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    E.G. White

    You know, I usually gig our rivals more than most posters do. But Fla. State is not one of our rivals. If they were, we would actually want a coach who has become mediocre to hang around (eg: Tubbs and Phatt Phil). So since it is really none of our business nor in our interest what goes on at FSU; please explain to me why this board, the so called ‘journalists’ at some Alabama newspapers, and others in general around the country insist on putting their noses in Bobby Bowden and FSU’s personal business, where they don’t belong? Find something more important to bitch about! RTR!

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    It’s relevant to college football in general, E.G. Probably one of the top 2-3 developing stories this college football season.

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    Bobby Bowden is from Birmingham, went to Alabama his Freshman year before transferring, has always idolized Coach Bryant, and always wanted to be the HC at Alabama. If not for Joab Thomas, BB would’ve taken over in 1987 and we would have many more SEC Championships + a few more NC’s. Single worst decision in UA football history to diss BB and then bring in Bill Curry.

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    E.G. White

    It wasn’t just Joab Thomas. It was the whole board who wanted a Bear Bryant clone at a Bear Bryant price, which was impossible. They wouldn’t buy Bobby away from FSU and so we ended up with Curry, a cheap version of who – maybe Dennis Franchione? The original of whom we purchased much later at the retail price, but with the same results. “Abandon ship!!!” RTR!

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    That’s BS, EG. Bobby Bowden was sitting in a hotel room waiting on official confirmation about the job and time for the press conference, and Joab Thomas pulled the rug out from under evrybody at the last second and offered the job to Curry because he though Curry was a stronger academic choice. There were no money issues with Bowden, he’da crawled on his knees from Tallahassee to Tuscaloosa to take the Bama job. Dumbest move Bama has made this century. Bowden would have dominated the late 80’s and all of the 90’s at Bama.

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    And when Julio says dumbest move by Alabama this century, he has about 1,000 other dumbass Alabama moves to consider…but he is right.

    Bowden is a good coach, and a good man. He would have done an amazing job in Tuscaloosa.

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