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    yeah…..it was the offense that got AU beat in that game. The AU defense that let Ark rack up 40+ pts and 500 yds of offense wasn’t the problem at all. It was the offense, because they only put up 375 yds of smoke and that sorry Ben Tate only rushed for 184 yds of mirrors.

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    The Gus Malzahn offense: Coming to a flag-football game near you!

    It was absolutley delightful watching an extraordinarily average defense beat the Aubs to their little dipsy-doo pitches and passes. I was waiting on the little quasi fumblerooski they like to run, or maybe a statue of liberty-ette to a motion back who pitches it to another on an end-around double reverse screen pass.

    Just line up and play football, you wussies.

    We are going to destroy that crap 47 days from now, and everyone but you knows it. But then again, ignorance is bliss!

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    alex hamilton

    I almost shot beer out my nose as Mario Fannin got jacked up.

    Petrino is the evil one. I think he enjoys beating Auburn more than we do.

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    E.G. White

    Don’t look now Julia, but Bama put up over 500 yards of O on Arky and that was with reserves and running out the clock. Not saying Tate’s not good, but he had 184 against the 2nd worst D in the league, while Ingram had ONLY 172 against one of the best D’s in the nation. Wait and see which one gets the SEC O of the week award! RTR!

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    I think you’re right, Alex. He loves doing what he did Saturday to Auburn. Guess what other SEC West coach likes to as well?

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITK….Your missing the whole point that julio was making………as usual…Auburns defense lost the game. Not the offense. Or are you so stupid that you cant see that ?

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    I don’t know. But what I did see is the 2nd worst defense in the SEC beating Auburn to the point of attack most of the game. Arky is an undisciplined team, doing what an undisciplined team does…let its guard down to give up big plays once the game is decided.

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    Yes, there’s an excuse for every successful ounce of success that AU’s offense has, isn’t there ITK? Now it’s b/c Arky “let their guard down”. Couldn’t help but notice that teams seem to be in the habit of “letting their guard down” when they play AU. There’s other excuses too, huh?? Against WVU it was because of turnovers (although the same rule doesn’t apply when Bama plays UK). Tenn and MSU’s defense just sucked, even though UGA and LSU would tell you you’re crazy. What will the next excuse be, ITK??

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    Julio, the problem lies in your desperate desire for Abarn to be mentioned in the same breath with the powers that be in college football.

    Abarn has defeated five teams of little consequence and lost to a sixth. I promise you, like I did in 2004, I’ll give Abarn credit when it is deserved.

    Until then, however, Abarn is just another program looking at our back. I’m sorry.

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    ITK, that’s hilarious that you think you did something by giving AU “credit” in 2004. Jason, Ronnie, Carnell, and Carlos will be so relieved. Boy, you really went out on a limb there, huh? So you’re saying that in order for you to give AU “credit”, they must 13-0, win the SEC, and have 5 out of 22 starters that end up as 1st round NFL draft picks. You are a beacon of objectivity, ITK.

    P.S. I’m gonna go out on a limb here, too. I give Saban credit. He is a decent recruiter.

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    Your Aubsession with Alabama shields your eyes, but you’re cruising the wrong website in hopes of finding sympathizers.

    AU is what it is: a second rate program that needs to go back to Division II. You’ve never been anything, and you never WILL be anything. Period. 2004 was the lone sniff you’ll get at glory in your lifetime, Julio. I’ll get another whiff in Atlanta and Pasadena in a few weeks.

    Finally, I join Nick Saban in not giving a bag of monkey poop WHAT you think of him or Alabama. Nationally, I think we’ve been able to garner enough support without you.

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    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    ITk…..Are you that dumb ?????? I think we are like the 113th winningest all time CFB program. Yeah ,,,Div.2….I hear ya. Its all cyclical…Your up. were down. Were up , your down. After the Bear years, you have not bean “elite” until this year. I dont consider “elite” getting your ass kicked in by Utah…

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    Playing in a BCS bowl drafts you into the elite, yes. At least we were in a position to get beaten by Utah. Abarn was playing basketball. You didn’t even make the pizza bowl at Legion Field. But you might this year.

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