No. 3 Alabama smothers No. 20 Mississippi 22-3

AP: Mark Ingram rushed for 172 yards and a touchdown and No. 3 Alabama stuffed No. 20 Mississippi on Saturday.

Jevan Snead threw four interceptions for Ole Miss (3-2, 1-2 SEC), tying a career high, and the Crimson Tide (6-0, 4-0) scored after a blocked punt and a fumble recovery on a punt return.

Leigh Tiffin hit five short field goals, passing his father Van Tiffin on the Crimson Tide career list for third place in career scoring.

Snead completed 11 of 34 passes for 140 yards. Twice Alabama defenders ripped the ball away from Ole Miss receivers who were bobbling it.

The Crimson Tide held the Rebels to 19 yards and one first down in the first half on the way to a 16-0 lead and allowed them past the 50 just four times overall.

The Rebels’ offense was in complete disarray in the first half. Snead completed just 2 of 12 passes for 14 yards with two interceptions and Alabama held the run-happy Rebels to 5 yards on the ground.

It would have been far worse had the Rebels defense not come up with big play after big play despite being on the field for 35:30.

The defense was especially good after turnovers. The Rebels forced a field goal with a goal-line stand after Cory Reamer’s blocked punt gave Alabama the ball at the 5. But with the Ole Miss offense holding the ball for just 8:57 in the first half, Alabama used 47 plays for 237 yards to tire out the Rebels.

That helped Mark Ingram score untouched from 36 yards out on fourth and 1 with 55 seconds left in the half to make it 16-0. (read the entire AP report embedded in this post)


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    You can call it an ugly win (ugly wins in my definition equals Defense winning it … but you guys can discuss) — but it’s a “W”. Undefeated — both non-conference and conference play. I was shook up as I watched our offensive production — but I realized that it was a sluggish afternoon and that Ole Miss really didn’t live up to the “hype” that this game was pimped out in the Summer. There’s a reason why South Carolina beat them.

    Anyone notice the Ole Miss fans leaving in the MID to LATE 3rd quarter??? Some fans they are right? I’ve seen fans leave in the early 4th in the Shula years — not near the numbers I saw in Oxford leaving out today — literally pussy’ing out in the middle 3rd quarter. What a bunch of shit talkers — all that crap I heard in the Summer about how they were going to run the West and that this was *THE* game that determined the Atlanta winner, blah blah blah, etc. et. al — Ole Miss is good for one thing — battling the other Mississippi and Auburn (maybe not even Auburn but Arkansas) for 3rd place in the West.


  2. 2

    My take is that the play calling was very disjointed. It was if we were going to have a passing game no matter how crummy we were doing. Julio was interfered with at least twice and it was obvious the refs were not going to call it. Is it really smart to throw to Julio when he is doubled and tripled constantly??? Why aren’t we running the ball when they can’t stop us? Here is the point, if we could have scored the TD’s we should have early on, we could have worked the back-ups. We also risked getting Mac injured. The play calling was just crappy, period.
    The reason we have such crummy kick coverage is that the outside guys are staying in their lanes, but they are over-running the receiver leaving the middle open. Why would you want to run even with the receiver on either side and leave the middle only one line deep? You get past that and it’s home free. We are so talented that we can be successful in spite of questionable decisions and the main reason I am gripping about this is when we play Fl, we better have this stuff fixed because that will be the national championship game and the BCS will be irrelevant!

  3. 3

    My question is if the play calling was on the OC or McElroy was trying to force some of those throws. I wonder if McElroy let some talk of Julio not getting the ball influence his determination to get Jones the ball?

    Just a thought for you guys to discuss.

  4. 4

    It looked like Mac was probably given the choice of 2 plays, and tended to go with the pass play instead of the run. He also was overlooking the open man in favor of Julio several times, even with double and triple coverage. This reminded me of some of JP’s playing days, with, of course, Mac being more accurate with even his mis-throws. JP would have been picked 2 or 3 times in this game due to overthrows or pressure. Mac is a much better QB for that reason alone.

  5. 6
    E.G. White

    That’s exactly what it looked like to me. The hoopla over Julio went from bad to worse. Instead of not throwing it to him, they forced it to him. Not to mention that Mac just threw some poor passes tonight. There was no sense in having 19 or 20 incompletions. The play selection sucked. I’ve never been so sick of field goals in my life! On the other hand, we beat the shit out of Ole Piss in Oxford! And Texas and Florida were totally unimpresive. And the frosting – STFU Barners, you suck! RTR!

  6. 7

    our o-line couldn’t keep op (old piss for those of you named julio) out of our backfield and we keep calling delayed handoffs and stuff. we really did much of nothing to counter their defensive aggressiveness.

    i can’t help but wonder if greg didn’t hear some of this heisman crapola either.

    regardless, he was staring down receivers the entire game.

    again, old piss IS NOT A TOP TWENTY FIVE TEAM! never was. last year was a fluke and houston nutt at the helm can’t change that.

    are we the number one team in the country as some at espn suggest???

    regardless of how the others played yesterday, it sure doesn’t feel like it to me at this moment.

    i still believe we might beat texas. florida?? i’d feel so much better about it if hightower were opposite mcclain. of course, that’s not going to happen.

    one comment on rolando mcclain: watching him yesterday he reminded me of cornelius bennett…… a freshman.

  7. 8
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Your right EGGY ….We sucked Sat night for sure….Our team does not know how to come out in the first quarter and control a football game yet. We havent done it all year. If we dont learn how to do that , the SEC games wil get brutal.

    Bama looked good. Ole Miss played as good as they could against you , and then look at the score. Ole Pat Dye knew what he was talking about when he said that he didnt hink Ole Miss would score a touhdown…And you nearly did win by three touchdowns.

    Egg, its good to know you can still win by 18 points even when your QB is off, isnt it ?

    I havent seeen a team that can beat alabama yet.

  8. 9
    E.G. White

    You’re taking it awfully well BP. I know it has to smart this morning. Ouch! I very much disagree with the other poster, who was it bamaman? Miss D had nothing to do with Mac’s off night. It was purely poor play selection, trying to force something instead of taking what they were giving us which was the run and quick outs and slants. I think our O line played a mans game against Hardy and a D that gave JPW hell last year! And Miss is as much a top 20 team as LSU is and with a better retrospect and considering all the upsets this year and how Fla. and Tex. played, I am extremely happy to have dominated Miss at their house in any shape, form or fashion! Look, unless you think Fla. has twice the D that we do, then LSU has a more pathetic O than Miss. They are not a top 10 team! We all considered the Miss D to be 3rd best in the SEC and yet we had more offensive yds than Fla did and than Tex did against a lousy Colorado D that gives up 425 yds a game. And once again Mac had no interceptions, but (cont.)

  9. 10
    E.G. White

    McCoy did and so did Lord Tebow who threw one right in the hands of a defender when he had a man 10 yards behind him wide ass open in the endzone! Sloppiness aside, we had the most impressive win of the top three and quadrupled the point spread which was 4.5 at game thme. Actually the most impressive wins yesterday belonged to VT who just keeps on making us look good and who we may have to play again, and to Arkansas who is also making us look good, and to UcheaT who now will be overconfident when they play again in 2 weeks. We should be #2 at noon today and I’ll wager we’re gonna take a bite out of Fla’s #1 votes too. Roll Damn Tide, Roll!!,

  10. 11

    Well with all said and done we won another hard fought SEC game.Like i said last season i do not care if the score is three to zero we just need to stay on pace and win.Miss has one hell of a defense and we done good putting twenty two on these guys in Oxford.This team will go undefeated again going in to championship game and then any thing can happen.I think this is a better team than last year..way better.And i also think we have a better chance to beat Gators this year.Lets all just enjoy the ride while we can because Coach could be gone any time he wants and that is very scary my friends.ROLLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  11. 12

    Also after watching Auburn shows me that they could be a really scary team if they could put it all together a whole game.But that no huddle shit is going to wear that defense smack out by end of season.And what game is the last game??? ROLLLLLLLL TIDEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

  12. 13

    It’s awful close to determine whether Bama or Fla is better right now. Both teams are playing smothering defense right now, and offense that is controlled and enough to win the game. The good thing for both of the teams is that you get the most consistent kind of performance that way. Even if you have an off day on offense, you know your D can win the game for you 13-3. Auburn beat #1 ranked Fla in 06 without scoring a single offensive touchdown. That’s what’s so nice about having a strong defense to rely on.

    Fla will be a lot stronger on offense than last night. Meyer rarely cut Tebow loose. That will change as the season goes on.

    It’s unbelievably painful to watch AU’s defense right now. Even in 98, 99, and 08 when AU sucked they still has a solid D. They look like a WAC team on defense right now. Unbelievably thin, and I’m really starting to question Ted Roof. I only saw ONE blitz called the entire game (oh, and it worked). Why in the #@!% would he not call more on 3rd down?? Is he scared Ark might score 44 pts or something??

  13. 14
    E.G. White

    For once I can almost agree with you Julia. But if you think that leading LSWho in Death Valley buy only 7 late in the game that Lord Tebow wasn’t ‘turned loose’, you’re not only delusional, you’re demented. Lord Tebow was taking it in the chops as often and as hard as he ever does. Even the announcers were impressed that he showed no effects from his injury. The fact of the matter is that Fla is not the team everybody thought they would be. Tennessee exposed them and even Kentucky shut em down in the second half which they shouldn’t have been able to do even without Tebow if Fla had a strong passing game like a year ago. No Fla’s O will not get better. It’s 6 games into the season. What you see is what you got! Bama fans, Lord gosh almighty! Who is this guy that’s coaching our football team? And where did they hide Ole Sourpuss Saban? Can you believe how he’s gushing over this team? Wow!! If these guys can make him that happy, think how good it must be! We’ve got 8 dead teams walking left to play!!! RTR!!!

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