also helped ‘Bama avoid the down-to-the-wire scares No. 1 Florida and No. 3 Texas had — or an upset defeat like No. 4 Virginia Tech endured.

Steve Spurrier’s Gamecocks (5-2, 2-2) had never beaten a team ranked higher than No. 3 and were hoping for their second win over a top-five team this season.

Ingram didn’t let it happen. He was practically a one-man show on the decisive drive. He took the direct snap for five consecutive runs — including a 24-yarder and 22-yarder — and then took a pitch in from 4 yards out with 4:54 left. Ingram covered all 68 yards on the drive.

His previous career-high was 172 yards set last week against Mississippi, which also didn’t manage a touchdown against the Tide. (read the entire report embedded in this post)


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    E.G. White

    This team is awesome! Can you believe the O can suck that bad and still beat a good team by 14 going away? Think what they could do if they ever play a good game. What the hell is the matter with McElroy? How could he have 4 perfect games and then look like shit in the last 3? But the D was fantastic playing without 2 all americans! Javier’s injury was a hell of a surprise, and they tried their best to take advantage of Marquise. He was great tonight replacing an AA. Wow! At least we didn’t suck as bad as Florida and Texas. We’ll be #1 tomorrow. Hey asshole Lizards. Still want to compare Kentucky games? How about we compare Arkansas games? LMAO! Hey Battle Buzzards. Still want to compare Ingram and Tate? Hey Ballplay. To answer your question – who’s the #1 RB in the SEC? Answer – INGRAM! I told ya’ll. All games by 14 or more! Roll Damn Tide Roll!

  2. 2


  3. 3

    That god for Mark Ingram and the defense or Bama would have
    been beaten by the gamecocks. The Vols has a better defense
    and better running backs than the gamecocks so Bama better
    step up its game on offense.RTR

  4. 4

    The Vols do not have a better defense. This game scared me more than any left on our schedule. The Gamecocks were 5-1 for a reason, one being a pesky Ellis Johnson D. I knew it’d be a fight, but 4 turnovers and a struggling McElroy made that fight much closer. Still, great teams have to find a way to win when they are having problems, and we did. 7-0, and 19 consecutive regular seaon victories. And a defense that makes you mess in your pants when trying to figure out how you’re gonna score. And that was without Javy, and obviously Hightower.

    Good luck Vols and everyone else left on our schedule. You’re going to need it.

    P.S. – McElroy is going to be fine. And oh yeah…the war chickens lost to Kentucky, at home!! Bwah-ha-ha-ha!!!!

  5. 5
    E.G. White

    Hell, I feel real sociable this morning. Kind of like a game show host. Maybe from the Price Is Right. Soooo. All you UcheaT Volunqueers from up on Rocky Flop – “Come On Down!!!”. Bwwaaa Haaww Haaww! We got a Behind The Woodshed Beatdown Ass Whuppin’ waitin’ in T-Town for you Inbred Mullets! Roll Tide Roll! Rammer Jammer Yeller Hammer – Volunqueers, Bama’s Gon’ Whup The Hell Outta’ You!!!

  6. 6
    E.G. White

    WAKEUP PEOPLE!!! Get outta’ bed! It’s mid-day Sunday the 3rd week in October! Only 6 more days ’till Cigar Time! You gotta beatdown, you gotta beatdown, you gotta beatdown comin’, Volunqueers! RTR!

  7. 7

    Defense is just unreal. I look at it and see it attacking and scoring. There is plenty to be concerned about – one thing is for sure right now.
    This Defense is National Champion.

  8. 9
    E.G. White

    You know, I’ve generally been agreeable with the Harris poll. But today those bastards are fucking crazy. It’s not bad enough they’ve got Florida #1 and with 99 first place votes to Bama’s 13; but the stupid asses gave Texas 2 first place votes, and 2 loss VT is still #4 and 2 loss Ohio State is #7. That’s just pure ignorance. There’s no damn way any sane person could have watched Florida – Arkansas and still give Florida 8 times as many first place votes as Bama. As far as I’m concerned and several other polls too – this week Harris Interactive is irrelevant! RTR!

  9. 10

    There is no doubt in my mind — that Mark Ingram should be on the ballot (top 3) and in New York City in December.

    You can’t deny… what a player.

    RTR —- the road to Atlanta nears.

  10. 11

    Hey EG — I wonder who was the dumbo who gave Texas that one first place vote? Probably some homer in Austin.

  11. 12

    Also noticed in the article that Steve Spurrier’s gamecocks have never beaten a team ranked no. 3 or better — Ole Miss, who at the time, was ranked no. 4 — that stat with UsC should have an asterisk next to it that states that Ole Miss should of never been ranked that due to the two games that gave them that ranking.

  12. 13
    alex hamilton

    Where are all the AU and UT naysayers?

    How you feel about that vaunted Auburn team now Julio & Ballplay?

    I’m sure you agree now with the rest of the nation that you suck.

    As for us, we are very, very,very,very good.

    That defense is unreal

  13. 14

    The Bama D is simply nasty. They impose their will and there is not an O in the country that can consistently do anything about it. I don’t give a damn who they are, and for the flamer trolls that come in here to get their UA fix, remember Bama was playing without a linebacker and a db that would start for anybody in the country. Now I’m sure we’ll hear all about McElroy, and granted our O has some work to do, but I believe McElwain is good enough to get it worked out, you should just prepare, because that bullcrap spread’em o garbage that could squeak out 14 vs. Kentucky at home is going to be crushed by Smart and co.

  14. 15
    E.G. White

    Yesterday the Heisman Watch Commitee officially awarded Ingram the Halfway Heisman. This is the 4th year they’ve done this and they’ve had two winners and a 2nd place the previous 3 years. Quite an honor for Mark. RTR!

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