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Colin Cowherd made a great point on his radio show about coaches not knowing when to say goodbye. He compared it to politicians—a group notorious for hanging around and hanging around. For every George Washington there are hundreds of FDRs; Washington retired like a Cincinnatus, and Roosevelt clung to power until his last hours on this earth.

It also is interesting to see that Paul W. Bryant was able to say goodbye to the game and retire himself before tarnishing his legacy by lingering too long.

This matters because of the Bobby Bowden situation.

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    bowden is an alpha male.

    now mind you, he’s a likable alpha male but an alpha male none the less. what made him the man that built a successful florida state program now won’t let him see past his own self-interest to see what continuing to hang around is doing to the program he built.

    ditto joe paterno.

    (paterno played coach bryant for a national championship 30 years ago. he was in his fifties at that time. think about that)

    both these men love what they do. they just can’t do it at the level they need in order to compete at an elite level.

    this head coach-in-waiting thing that’s keeping fisher in tallahassee is a complete joke that’s going to eventually implode if the don’t get bowden to at least make a statement soon.

    sad for one of college football’s truly great coaches and a hometown boy made good.

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