Auburn, USF, SCarolina move into AP Top 25

AP: The top four in the media poll were unchanged. Florida is No. 1, followed by Texas, Alabama and LSU. The Gators play at LSU on Saturday.

The Gators received 54 first-place votes, Texas got one and Alabama five.

Virginia Tech moved up a spot to No. 5 and Boise State slipped one to No. 6 after a lackluster 34-16 victory against UC Davis on Saturday. (read entire AP report embedded in this post)


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    E.G. White

    We picked up another first place vote. But after trailing Texas by only 10 points last week, we missed a golden opportunity to move into 2nd place with that lackluster performance last night! RTR!

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    E.G. White

    For anyone interested here are the latest results from all the polls: AP Bama #3, ESPN/USA/Coaches Bama #3, Sagarin Bama #2, Massey Bama #1, BCS, Harris, Wolfe, Anderson/Hester no rankings yet. Billingsly I can’t download. Colley Matrix is worthless as they have Bama in 7th with losers Michigan and VT ahead of us, and Iowa as #1! If anyone can get Billingsly I would appreciate it. RTR!

  3. 3

    No matter Aubie’s schedule so far, and with what all has transpired this year, Aubie is deserving of their ranking (for now). Let the rest of the year play out and then we can truley see.

    E.G., in contrast to my previous remark, the difference between 1..2..or 3 doesn’t matter now. If we take care of our business we are in. Let the Barner’s worry about the trivial.

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