Auburn is back to its cheating ways

When Auburn selected Gene Chizik as its new coach one of the reasons cited was that Gene Chizik is an Auburn man. In other words, Chizik fit into the Auburn culture.

But what is the Auburn culture?


What else?

The 5-0 start got a nice jolt from one of Auburn’s prime cheating tactics—the old reliable chop block.

According to, “Last night in the first quarter, Pugh chop-blocked Tennessee senior defensive tackle Wes Brown. If you don’t know who Brown is, don’t worry. You shouldn’t. He’ll never be an NFL player, and he’s only a serviceable college talent. He’s never been much on talent, but the Athens, Ala., native is one of the true Vols leaders. He plays hard on every snap. He selflessly moved from defensive end inside to tackle this year to get all of Tennessee’s best defensive linemen on the field. He is a “yes-sir, no-sir” kind of guy, a good Christian kid and a warrior who has attempted to play every week despite having two gruesomely injured knees that will likely cause him multiple surgeries and a lifetime of pain.

“So, what does Pugh do? While Brown is engaged in battle with a blocker, Pugh dove at his knees, crippling him for nearly a quarter, knocking him out of the game. The official saw the play and flagged Pugh for the dirty block. In the postgame locker room when asked about the block, the classy Brown simply said it was ‘illegal’ and left it there.”

Auburn is quickly becoming known as Chop Block U. Doubt it? Just Google it. You’ll find video, and countless webpages dedicated to Auburn’s chop blocking ways.

While that might be an improvement from Probation U (certainly something earned by Auburn’s consistent inclusion on NCAA probation), it isn’t an improvement to Auburn’s image.

It looks like Gene Chizik is continuing that fine Auburn tradition.

War Eagle! Keep living that Auburn Creed!


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  1. 1
    E.G. White

    This article is surely going ramp up the hate and discontent posts on this board. That being said and not singling out Auburn; something needs to be done about both illegal blocks and dangerous blocks such as the one on Hightower. I have sports news text alerts and it is unbelievable the knee injuries that are occuring this year! There is hardly a day that goes by where I don’t recieve one or more alerts of another athlete gone for the year. College football is starting to look like a M.A.S.H. unit! Look, they outlawed facemasks and horsecollars and clips and blocks in the back and late hits and spearing and chop blocks. Now they need to look at a few other dangerous aspects of the game and forget about f**king excessive celebration! RTR!

  2. 2

    It was an illegal block that was dealt with appropriately with a flag and negative yardage. the last time auburn threw a chop block it was vs lsu two years ago and is seen in countless games all season long yet u have the nerve to call auburn cheaters? how is it cheating when it is flagged and negative yardage happens? im sure that chizk gave him an earful when he came in. this is one of the stupidest blogs i wrote all year. this has no logical background besides the fact your a bama fan and hate they idea that this year might make win number 8 out of the last 9 for yall. sorry you can call us cheaters lucky what ever u want and it still doesnt take away from the fact that we are a better team and saben is the dirtiest coach in college football today closely followed by les miles

  3. 3

    Ben, you don’t remember the chop block last year in the Iron Bowl?

    Of course not.

    You are just being an Auburn man!

  4. 6

    Wow Josh. What a great comeback. I’m glad to see you are committed to the Auburn Creed and doing nothing to correct the cheating ways of YOUR football team.

  5. 7

    Who would ever want to be part of a ‘family’ that tried to put people out of a game instead of playing man-to-man? The folks that condone that stuff are just building Bad Karma for themselves and their program, and that stuff has a way of catching up to you at some point. This is happening too often on the plains to be accidental. calling us ‘haters’ doesn’t cover up the ‘bad character’ evidence we see from tsdtr!

  6. 8

    Good point Daddio.

    There are two ways to cheat. The first is to get an unfair advantage. The second is to get an unfair advantage by hurting your opponent.

    Both are bad.

    One is damnable.

    Guess which is which Auburn fans.

  7. 9
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    You are full of dog crap cap…..that rhymes….Dogcrapcap…….Are you saying that no one on Bamas O-line have cut-blocked this year or last ? If thats the case, you would be sadly mistaken, as usual….But hey, what do facts have to do with anyhting ?

    And yes, I know that Auburn has done it more….But , If its as bad as you say, then once is as bad as a thousand times. Jay Barker said the other day on his show that the play that got Hightower sidelined was a legit play, and just part of the game. You know , the former Bama Nat. Champ Jay Barker ?

  8. 10

    Cut blocks are legal. Chop blocks aren’t.

    One chop block is a mistake. Two is a trend. Three and more on a consistent basis shows a reckless disregard for fairness.

    And I don’t care what Jay Barker has to say. Listening to him on the radio is less interesting than watching grass grow. However, he is likely correct on the Hightower injury, but that wasn’t a chop block.

  9. 11

    The block Barker is talking about was legal, low but from the front. Rolling up from behind is the dirt. The intent is an ankle but sometimes it gets a knee. I was on crutches for three days from one of those. Doing a high-low with one guy locking up a player high so his buddy can side block at the knee is what it is. It takes around four foot-pounds of force to take out a knee from the side. There is no excuse for that!

  10. 12
    alex hamilton

    Cheater Cheater War Damn Eagle!

    Glad to see you becoming more aggressive in your stance towards the Barn, Cap. I respect you trying to be diplomatic towards them in the past, but the ones that post here rarely act in accordance or deserving of your deferential approach.

    Screw a Beagle, War Damn Eagle!!!!

  11. 13
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Deferential approach ? Alex, have you been in the starter fluid again ?

    the block Barker refered to was commented on because of all of the bammer spastics calling out the Arky players manhook for the block to start with… cant have it both ways cap…Once or 10 times. If its wrong, then its wrong. And if you search youtube , you will find more than one Bama chopblock last year. But again, what do facts have to do with anything. I hope Pugh chopblacks Saban on the sideline at the Iron Bowl. That would put the bammer nation into a collective seizure.

  12. 14

    Some Alabama fans were upset by the fact that Arkansas got a clip (block low in back of below the belt), a crackback block and then the low block on Hightower.

    Fans get a little irritated when people seem to be blocking LOW.

    And Ballplay, the point isn’t that chop blocks happen. They DO. The point is Auburn does it more than anyone else, and there HAS to be a reason for it…Auburn encourages it.

  13. 15
    Hi my name is Shane

    Hi my name is Shane,

    Here is a typical call on the slimbaum show.

    S: Paul, your the smartest man ever to walk the planet other than the bear and little nickey.
    P: Thank you Shane
    S: Paul, I write a blog and therefore what I write in it is right.
    P: Your right Shane.
    S: Auburn Fans cant even sniff Saban’s jock strap.
    P: Your right. Thats because they would have to get by us and we havent seen anyone in weeks…..

    End of story

  14. 16

    Very clever. If you want Shane to see it, you might want to post it on one of his columns. Or email it to him by clicking on his email link in each of his columns.

    Otherwise, maybe you’d like to comment on Auburn’s consistent dirty play?

    No? OK. Thanks for stopping by.

  15. 17
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Since you love to boast about your journalistic cred. What do you base that statement on ? Auburn encourages it …..Hmmmm….Seeing as the ENTIRE coaching staff from last year is gone, I assume that you have it on a reliable source that Jacobs and Dye sought a coach and staff that also encouraged chopping ? That is as assenine a statement as you have ever produced cap. Whats next ? Are you gonna clame that the pahrmacist a Toomers is secretly an undercover agent hell bent on making sure that all of the coaching staff past present and future will all “encourage” chopping ? Thats flat out retarded. Pugh may have some nasty habits that he learned all the way back from Probst at Hoover, and then from Tubbs….But to say that the present regime at Auburn encourages chopping is beyond speculation. There you go gettin to the truth again.

  16. 18

    Considering I actually ran a newspaper for the better part of a decade, I do have “credentials.”

    Now as to your question, my point is that Auburn has continued to use dirty tactics through different coaching leadership. Now, why is this?

    I reached a conclusion based on this fact that it must be the Auburn culture that created it. And we know that Jacobs said Chizik fit Auburn, so we should be safe in imputing to Chizik his continued support of the Auburn chop block tactic. That is an opinion; however, it is an opinion strongly related to the fact that Auburn has done this dirty play for YEARS AND YEARS AND YEARS.

  17. 19

    Actually, I left out of that above comment that the fact the chop block happened and Pugh as a repeat offender was not suspended or otherwise disciplined by the staff, indicates the new staff embraced the conduct.

  18. 20
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bull…..Your talking about two offensive lineman, one of wich is no longer on the team….Back up your “years and years” statement..And what other positions do you speak of ? Name specifics.

  19. 21

    Here is Pugh again:

    And wasn’t that Pugh chop blocking in the video I embedded up the page?

    Do I need to post the 2007 video of the Dorsey chop block?

    So, we know Auburn has chop blocked multiple times. We can find Youtubes of the blocks in 2007, 2008, and now 2009.

    Do we need to establish more years?

    And what specifics are you wanting beyond those examples?

  20. 22
    E.G. White

    I think a crackdown is needed. I think all blocks below the thighs should be illegal. And if a player makes one and replays show that it was intentional, the player should have to sit out a 15 minute penalty. If the block results in an injury that sidelines the offended player, then the offender should be suspended until the offendee can return to the field even if it takes multiple games. If the offended player recieves a dibilitating injury that causes loss of the year and loss of the years eligibility and or permanent loss of ability to play; then the offender must match the time lost even to the point of permanent suspension. And that my friends would stop that shit cold! Oh by the way Barners, just because he was caught and the team penalized does not in any shape form or fashion absolve him of performing a heinous and low class deed! RTR!

  21. 23

    OK, let’s assume this isn’t an Auburn thing. Let’s assume this is thing limited to a few bad apples.

    Auburn and the SEC must address this and suspend these habitual rule breakers.

  22. 24
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Your words cap….Years and Years…..Auburn is back to its cheating ways…..Its the culture embraced byt he current staff….Icalled you on your B.S. now its “a few bad apples” …What gives ? It two players. One is Pugh the other was Ramsey….Now that Ramsey is gone….that leaves Pugh….So we went from “YEARS AND YEARS” and ” I reached a conclusion based on this fact that it must be the Auburn culture that created it” to one player….

    I didnt see it because I was at my sons football game Saturday night. If he did it, then he should be disciplined… But dude, you need to think about what you say before you say it. Or not… I love sheeding daylight in your cockroach infested kitchen.

    Oh, why dont you post some of bammers recent youtube chopping highlights….Or maybe Rolo pushing the Ref ? Naw, lets dont talk about that stuff….That stuff is O.K.

  23. 25

    Ummm, if you don’t see the fact that this is an Auburn issue, then you are more biased than I thought.

    I just showed you years and years worth of examples, but you want to ignore it. Fine.

    The rest of the world can see the Youtube videos and make its own judgment.

    The fact Auburn won’t punish the guy says more about Auburn than Pugh.

  24. 26
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Again, same two players. Same staff for two of the past three years. One bad block this year, and you are all over it. Not making excuses cap. Read above. Discipline the rule breaker. thats fine by me.

  25. 27

    Hey Crapstone,
    How about dope slinging in the Bryant Denny stadium parking lot? How about Mini-me playing someone during half time on suspension because you cant stand losing? How about selling school books? How about the Memphis saga and AL on probation? How about driving a Cadillac Escalade in high school? Dirty Dirty….Elephants step in there own crap, dont they.

    Chop blocks mostly happen when the O line doesnt get the right play call in their mind, but I forgot you’ve never played football, you just been a newspaper man for years and years. So you dont understand football besides catching a couple of bad plays. How about Rolando McClain’s PF during the Vtech game? Never heard one pipe out of your bunghole then. A thats what your mouth is, a bunghole.

    One more final thought, AL if they had any class at all, which we all know the mullet nation does not, would not claim three national championships.

    Case #1
    Alabama claims the 1964 national championship – lost to Texas in the Orange Bowl. The UPI crowned Alabama as NC before the game.

    Case #2
    Alabama claims the 1973 national championship – lost to Notre Dame in the Sugar Bowl which finally led the UPI to not crown a NC before bowl games.

    Case #3
    Alabama claims the 1978 national championship along with USC, although USC beat them head to head that year.

    This is not including all the ridiculous NC they claim before 1940. I mean years where people played more of a Rugby game without helmets than football.


  26. 28

    All of this crap is because the elephants have seen a small orange and blue mouse and are now scared.

    Are you sure about the iron bowl this year? I was before the first 5 games. I thought AL would win for sure, but not now. I dont know who will. AL probably still will but if AU puts 500 yards on AL like every other team, I am not sure.

    On the recruiting front, some success has been seen and possibly the best 3 running backs in the nation may end up at AU. Is that what is bothering you?

    You got James Willis and laughed. You saw Limogate and laughed. You saw AU weekend and laughed. And now there is laughing, just pointing fingers, and like a little girl who is not getting her way, say CHEATER!!!

    But that is what most AL fans do when they feel that other teams may legitimately beat them, they are cheaters. How is LSU cheating. If they beat you, I am sure there will be a penalty or some cheating going on.

    How about stop being a whiner.

  27. 29
    William Green

    Capstonreport… People like YOU are the main reason I thank GOD I don’t live in Alabama anymore. I got sick and tired of having to mop the floor with you ignorant, Kool-Aid drinking Bama Boys. I put plenty in the ER and would relish sending you there.

  28. 30

    You’re so tough William Green! Making faceless threats on a message board! That ER line was scary.

    All I can say is Ryan Pugh is trash and came from trash. Played for his dad, and the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Someone should petition the SEC to have his cowardly ass banned.

  29. 31

    I hope the Bama D-line well remembers Pugh’s chopblock on Luther Davis last year and sends his pathetic dirty ass out of Jordan-Hare on a stretcher.Cheatin’ chopblockers never win in the long run.I defer to Chaz Ramsey and rest my case.

  30. 32

    By the way Willy boy, would you like me to post your ip address for everyone to see on here? Won’t be faceless for long, and threats like yours tend to get a man in trouble. Now, would you like to apologize to Cappy?

  31. 33
    E.G. White

    It always comes down to the same old thing. You inbred turd suckers can’t maintain a discussion with intelligent responses (I guess because there aren’t any). You always fall back on the replys that come from mentally challenged people who have inbred. Responses that have nothing to do with the subect matter. Responses in reference to Albert Means, or nasty remarks against Bear Bryant, or denying our National Championships, which by the way were every one official under the rules of the day. So don’t be trying to apply your damn 2009 logic to them. As if you stupid turds wouldn’t be claiming them if they were yours! Oh that’s right, you don’t have any because under your way of justification you can’t claim it because you had the best team money could buy and therefore were on probation and you shared it with Ohio St. See, it works both ways tards! Now get a life and quit wasting my time with retarded posts! RTR!

  32. 34

    Cap, I know you like to get the mullets stirred up and there’s no better way to do it than to yell cheater and Auburn in the same sentence (all the while ignoring that Bama is on probation right now for the 3rd time in the last 10 yrs for cheating). I know everyone is a little nervous because Auburn is playing unexpectedly well, but surely you know better than to say that Auburn chop blocks “more than anyone else” based soley on the fact that you can find more references to it on Google. Auburn became infamous for the chop block on Glen Dorsey because of who Dorsey was. Now if they get called for it, it’s going to be posted on you-tube within 30 seconds. Do you seriously think AU is the only school in FBS to get called at least once for chop blocking in 07, 08, & 09?? Of course not, but you won’t hear about any of those other schools on you-tube.

    P.S. I agree that Pugh has been called for it at least twice. He needs to be disciplined for it immediately, and he needs to be kicked off the team if he ever does it again. (He also needs to be taken out behind the football complex and have the ever lovin $hit kicked out of him if he ever does it again.) See bammers, it’s not so hard to call out one of your own players out when its warranted. Now then, anybody care to weigh in about the propriety of shoving a referee???????????????? Nahhhhhh, that was just a big understanding and a part of “the process”.

  33. 35
    E.G. White

    Julia you dumbass cowtipping retard. Rolando was involved in an altercation with an Auburn-like asshole who got away with a personal foul against him. He did not see who put his hands on him. If there had been a problem the SEC would have disciplined him. Therefore it’s none of your f**king business! Besides which pushing someone does not facilitate a debilitating injury, asshole! What’smore the average football fan after having bad calls cost their team a game, would love to see a ref decked. Rolly could be considered a hero! ROTFLMAO! RTR!

  34. 36

    Bamahate, if you think that au is going to put up 500 yards against Bama’s D, you are certified delusional, Todd will be running for his life, and the running backs will have no idea who to pick up much less which lane to pick, it is going to be ugly. 08= bitch slap 09= bitch slap 2, and Cap, it’s just like the old saying goes “some things will never change”

  35. 37

    Yup. Same old tired shit. Aubies always squirm and bitch when their program is discussed. Part of this can be attributed to the Lee County Country Ass Mentality that has always permeated the Program and the School.
    One day – all of those “slickers” that went there will wake up from their Boone Farm drunk and realize that the Pones that run the place are Fuck- Ups.

  36. 38

    Julia, name one “bammer” that’s been called for a chop block in the last five years. Heck, go ten. And provide evidence.

  37. 39

    Where have you been Ballplay? Don’t act like you didn’t realize Auburn had a reputation for chop blocking going back a few years now. It is almost as much of a tradition as rolling them dang trees and holding up fingers for you Auburn people. To be a true fan, you need to own up and be proud of your reputation. Quit trying to compare it with something Bama does. Auburn stands all alone when it comes to chop blocking. You are just showing off your typical Auburn ignorance again. Don’t worry, you know the wheels are going to fall off the Chizik train soon enough.

  38. 40

    Lets see…
    I had some video of one against Vanderbilt. (but I lost it when my computer shit itself.)
    Even Georgia fans have had some rumblings.
    Lets put the shoe on the other foot.
    What is Auburn going to do when they are replayed in kind and teams start chpblciking them.
    Lets face it. Auburn does not have the depth to withstand a few good chopblocks.

    Finally. A chop blocker should be ejected from the game. plus a negative yardage penalty and then be banned by the NCAA from playing until the victim of the chopblock can take to the field again.
    It should be that serious.
    A puny little penalty is like giving someone 6 months suspended sentence for murder.

  39. 41

    you are stepping on the oldest Auburn excuse in the world here.
    The one where they point to the west and say “Bama Cheats”
    That is the justification for everything Auburn does.
    Instead of actually trying to live up to that cow dung Creed that rolls of the tongue like it was written by a moron. They choose to live (albeit hyupocritically) by a culture of excuses for all of their wrongdoings and shortcomings.
    That is why nobody in College football can stand Auburn. They are a phony.

  40. 42
    E.G. White

    Guys, not to change the subject – hell, all this Barner bashing gets me horny. LMAO! But, have any of you checked out the Old Piss Rivals site? Man they are tearing us a new asshole over there. And it’s just them together. There’s hardly any Bama posters over there, and none flaming Old Piss. They won’t allow any real disagreement. Anybody that says something they don’t like gets banned and all of his posts get erased. They are still maniaclly obsessed with the pass play at the end of the ’07 game. They are burning CNS, GMAC, our O line and D line, and Bama fans in general. I swear to God, I don’t understand how people from a poor, backward redneck state like Mississippi, can be so damn snooty and vain and thinking that damn country bumpkin college is the Harvard of the South! What a bunch of tards. I wish there was a way to get McElroy to read what those morons think about him and our O line. But I guess unlike LSWho, we don’t have access to every SEC coach and QB’s cell number and e-mail! RTR!

  41. 43

    It is okay, EG. Everyone loves to talk crap this time of the year. It will be settled on the field as always. I think any rational person would like Bama’s chances after seeing what both teams have been doing thus far. Ole Miss is very intimidated by Bama, and the fans reflect that. That goes for the rest of the teams on the schedule. Everyone hates to have to play Bama this year. Roll Tide!

  42. 44
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Bamaman…..Where have I denied it ? In fact, Ive even commented on the blocks in other posts….Going all the way back to 2 years ago….The only thing Im saying is this……Its ONE player that is still on the roster. I called cap out for his B.S. spin in referencing it to the Auburn culture that suppposedly breeds chopping …..Thats what is stupid to me, and its just an opinion.

    Old habits are hard to break and if Chizik doesnt discipline him this week, then we will know that it is still not discouraged.

    As far as the old thug culture that Shula bred….You guys spinned that one into outer friggin space. I heard every excuse under the sun as to why it wasnt there fault. They were framed. They were just good kids at the wrong place and wrong time. Hell, you people didnt even say anything about Jimmy Johns. Whats that got to do with the here and now. Nothing. But, it is a pattern that you guys have. Even worse than any Auburn fan could ever dream. I just admitted that the chopping needed to stop and that Chizik should discipline. How many of yall said the same when Saban was dealing with Shulas thugs ? Zero…..

  43. 47
    E.G. White

    I said it. I said it throughout the ’07 season, but I wasn’t on this board then. However, we didn’t need to say anything. CNS said it for us! Buy into the process and behave or get lost! What other coach would have run off a third of the scholarship athletes and two thirds of the senior class? It wasn’t Bama’s fault that Shula ran a country club atmosphere. The athletes left undisciplined started running wild. And remember, nutmeg, these were by and large the same athletes that went to your high schools, were your neighbors, played football in your hometowns and maybe even with your sons or dated your daughters. Hell, my daughter dated Brodie Croyle. They were no more thugs than their teammates that went to Auburn. Except maybe Jimmy Johns! But then what do you expect from a Mississippian who comes to the bright lights of Alabama. LMAO! RTR!

  44. 48
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Huh ????? Shed a little light on when CNS ran of 2/3 of the senior class…I must have missed that one….. Juwan S. wasnt run off. The reciever that was a cancer (whatsiface) wasnt run off. Only when CNS knew that he had players better than the likes of Prince Hall did he run him off…….You must be living on mars.

  45. 49
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Oh yeah…The only reason J.J. wasnt run off was because he is in the pokey…CNS didnt have a choice.

  46. 50

    Pugh should be kicked out of the SEC. I thought Auburn played dirty so to confirm this I googled Auburn chop block. Other than the UT felonious play, utube had multiple tags of Pugh cheating. Pugh’s dirty play should have ended with Dorsey.

  47. 51
    E.G. White

    Ok Buttploy, now you’re just making shit up as you go along. You can’p even name the players that you’re accusing. Prince Hall was the star of the D in ’07, yet after he crossed CNS he never started another game and spent half of ’08 suspended, nutcup. And this year it was suggested that he seek employment elsewhere. Yeah CNS was really worried about replaceing him. Besides, he was not a criminal or dirty player. Jimmy Johns was dismissed from the team the moment that CNS was informed of the charges against him. Even if he had bonded out 5 minutes after he arrived at jail, he never would have set foot on the field at Bama again. Now, why in hell do you think Bama only had 9 seniors last year? Did the Rapture somehow occur and I was left behind? Damn!!! Was it because of scholarship limitations? Don’t think so since there would have beem 25 seniors this year with Hall, Smith and Coffee and not including Cody and Peek. Where do you think the other 15 or 16 went fool? Seeking other employment was suggested. RTR!

  48. 52
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Tell me how Auburns roster is so depleted ? Not because of dismissals, I assure you. Name the 2/3 of the bad apples he kicked off, or shut up.

  49. 53

    All the UA@T posters just slay me, first part of the season you do nothing but put down every other programs, especially AU and Ole Miss, now that AU has made some strides and are ranked and 5-0 all you can do is talk about cheating and the culture of cheating at AU, as someone who’s not a fan of either I find the hypocracy freakin’ great. UA@T has become the most frequently busted team in college football in the past 10 yrs. Mainly due to arrogance and a total disregard for the NCAA.Capstone failed to mention that fact in his blog. As for chop blocking, it’s as much a part of interior line play as is holding. As someone who played and started 23 games in as a college center it happens all the time by every team. Guys double team and hit high and low, undercut guys, try to take knees out, step on hands and ankles. IT’S PART OT THE LINE PLAY ON EVERY FREAKIN’ PLAY. Has been since 1868 and will continue to be. Trust me the only way to stop it is to throw a flag everyplay it happens on and the coach will bench that player. But to call for a specific player ouster from college football is just being a whiner. I wonder if this gets written if AU is 2-3 or 3-2. I seroiusly doubt it. Typical UA@T fans who can’t stand criticism of their program or their coach. They always attack and deflect the criticism. Typical

  50. 54
    E.G. White

    Buttploy who knows how the Barns roster got depleted and not many care either! Ask Tubbs who took a siesta after jetgate. Or ask Lowder. Maybe with his bank failing he couldn’t front old Pat the Pimp Dye money to buy any! Maybe there just wasn’t anybody who wanted to play football at the Barn. I don’t have to name you shit. I didn’t take you to raise! Look it up yourself on the ’07 preseason roster of juniors vs the ’08 roster of seniors for the Clemson game. Realitycheck, STFU pendejo! Whatever POS school you belong to, just bring their pathetic asses on over and Bama will be glad to stomp em again like they have done in the past many more times than not! We are the Champions and we’ll say what we want too. So just STFU tard! RTR!

  51. 55
    Auburn is a joke formerly the fan known as Ballplay Indian

    Did I strike a nerve ? You are the one claiming that Saban kicked off 2/3 of the roster that were bad apples. I called that as B.S. (and it is) because he did no such thing….The ones he got rid of were to make room on the roster for better players. Why ? Because Saban oversigns. The only reason I brought up AU roster was to show that players not qualifying plays a part as well. You coach has no moral center. He will never kick off a good football player no matter what his does off the field. Its all about the wins for Saban. He will sell out at all cost for a win. And thats alright, just dont claim he cleared out bad apples, cause he did NOT !!!!!!! I thought you could hang EGGY , turns out your just another thin skin Bammer.

  52. 56
    E.G. White

    Turns out you’re making shit up about CNS, oversigning and roster changes just to fit your own opinion. He signed I believe 28 in ’07 and Tubbs signed I believe 32. Why were you depleted? If it were simply reductions to make room it would have been spread through the whole roster and certainly not exclusively with the seniors who are the most experienced and the leaders. But that wasn’t the case with that senior class. It was their bullshit, their refusal to buy into the system, their negative talk and trouble making that caused the ’07 team to fall apart eventually leading to Miss. St. and Lou. Monroe losses. After the season ended CNS publicly announced that the athletes who wouldn’t buy into the system would not be a part of the team in the future; and he was looking directly at the senior class. Then like magic when the ’08 season began there were only 9 seniors left. 2/3 may be exagerative, but it gets the point across. I like these little arguments with you Buttploy. Just wish you weren’t so stupid! LOL

  53. 57

    You insist that the player needs to be punished for “dirty” play on the field, yet your coach does nothing to a guy that chases down a female, grabs her by the neck and forces her down. Whats worse? Objections to how you play a sport or hitting on a female? Wait, this is Bama! First Wimp, then Dubose, now Upshaw….Years and years of domestic issues if you ask me.

  54. 58
    E.G. White

    You’re about a dumb S.O.B. Coming on here with your retarded bullshit, and no indication of which fag school you represent. I don’t even care and I can name a half dozen SEC and another dozen from around the country who’s problem’s with violence and crime make Bama’s look like choirboys. One of em is no doubt yours since you’re on here running your f**king mouth. Upshaw did nothing wrong under the circumstances. The girl started it and brought it on herself. You know nothing of the incident, bitch. Wonder what crimes your suckass has commited under the cover of darkness that you didn’t get caught for. Inbred tard!

  55. 59
    alex hamilton

    All y’all AU phuckers got waxed today. Enjoy that Furman game, it will be the one and only win you will have the rest of the season.





  56. 60

    Well, Well,

    Another year for the Aubarn faithful to repeat the usual. Got their hopes up, got recognized in the polls, and got their butts handed to them by mediocrity. In the state of Alabama, football is more than a game. What the Aubarn faithful has yet to understand and appears will never understand, this would be factual without your the underdogs on the plains. The program has no chance of ever gaining the national respect of the Crimson Tide. As requested in the past, please do not let your children become adults believing the underdog really has a chance. Why are you the underdog? Then why pull for yearly repeat losers. It negates any respect others may have for you in other aspects of life.

  57. 61

    Hey alex, would you care to place your money where your mouth is on that prediction that AU won’t win another game this year besides Furman??? How about this…the loser of the bet has to change his screen name to either alex or julio is my daddy. Now based on them impressive CAPITAL LETTERS you used in that prediction, you must be REALLY CONFIDENT. How about it??

    P.S. Don’t be a wuss and respond with something whimsical that doesn’t accept or deny the challenge. If you don’t have the balls to put your money where your mouth is, just keep quiet. It’s better to remain silent and be thought of as a wussy little bi+ch than to open your mouth and remove all doubt.

  58. 62

    By wearing the orange and blue, all doubt has already been removed!

    Alex, take the bet. The barneys may have some hope against Kentucky, but that is all the hope they have. The rest is blinded bliss.

    Why do this to your self?

  59. 63

    BamaBorn, alex has obviously decided that silenece is the wisest course of action and has cowered with his tail between his legs. But you seem confident, even advising alex to take the bet. Therefore, I’ll extend the same challenge to you. Now then, do you want to put your money where your mouth and advice are??

    PS – same to you as alex. Either take the bet or go away. Don’t waste anyone’s time with a cute little response that doesn’t have the stones to either accept or deny the challenge.

  60. 66

    See alex, it really was better to just keep your mouth shut. But no, you had to show everyone what an insecure little wuss you are. You cower away and refuse to put your money where your mouth is by accepting the bet. You justify it by saying “I don’t take bets.” Hmmmmm, is that a moral position of yours??? That would be funny, because you then proceed in the next sentence to threaten me with physical violence. (You’re one of those anonyomous internet bada$$es, ain’t ya alex? Whooo, I’m terrified) You then put the cherry on top by displaying your true intellectual prowess by resorting to that rarely heard, oh-so original retort of “f— you”. I really didn’t know someone could make themselves look that bad in only three lines of text.

    Hey Cappy, you really should start posting the email addresses of these internet tough guys that like to anonymously threaten people.

  61. 68
    alex hamilton

    And, it seems to me that if you’re really not threatened by my suggestion that I will punch you in the face, that you should offer to meet me for said duel.

    Or are you really the pussy lil bitch?

  62. 69

    Julia is a Auburn troll who haunts this ALABAMA board looking for fights and diverting attention from the real issues – Tide dominance/Auburn defifiencies – to personal vendettas. She is better off ignored.

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